Kingwood PC Repair - Request a free Dark Web Scan

Kingwood PC Repair – Request a free Dark Web Scan

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Why accounts are constantly being hacked

most people think their passwords are safe but really most passwords are dangerously predictable why is that well most people begin with a standard password something easy to remember maybe they replace a letter with a symbol or add a capital letter they might replace a letter with a number or if they're feeling really creative they'll add punctuation what they don't realize is that in a matter of seconds a hacker can crack that code and put you in your entire business at risk how does this happen who has find out meet Sophie Sophie's a teacher wait she's a lawyer No Sophie's a dentist she runs of busy practice and prides herself on keeping her patient data and business records safe between patients Sophie takes a break in checks her social media account she uses a variation of her standard password the one she remembers because it's her daughter's name sometimes she makes the a capital but this time she's using a symbol instead clever Zoe she doesn't know it but she just opened a portal to the dark web a criminal hacks her social media account and secures her exact password her credentials are auctioned to the highest bidder who reverse engineers every possible variation of her standard password exposing her bank account employee information and patient information all of which puts her business at risk but this disaster can be avoided introducing dark web ID we scour the deepest corners of the dark web constantly monitoring for your compromised credentials and we alert you before compromise turns into catastrophe secure your business and protect your assets today with dark web ID

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