Learn to be a software developer, write code

Learn to be a software developer, write code

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Ever wanted to train to become a software developer? Now you can

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17 Replies to “Learn to be a software developer, write code”

  1. Jiří Bém

    You have very nice animations in videos. Is it also your work? And do you plan to do some graphic design tutorials ?

  2. Techno Cat

    Hi AngelSix, how to integrate fingerprint reader in any C# Applications? Thanks 🙂 I like your videos, very helpful!

  3. Pike Msonda

    Hello, I am new to WPF and MVVM design pattern. I am bit confused about a few things. I am doing a project dealing with Real Estate Management, I have created a login screen and the other UI stuff. Now when a person enters username and password and presses the login button. Should I set the login event to the ViewModel or the corresponding view's cs  file.?

    I love your tutorials. They are in depth and you practice good coding standards.

  4. mourad touati

    I'm going to start learning WPF through your tutoriel after seeing your beautiful work, so thanks you sir for your time and effort 🙂

  5. jotamusik17

    Starting on the desktop applications dev, so you have a new guy learning from your videos. Thanks for your videos!! xP

  6. Jan Tichý

    Perfect! Your videos are nearly on the same level as from Pluralsight thank you for that. You are doing really good work 🙂

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