Jr. Developers | Stuck In Tutorial Hell #grindreel

Jr. Developers | Stuck In Tutorial Hell #grindreel

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so today we're talking about junior developers being stuck in tutorial hell I was stuck in tutorial hell I think a lot of other people just get stuck and these infinite udemy loops and treehouse loops and whatever it is when you're trying to learn code you don't actually know what you're doing and there's a lot of courses in there and you're like when would I ever use this when I look at jobs the job title as web developer not console dot log and your chrome developer tools developer like when do you actually use this stuff and so you follow along and you do these tutorials and then you get to the end and you finish the little udemy course you start applying the jobs and then you get your first code test and you have no idea no idea what to do you don't have you don't know how to build anything from scratch at all if you're wondering like okay well if we're not doing tutorials you know how am I supposed to learn or I can't go to bootcamp or I'm not going to college okay but let me just say that it doesn't matter which medium you pick to learn we're all self-taught okay so let me just get that out of the way real quick we're all self-taught if you're going to college you're self-taught I'm sure you guys have all seen the professor that walks in to the room write some on the whiteboard and then walks out and he's like here you go and you're like but aren't you going to teach anything he's like oh yeah by the way the page is 161 to 169 your homework everything is doing I'm grading for accuracy and you're like I paid how much to do this college is basically self-taught if you go to a co boot camp they're gonna give you projects you're gonna have a mentor you're gonna have other students to like come and talk to you but you're still gonna struggle through that self-taught there and then obviously if you're doing you to me a tree house or whatever other online courses that you're doing you're self-taught okay so it doesn't it's not just strictly doing tutorials that that keeps you in this like little limbo area basically how you learn is through the struggle not by like following along to these tutorials and these projects and then getting to the end so what I would recommend when you get to the end of these projects that you're doing take a minute stop ask yourself wait why well I might why am I doing this again what did I actually build and then try to break it if you don't wanna try and break it try and modify what you did at least start asking yourself the question like what if I did this what if I change this one thing or what would happen if I unhooked this from this what it still worked like this is how you start to figure things out how you when you take a second and you just break it apart whatever it is you just build like even if you don't know what you're doing most of the time and you're just kind of following along you're like okay well he type that so I'm gonna type that and he pasted this there so I guess I'll do that that that makes sense and you tell yourself that it makes sense and then you get to the job interview and you know that you have no idea what you just did you there's no way you could recreate what you just did by following along so when you get to the end of the tutorial you got to be like okay how do I break this well what happens if I unhook this or what happens if what happens if that's what that's how I make progress what happens if I did this or it would be cool if and then I try to build that thing into whatever the end of project was you're gonna break a bunch of stuff you're gonna fix it you're gonna go on Stack Overflow you're gonna get frustrated by the answers they're not find the answer you want try a bunch of stuff and you'll probably be you know actually like you know a line or two of code away from fixing it but you'll never know that and you'll get frustrated and you'll stop and that's part of the learning process but what no one's telling you is that literally everyone goes through this process you and everyone else watching this video is like this isn't for me this is really difficult I should be able to make this from scratch after studying code for three hours a day for two weeks I should be able to build anything I want from scratch and that is not true at all you should not be able to do that and if you I'm sure there's some people watching that or like well actually like I could do things from scratch myself oh it only took me two days okay well good for you dude but for the majority of us out there it's not like that at all like we can study like it took me like six months before I had any idea how to create like this little simple app that I've made 16 times and you to me but to do it from scratch building it actually from scratch and have an idea like without having to pull up Stack Overflow over two seconds and copy paste code that's it a long time sitting in chrome developer tools is an important skill to have and knowing when to use it and how to use it is more important you need to ask yourself why am i using this when when would I do this what project would I be making or what bug would cause me to have to pull this up and be like okay why okay there's a developer tool thing and if I put a debugger in here then I can and I can see where the code stops and I can see where it breaks and so I should probably use it for that reason but in a lot of these courses you end up just going through these arbitrary courses and it's like okay we're doing functions now we're doing recursion you know we're doing constructors and prototypes and you but they don't really tell you when or what case to use them so you just get stuck in all this theory of I don't know why this has to do anything with like web development because I look at the jobs it doesn't say anything about this and so that's kind of like one of the main issues with these tutorials and they give you projects so that you learn all these skills and then you build a project that doesn't mean like following along being a monkey-see monkey-do doesn't mean your monkey see monkey no kind of deal I just made that up on spot I was pretty good so you gotta be practical and everything that you do with these tutorials maybe even ask yourself the question could I build this another way why is he using this text stack to build this why is he using this language to build this would it be easier if we did it this way or like we don't need to make an entire angular application to make a view page you know like you got to ask yourself why you're doing the things that you're doing in this tutorial what if I did it a different way and that right there it starts the process of like okay let me pause this and you might have to go learn something that you've never done before that might even be more unfamiliar than what you're feeling right now of not having any idea of what to do yeah well go do it again go do it again with another language and go do it again with another language because if you learn JavaScript and then you go learn Python something in Python might click whereas in JavaScript you're like I have no idea in my dumb like I think someone dropped me on my head as a kid like then you go do the Python you're like oh it makes sense why didn't got it so you gotta learn different languages for similar concepts and and I'm betting you that will make sense in one language but the other language would be like what wait hold on so it could be the syntax it could be the verbage it could be anything any number of things that causes one language genomics ends in another language to make sense if I had to like personally recommend one of the best ways to learn is to just build things that you want that don't exist like be like I've always wanted to make an app that does this but I have no idea what to do and so a lot of people they start there I want to build this app but I don't really know what to do how do I do it well I don't know how to code so then you go look up udemy courses on learning how to code but then you get stuck and you're like I'm never gonna get to the point where I can like make this I get that it can be kind of easy to want to just start looking up how to code so that you can build this thing but I say a lot more often when you start going through these like classic traditional routes of like tutorials and building projects you're just gonna get lost and go yeah well this isn't for me well what they didn't tell you is that most of this stuff you probably didn't need to build your app and what they didn't tell you is there's probably an app out there that's super similar if not identical to what you want to make so go find that break it apart look inside the code look at the terms it's using look at the syntax it's using and then figure out what that stuff is doing and then go down those branches like start like if it's using an array and you don't know what an array is like Oh what is this box of numbers and then you put in this box of numbers and then it'll be like an array and then you'll be like oh what's an array and then you can go down that path of how all these different you know you got collections and dictionaries and associative arrays and PHP and then like that's find something that's kind of close to what you want and and then and then go backwards like work back because that's how I learn I find something that's complete way over my head and then I work backwards and I debug the little pieces because I know this is the stuff that I'm gonna have to use to build the app that I want because this is pretty close already I'm not gonna start from like the bare-bones minimum learning all this unrelated stuff that I don't need that doesn't make any sense to spend all this time on that's just gonna demotivate me because I'm gonna be asking myself the question what am I gonna use this yeah thirty years ago you probably couldn't do that but this is 2019 and we have the Internet and chances are if you've had if you have an idea someone else has probably had that idea before and you could probably find something really close that's I mean that's my pro tip for the video another question that I get all the time was like what four projects should I put on my resume and like it's not there is no for projects that everyone should put on the resume number one because if I told you four projects to put in a resume everyone that watched the video be like okay I'm gonna do those exact four and then they would get saturated well I don't know I'd have to have like millions of subscribers but if I told everyone to do one thing everyone would do that one thing and there'd be no uniqueness in it and everyone would just do it because that's what jobs want right no it's not about what you make it's about how you make it and your ability to defend that in the interview and explain it in the interview they're gonna find out everything you know the code test so bill things that you want don't build things that just look good and function and you're like oh well this will get me to the interview right okay cool yeah that'll get you to the interview then they're gonna hit you with that code test you're gonna have no idea what to do so build things that you want and focus on how you're building it and what you're building it with not the actual like end product the end goal you don't have to build like a brand new face book from scratch that's gonna revolutionize some industry that's not what you have to do build something that you want hey you think is cool I have some fun things together built a little like built build like tinder for food like I would use that app wouldn't you use that app I'd use tinder for food I'd swipe on all these delicious dishes and then you match up with the recipes and then like you pass on the other ones like I don't know something something that's like ridiculous but fun build that don't build like okay well then you to me did we did this to do and then we did a food app like a restaurant review like stop doing that build things that you want and then figure out how to do those things so if you wanted to build a food app with tinder okay go look how tender is built and then go look at food apps and then figure out a way to combine those two maybe it sounds maybe it sounds simple I don't know it can be a little bit more difficult than that but that's those are the kinds of projects you want to put on there things that you are interested in things like because if you're interested in it you're gonna you're gonna be focused on how you're building in what you're building it with you're gonna be excited to talk about in the interview because you're like yeah I know it's ridiculous but check this out another good way to learn that I found is when you learn something try and teach it if you don't have anyone to teach you to just write it down and try to explain it again in your own words and you'll see that you either have no idea what you're talking about and it'd be like so you just do this because wait hold on why do you do this thing if that happens to me a lot when I try to teach things when I was teaching code for like the last two years I was like they'll be like hey how do you do this and I Beck well you just take this and you copy and paste it here because wait hold on that's a good question learn something and you teach something that's called the Fineman technique and you can go watch Forest Knights video on that you talk about that like a few days ago but learn something teach something learn something teach something that is the Fineman technique it can also benefit you in other areas of life if you have the kind of No thank you I'll do it myself attitude learn it teach it learn it teach it now you have skills to sell and now you can be the entrepreneur in this video wasn't about that but like I'm just saying like I'll do it myself attitude and I'm gonna try to teach it to other people really refines your knowledge like you don't know it until you can teach it if you can't explain it simply you don't know it I understand that you guys are already drinking from a fire hose and you're already like lost and probably asking yourself why am I doing this and when would I ever use the skill in reality and I understand that it's going to be boring even if you have a project like if I want to do game dev I love game dev but there are some parts in the game dev where I'm like this is boring AF I'm done with this and that's part of it in that but that's also the reason why it's a difficult skill that people don't want to do you know because that's that's what supply demand is people if there's not a lot of people that want to do this boring tedious thing hey you get more money for it and so you have to understand that that's you know if it was easy everyone would have it and then it would have no value anymore anyways this is kind of a rant video I hope it's been helpful hope you guys are crushing it today help me get 100k subscribers if you feel motivated maybe leave a comment for the algorithm or for the giveaway please don't do monetize me YouTube thank you maybe you leave a thumbs up you don't do that and I'll see you guys in the next one that's reck

24 Replies to “Jr. Developers | Stuck In Tutorial Hell #grindreel”

  1. ACD

    contributing to open source is a great way to do so as well, maintainers will often do everything they can to help you help them, so it's all win-win even for the end user

  2. Matt C

    Time and repetition. That is what it takes. I spent about a year doing things the hard way to learn JavaScript. No JQuery No Framework, just MDN and console.log. if you wanna learn what you can do to manipulate the dom console.log a querySelectorAll on an element and see all the properties. Once you figure out how to search and read docs for what you want it gets easier. Most docs suck though. Just show me all of your code in a tutorial don't break it down into small bites. That is what I have the hardest time with. Code blocks that are not clear that they are connected. Also leaving stuff out for breavity sake just makes it harder.

  3. Sal Man

    Basically just code your own way and try to figure out how to do something if you just follow tutorials probably you aren't understanding well or whatever and maybe you gonna forget it later


    As someone who's just gotten over this hurdle, this will be incredibly helpful to people that haven't figured it out yet.

  5. Nicholas Martinez

    Currently learning python and loving it. This video seems to align with the videos that @Michael Reeves makes. I want to do shit like that, where I can make some tech. Can you and Mike collab to make a python tutorial for the type of top down learning you're talking about? Fuckin love you guys

  6. Madalin Dumitru

    Thanks man. Keep up the good work! When i am about to hit my head into the keyboard i watch one of your videos. Reset 😎

  7. Steven Shaw

    Holy shit. Found that out a month ago and was kind of sick making the same todo lists apps with the people usually explaining very little about what they were coding/doing. I decided… You know what? I'm a level up and start googling some shit.

    You wanna make X? Okay, Google it. You wanna make Y? Okay, Google it. Getting outta tutorial hell has made me such a better coder with in a short month, more than I could ever be following and copying/pasting code from tutorials.

    If you're struggling, you're learning. ❤

  8. DRD 161

    I usually just use Udemy courses to learn the basic syntax and then mix in the documentation here and there for more detailed explanations.

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