Laptop Battery Hack

Laptop Battery Hack

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Dead laptop battery? Don’t buy a new one…hack the old one! I’ll show you how!

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somebody recently gave me a little gateway laptop computer that I'm going to use as a second computer the only downside is the battery was totally dead so I go on the Gateway website to hunt one down and I find one but it's a hundred and nine bucks I wasn't going to pay that much so I decided to come up with a cheaper alternative I popped the battery out and proceeded to pry it apart gently not to Nick it up when I finally got it open I found six lithium ion batteries after doing a little research I discovered these are three point seven volt 1600 milliamp batteries I checked the voltage of the batteries and sure enough these were dead and would not hold a charge I found some on the internet that were actually 1630 milliamps you always want to go higher in milliamps and not lower 6 lithium-ion batteries cost me 37 bucks delivered to my door now it's time to change them out when doing any soldering with lithium-ion batteries it's very important to be careful and wear safety goggles because these can explode carefully unsolder all the wires and make a special note of where they all go I actually put a little diagram together so I knew the polarity and where all the wires went when I put it back together first making sure the polarity was correct I began tinning the tabs and after both tabs or tin they soldered together pretty quickly so I finished building the pack and I put it back in the housing and now it was time to solder the rest of the wires together everything looks good so I carefully snapped the battery back together again slid it back in the laptop applied power and I charged it for 18 hours and it worked I'm back in business and I saved 70 bucks so the next time your laptop battery wears out you may want to consider hacking it

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  1. halo3man555

    You say the batteries are 1600 mA. Wouldn't the current being drawn from the battery depend on the equivalent resistance of the circuit?

  2. Kennynva T.

    I have a question. I have tried to rebuild at least 5 battery packs for laptops in the last month…everyone of them did NOT work…I can check the total voltage after rebuilding them…and the cells are reading the correct voltage, I put it together and it dont charge or gives me the X saying there is no battery…Then I take the old batteries that came out of the bad pack, recharge them on a separate charger..and they ALL have charged to 4.10 volts..I dont get it…

  3. William Wallace

    10x  3.7V 18650 Li-ion 5300mAh Rechargeable Batteries are $9.99 with free shipping at a well known auction site.

  4. This dude says

    Can you hack a larger battery like what we use for traxxas or losi (micro or larger scale) rc cars and trucks maby how to get more power out of them they also use lipo but the nmh are cheaper
    This would be very useful to me and others who are on a budget and are looking for more bang for the buck also you if pick one up their very fun
    Keep the videos coming very useful stuff

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