Learn Microsoft Excel - Free Excel Tutorial Part 1

Learn Microsoft Excel – Free Excel Tutorial Part 1

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Learn Microsoft excel for free. This is part 1 of my basic excel training course.

Create a bookkeeping spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel

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hello there this is the bookkeeper master on YouTube if this is the first time you have viewed on one of my videos welcome thank you for taking the time to be with me I specialized in accounting and Finance videos but I get a lot of emails about Excel a lot of my videos are done on account software or Excel a lot of smaller businesses startup businesses use Excel for their accounts and I get a lot of questions about Excel hence why I have started a new course and this is the first video in the course on how to use Excel or learn in the basics of Excel so in this video we will learn some basics and this will be the first of many videos at the end of the video there should be a link appear on the screen it's normally to the right if you click on that that will take you to the next video alternatively you can go to my website and the videos will be listed the website is www.seannal.com so BBFS – online.com you will be able to find a page with all the videos listed so in this video we are going to start off the basics of Excel later on once I finish this course there will be an advanced Excel training course once again for free it will be on YouTube so here we go Excel consists of columns and rows which are alphabetical and numeric your rows are numeric so you'll see down here we have a number of row on my screen we have one 235 so Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 and so forth if I scroll down using the scroll bar on the side you'll see that the these rows just go on and on and on and on okay let's go back to the top Excel also consists of columns which are alphabetical so we have column a which is down here vertical rows are horizontal columns are vertical so a b c d e and so forth these are our columns when these columns m rows meet they create a cell which is one of these blocks they look like bricks and Excel is basically a huge table of cells which we can manipulate and use to create a thousand different documents graphs and other things are use for business purposes educational purposes and hundreds of different purposes it's a great piece of software so a cell consists of a column and a row and each cell is addressed or named by its column or row so you'll see as I click on a cell a column and row is highlighted this is the column and row that meet to create this cell so this cell is k9n 5a1 g9 it reminds me of battleships and you know fire g9 if you play battleships you'll know when I am referring to m6 a 30 I think you get it so sales consists of alphabetical columns and numeric rows in each of these cells we can enter text or numbers Susan a cell I can put in my name Sam enter my name or that text is now in a cell I could even put in the current year so 2015 so I've put in two zero one five in cell J 11 has some text j9 so go ahead and try it you can enter text just hit hit enter once the text has been entered and you can also enter numbers into each individual cell we can also edit the text and numbers once they've been entered into a cell so if I click on cell j9 which is my name and go to the top here you'll have a box which is your font box if you hover the mouse over it it will say font now it's depending on what Excel package you're using your Excel may look slightly different to mine that's not a problem the layout is always very similar you may find your font boxes just over here or somewhere else at the top but it should say something like Calibri in the box or Times New Roman something like that but if you click on the arrow the downwards arrow on that box then Excel will display a number of fonts you can use okay look at all these fonts you can use in Excel if you've used Microsoft Word it's very similar let's choose a different font let's try this Roland if I click on Roland you'll see that the font has now changed usually next the font you'll have this smaller box with numbers in this is your font size so you can change the size of the text or numbers also so we click on that trap drop box let's go to size 8 you'll see that it gets smaller size 24 it gets bigger let's go to size 8 if you are not happy with a cell and you don't want the text or the numbers that are in a Cell all you need to do is highlight the cell so let's highlight this cell e6 and all I need to do is click the Delete de L on the keypad it's normally above the number pad and it's gone alternatively you can highlight a cell and click the backspace which is the key with the left arrow and that will delete the cell also with the del key above the number pad you can delete a number of cells at the same time so if we highlight these cells and I click the del you'll see that they all go in the next video I will show you how to copy cells how to pace cells and also how to merge cells and align cells thank you for watching please click on the link to continue

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  1. Mendy Kahlari

    You are just so amazing. Thank you so much for all these videos. You helped me pass my Diploma. Your videos are so clear and I look forward to more of your videos.

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