Junk Journal with me 119 - Easy Mandala for Beginners and Ideas How to Use Them

Junk Journal with me 119 – Easy Mandala for Beginners and Ideas How to Use Them

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I hope you will find lots of inspiration in this episode of Junk Journal with me in which we will create a simple, colorful mandala for your journal pages and I will also show you some tricks what you can do with your mandalas :).

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you you know it still hurts a little bit but not that much hi and welcome to another junk journal with me in this one we will be making a simple mandala that everybody can do and I'm showing you here some of the mandalas I've done in a journal from 2016 that I've done in the summer after a vacation in Egypt where I was obsessed with making mandalas and then I came home from the vacation and I still couldn't stop so I made some in my journal and I have I have used a lot of bright colors as you can see because it was summer and that's what I felt like using these this one was done with the tombo but the rest are done with water-soluble colored pencils so that's what we'll be doing today and here I'm just showing you some more on Dallas that I have done in that journal and we'll be going through step-by-step how to make a simple but colorful and beautiful mandala that you can do in your journal and at the end I will also be showing you what else you can do with the mentalis once it's done a lot of fun ideas so yeah so this is the kind we'll be doing today and hope you stay tuned for lots of more inspiration in this video and I would appreciate if you would subscribe so that you can get lots more ideas in future videos so here I'm showing you all the tools I'm going to be using to make one of the mandalas and I just took out a page from the journal that I wanted to do the mandala on because it's much easier so you'll need a compass and a protractor and here you have a pencil and I'm using my there out brush do a water-soluble pencils you can use any kind like for example maybe you have the Derwent ink tents ones or the qur'an – or if you don't have any of these you could use crayons the quarter soluble crayons you could you watercolours here I have some liquid ticks clear gesso I will be linking that below you can also use you can just any brush you don't need a water brush you could use just colored pencils regular colored pencils or you can use markers so anything you have and this is a roller rollerball pen you can also use a just a regular ballpoint pen so this is a very cheap protractor but I find it works very well so all I'm doing here is I'm placing it on the side of the page and I'm marking every I think it is five degrees and then I'm connecting with a ruler I forgot to show a ruler so you'll need some kind of a ruler or straightedge so that you can connect each of these points that you just made with the center of where you had that protractor so that is the beginning of your mandala very easy so they should be spaced out equally at this point now the next next step is to use your compass to draw half circles and I'm not measuring the distance between the circles I'm just kind of eyeballing it to be fairly equal but even if it's not equal it totally doesn't matter so that is what it should look like at that point and now the creative part begins so I've erased the lines within that most inner circle because we won't be needing those and now all I'm gonna do is the only shape I'm using for this mandala is a petal shape and I will be using various sizes of it and various lengths just to give it some variety but you won't be needing any other shape for this particular mandala and we will be making it pretty by by using different vibrant colors so you see I'm using different width in that row so I'm making wide one and a narrow one and you just use those lines that you made before as guides to keep it symmetric and it's so easy and I think it's so relaxing to do I really enjoy these and I'm again obsessed with them I couldn't stop once I made this video and I was actually quite nervous to make this video because I haven't made a mandala in about three years and yeah I used to make all different kinds also in another book that I will show you at the end of the video some more examples of what you could maybe do and there's so many tutorials on YouTube if you need ideas for mandalas or you need more detailed instruction or a better tutorial just type in mandala tutorial and you will find hundreds of fantastic videos there's so many ideas and so many styles you can do it so many methods you can use so many media for this so there's really no limits to what you can do with mandalas and they are just relaxing and therapeutic to make I believe so there's many different ways of doing this I'm not saying this is the best way or the perfect way but this is how I enjoy doing mine and so that's why I wanted to share that so now we have the outline of the petals and what I'm gonna do off line is I just erased a lot of the unnecessary lines because the next step we'll be doing is we'll be putting on the clear gesso and this is so that the color that will be adding now will be more vibrant and you will see now when I go over this with water how incredibly brilliant the color will get now if you don't have clear just so you can obviously also do this without the gist so it just means that the colors won't be as vibrant and I will show you an example of that later on how that would look for example on a book page without using the clear gesso and I'll also show you an example of what it will look like without the clear gesso on a watercolor page or paper so on every surface it will look different with every colors or every type of marker or water car or whatever it will obviously look very different so I think it's very fun to just experiment that is a joy for me to never know what the outcome will actually look like until it's done so that's what keeps it kind of exciting for me and now when I do the coloring so there's two things that two tips that I would like to share so first of all you don't need to color the whole petal because the colors are so intense that you only have to put a little bit of color on like the bottom edge of the petal and then you can move it with the water you can move the color upwards that way also you will have a little bit more of a shading and I will go some some I will go over some of these areas once more once they're dry just to have some more shading and the second tip I have is just as if you were working with watercolors you should not work on petals that are next to each other without them drying first because the colors will mix with each other and you don't want that so I'm just going to continue with the same method all the way up until I have colored in all of those petals and don't worry about if your coloring a little bit outside of those lines once we add to the black pen to outline the petals you won't see any of that anymore that will cover up all your mistakes so don't stress about being perfect because this is a handmade mandala it's not supposed to be perfect it's not supposed to be look like a computer program did it so we do want it you're looking at your needs and now I'm just drying it quickly with my heat gun so that I can do that last part without mixing with that turquoise and now I'm just gonna go over some of those parts to darken some up to make some more shading or I thought it needed some more okay then so now we're done with the coloring and now we're going to start outlining so I have this black gel pen but I've also used on my other one that you will see that I've done on watercolor paper I've actually just used a purple ballpoint pen which doesn't make the outlines quite as harsh as on this one which I rather liked but for this one I was happy with the black outlines so I'm just going around all of those petals and now at the end I'm gonna go around this circle and finally I'm going to be adding a few lines for additional shading that comes out of the center bottom of each petal and I will hold it up closer in a moment so that you see that better very very simple and very quick to do so there you see that but it adds so much to it so our mandala is finished now I'm gonna slip that right back into my flexible binding of my journal and I also wanted to journal on this page so I looked up the meaning of mandalas and I'm gonna read to you what I'm writing right there and I wrote the literal meaning of the word mandala means circle and circle mandalas are also one of the most commonly available form of mandalas ancient Hindu scriptures depict mandalas as a period of creativity of powerful existence and a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the universe at large so there you go so now here you see this is a comparison so on the Left we have the book page one without the clear just so in the middle we have the watercolor paper without gesso and on the right we have the one we just did with the gesso so I wanted to use this one on the book page without the gesso so you see the colors are a lot more pastel which is also pretty and I'm going to cut this one down and then glue it onto a random cardstock and now I'm going to be cutting around that but I'm gonna leave a little bit of a little bit of a border just because I think it looks nice and it's easier to cut and I'm going to ink those edges and there you could use that as an embellishment just as it is you could pop it onto a pocket or a tux pot or whatever you want you could do with it I'm going to be using the Mandela as a tuck spot and I'm just going to so I chose this page to put it on I don't have that many left in this book anymore so I think I might do one more journaling session in it and then we have a flip through before I move on to my next journal and so here I'm just cutting two straight edges to form a corner so that I can attach it in that corner of my page just gluing that down with some liquid glue and I'm just gonna clamp that down to make sure it holds well while it dries and then I wanted to make a journaling card to pop in there and I had recently received this beautiful beautiful floral washi and I thought I would make a journaling card out of that so all I'm doing is I'm going to glue that onto my cardstock while I'm not gluing it on its self-adhesive obviously washi tape and now I'm just gonna cut it down to a journaling card size and I'm rounding the corners as well and then I'm gonna ink that up and that's such a simple way of making a beautiful journaling card and now I'm going into my words and I mean using these cutouts from a children's book I'm linking again the video from Natasha from treasure books a bit down below to her video explaining how to do this and what to watch out for and I chose this one which I thought went so well with this actually for this time of year and for this journaling card because it has summery flowers on there so I'm just inking that up and gonna glue that down as it is and there you have a really cute drawing card so I says the Summer Sun was hot and if you're in Europe you will know the kind of heat waves we've been having so yeah I will be journaling later off camera and here I wanted to show you some other things you can do with your mandalas if you're able to scan your mandalas and you have a little bit of editing skills so I made some leather paper using this always the same on dollar from my watercolor pinch so I made various letter papers that you can write letters on and even some journaling cards so I had a lot of fun playing around with these and now I'll be showing you some mandalas from 2016 from my book of mandalas just a few more inspirational photos maybe that can inspire you to give it a go these are a little bit more intricate and I want to encourage you to please please sign up for one of my free skype journaling spots the link is in my description box below I would love to get to know you personally if you have any journaling questions or you just want to show me your journal please book a session with me there's slots available yeah and otherwise please subscribe if you haven't if you enjoyed this video and want to see more inspirational ideas hit that Bell notification and I hope to see you in the next video have a great day bye

39 Replies to “Junk Journal with me 119 – Easy Mandala for Beginners and Ideas How to Use Them”

  1. Fit Kitty

    Your mandalas are beautiful. Thank you for sharing how to make them. They do look relaxing to create. I like how you scan them for more versatility too, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Chris Christiansen

    Now I know how to put that coloring book of mandelas to use. Thanks for the design insight. I like your style!

  3. KittyKat

    Love these mandalas. Always wanted to make one. I've colored them in adult coloring books but like the idea of creating my own. Thanks gor showing how we can make one ourselves. Enjoying your tutorials very much.

  4. plicketyplunk

    Just beautiful! I used to make mandalas constantly when I was in high school. The calming effect was truly amazing. It helped me get through a lot of teenage angst. Actually my art teacher suggested I do them to relax and focus. I haven't done them in years but you have inspired me to draw one for my journal. Thank you again for sparking the creative bug in me.

    LOL I actually take notes while watching your videos to refer to later. You are an excellent teacher.

  5. Rita Harker

    Thank you for showing us how to make that simple mandala, you made it look so doable I think I might just have a go xx

  6. JournalJourneys51

    Absolutely loved this! The only problem is that now there is yet one MORE thing I want to do with my creative time. 🙂 Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!

  7. Susan Fichter

    Thank you for your amazing videos…so concise and to the the point. You make this look so easy. I will have to give it a try.

  8. Sally Johnson

    Love how you upcycle your own art! Love mandalas and doodling, best of both worlds! Super fun to use your own art in your journal!

  9. mirella Nor

    Great video!!!! I have always wondered how mandalas are made. Thanks for teaching us. You made things seem so simple. I'll give it a go.

  10. Wanda Lorenz

    Wow! Those mandalas are so lovely, thank you for the tutorial I gotta try that this weekend. Oh and thanks for the links to Natasha's channel the word phrases are such great journal prompts.

  11. emmalou

    Lovely ideas for making writing papers 😁💗 that's some of the widest washi I've seen so far and really pretty. 📄😊

  12. Pam Botter

    When you previously showed your mandalas I thought you just had a steady hand to make everything symmetrical. Thanks for sharing your secret of the tools you used. These are so pretty and looked like something I could do. TFS these beautiful mandalas. ❤️

  13. Lisa Hixon

    Wow, those white mandalas are so gorgeous they look like lace . You could design a gorgeous washi out of them and the vibrant colorful ones. Love love love.

  14. 603kim Crafts

    Fun with math tools! 😁. Oh my, this looks like so much fun and very addictive. As always, very lovely and oh so creative. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Béa R

    Ooohhhh 😍 still great inspirational ideas and what to say about your mandalas … They are all so beautiful, i love each of them ❤
    I finally learn to draw mandala thanks to you 😘 obliged to try this weekend 😂 big big hugs sweetie xoxo

  16. Maud Hiemstra

    “Oh oh, you did it again” got me enthousiastic over something I never gave a second thought🙃😂😂
    These Mandala’s are great and the way you used the water soluble pencils is perfect💝

    So they prommised the weekend is going to be cold and rainy. Gues who will be in her craft space, in pj’s and only coming out if someone else will make me a coffee😁

    Have a lovely day sweetie 😘

  17. Donna Hunter

    Sweetie, you cease to amaze me! You have so much talent. I have several of those Mandela coloring books. I will take one with me when I have to the doctors office to occupy my time. I enjoy coloring in them so much. Now I think I could actually create my own Mandela. So Cool… 👍💖

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