Learning to code a conference site! | Life as a Designer - Weekly vlog

Learning to code a conference site! | Life as a Designer – Weekly vlog

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A new weekly vlog in which I code a web page! Please remember to subscribe

I’ve been LOVING learning to code. I think the more I learn, the better it will make me as a designer too.Stay tuned for a review of the Treehouse courses I’ve been taking in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy this working from home vlog! I was gonna be like ‘sorry for my face for most of this’ but hey, it’s my face. Y’all should just be happy I feel comfortable enough to not wear any makeup or make any effort with my appearance at all in front of you 😂

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good morning for us welcome to a new weekly blog just week got a week of work ahead and make finding things on at work first of all we're launching a new issue of our like online publications I think I smell it a couple of blogs ago that instead of posting like once or twice a week constantly throughout the year instead we are releasing our content in an issue so once a month there's like eight to twelve posts all on a similar topic so you can really like get a deep dive into it which is turning out really well and it's really fun to to like I'm going to bring all the content together in this way I think working on the cover for this issue on the iPad I use iPad pro the Apple pencil and the app procreate so far I've got this blogging 101 and obviously I'm going to darken it up in Photoshop later and what happens is update you on this morning I went to the gym I am trying to go every weekday this week because there's really no excuse I said different a million blogs and I keep making users for myself but this week I'm actually trying a lot harder and also it helps that I want to fill up the activity rings on my watch so does that I don't know how long that novelty will helps although right now I'm drinking a healthy glass of green juice I love the innocent juices so good keep letting in the line in my face is very red because I'll just mean to the gym and it always takes ages to stop being red after a exercise I guess that shows helps and I do it and I've been doing for Hollis we both been three days in a row which is more times when I probably be him the whole past month so white seeds of that I know I'm gonna make some breakfast and yet subsidy yesterday I had such a long workday I didn't finish up with the PDF version of our issue that we put out until about 11 ish 11 30 ish at night so that was a long day certainly my fault I should have started all of that much earlier can you live how long it would all take me so now in if next time then I need to allow at least two full days on that imagery and stuff for the issue at the time I'm recording this it's going out and like five hours I think but by the time you see this lot it will be out an issue all about fogging it's like the ABCs of blogging 101 lots of ice in there I wrote a post about designing a blog homepage and hierarchy and creating focus to drive your readers towards a specific call to action so if you're interested in reading that I'll link that down below very proud of it I love our issues in this way we do a blog at work you know works out really well well stood there to update you on gonna try to film another video today because I want to make sure that I'm ahead I'm going to film a video about organizing my fonts and I need to do a few errands at lunchtime as well so I'll take a longer lunch break today to make up for extra hours away yesterday Oh also today I'm going to start coding which is exciting and scary I think I'm ready to dive in and basically I'm just going to see how I go because I sort of have to do a bit with WordPress and PHP as well and I'm not super sold on that mostly I just trial near it but I don't really want to do that with a professional site so yeah I will let you know how I get all of that how XD beautiful is whether to say I found through a bit of a walk little Aaron put a might as well walk through the park on my way through there and enjoy some sunshine because it's really no excuse to me not get some good no vitamin D in these days now that I was really looking towards hopefully in some of being able to work outside a little bit there's like a little cafe nearby where I live and have some tables outside then I think that we nice to consider work it it goes to market don't wait to them to drop off the bag of clothes their separate recycling things and part of these well just a few a little bit and it's a yeah yeah the hospital come on everyone wait is this for money yes it's 11:30 so it is still morning this morning first of all I went to the gym so yay still going good on that streak and secondly I have been coding our website I think I talk about them from start of the vlog but in case edges this year convertkit is hosting its first conference which is very exciting tickets tour of sale on Monday and the conference of them has like its name and it seemed all sorted out yet like you know the design elements to do with that but we need a landing page in order to sell tickets you know cellular tickets from so this is what I'm trying to code and I want to show you where I've got to mostly so I can have a restaurant for myself as I go through this and see I didn't I've achieved in what I have not achieved with that English I don't know here this is my sketch file for the website so I've got a nice big cover image of Boise which is where it's being held speaking info out that is in a circle that I've painted out for getting the image yeah it's some information it's a very simple web page oh and this is meant to have this guy on very simple but finding it very challenging with my very basic coding skills so it's fun test though like it's really good get to learn so then what my site that are coded is currently looking like so here we go not not quite right there got some speakers yeah don't know what's going on there so everything is sort of in the right fish place at least in the section but there's a lot left to do obviously I don't know where this white blank space up here is coming from next we need to work out how to get icons in because so these bits here I had on these icons and I'm not quite sure what this practice is putting them in so I've been told that I shouldn't feel bad about googling when it comes to web dev stuff because apparently the real pros do it all the time as well so going to do some googling mouth and work out this way to do that I'm planning with the challenge because more of a challenge I should say because I am coding in stylesheets well you know assess stylesheet' system or River that already exists on the site so for example the H ones already defined so I need to then find out what those are and if it relates for my design etc and yes we drew out world on its little sailing things that already exist so I'm not doubling up really it's just going to take time for me to get to know our site I suppose right ready for an update on my conference site looking a lot better now it's still a bit happy and hopeful and I need to fix some things but here we go now it is looking much more like the design the stuff in place I am quite pleased with myself not going to lie when you shrink it and it's gone mobile it's not so great and it definitely still all the things to fix but all and to start empirically hopefully I can fix the last thing tomorrow night too much over the weekend but come on everyone SP usual items over the weekend but instead of just being like sorry I forgot to have the blog anything it now super bad as well just conclude today too because today is the day that the website that I was coding last week at launches I'm very excited to see how it goes down um on Friday I don't think I'm old mmm on Friday Dylan helps me was putting it live and fixing a few errors and things and getting the media queries working and stuff like that and I'm really proud of it to be honest and let me show you now the site if you want to go look at it because by the time you do this blog will be live is that convertkit calm flesh conference and this is what it looks like end up adding a lot more speakers because I'm more got confirmed so that's exciting if you're into like online business and you've got a blog or podcast or a youtube channel whatever and you want some advice for running that I mean all these people are going to be amazing to learn from so head along to the conference website some bits were tricky asteroids and others this but here in particular really was stopped me a lot systems and helps a lot with this but to get this line crossing out through the $7.99 and then when shrunken down I wanted this bit here to stack at some point where does it happen that if you're a wimp the relevant you'll probably look at this and be like that's so simple like why do they take it so long okay I am still learning and I'm pleased that I managed students also very grateful to have had Dylan there to help me was as probably kind of start without his advice so anyway take us live today which is very exciting this morning guys have been writing emails actually getting sorted with some email automation and things and actually using convertkit which is the company that I work for in case you hadn't caught on to that fact yet so now whenever someone gets some of subscribe to my email list they'll get a welcome email that asked them to like choose what they're interested in basically and this morning I wrote a series of emails our Poisson when they click that they're interested in learning design with some like background advice and links to some of my older videos that I feel like a recommended viewing in a way with some background information and stories behind them so that's cool we'll see how that goes down I haven't sent an email newsletter for a long time but they're telling them getting back into doing this month so if you don't find out to my email list yet it's that charlie rude accomplished newsletter so go ahead and do that because I am going to be putting more effort into email in the future because I feel like is this more personal connection I don't know anyway I'm about to start work for the day and I look like a mess because I'm going to a spin class in a couple of hours so I thought what's the point I'm probably getting ready for the day when I'm just going to put my workout clothes on and get all sweaty real soon anyway I should get started for it for the day I'm just going through base cancellations or service we use for like organizing projects working out what I have to do this week finish at the gym that class nearly kills me he pushed us really hard it was like standing by our bikes and chicken that we hit the RPM he was saying some of them I just couldn't hit I know I'm not that said I cannot fight for a little sustained amount of time I like 150 rpm anyway I'll get this more do it playing record now what I'm playing is if I just close this and show you here this is the live album from the Bring Me The Horizon show I went to last year the Royal outlet Hall which was incredible and it's so cool that they now have it on Brian hall so I can like relive it because it's just amazing to listen to let me give you a clip right here so good the inside of this album is really exciting too because if I can find it properly where is it there raffia is my name because this was one a pledge me sing the show would support the Teenage Cancer Trust I think his name of it and so yeah the proceeds went to supporting that charity which was really nice and then they printed at the back of themes in the album stop fighting focus some of the day the conference pages launch I think it went down well good people buying tickets and things now I'm up polluted market there is anyone closer to my house but because I work from home no commute gotta be real careful I don't get lazy so I'm looking for one that's slightly further away and the film office up anyway and he didn't and then haven't really quite evening you

25 Replies to “Learning to code a conference site! | Life as a Designer – Weekly vlog”

  1. Patricio Cabrera

    Does your company use a Living Styleguide? A living styleguide is based on your existing CSS and allows you to see what an <h1>< <p>, button, etc… look like and in what scenarios you should use them.

  2. Lauren Foster

    Hey! Love watching your videos. So I am new to coding and I am getting stuck on the workflow. So for this particular project, your company already had a wordpress site? But you designed your page in sketch and then converted it to a wordpress page? I guess im confused because if everyone(or a high percentage of companies) use wordpress themes, then where does the web designer fit in? Like why not just log on to your company's wordpress, create a new page and go from there?

  3. Life of Riley

    Yeah for spinning!! 🙂 If you like spinning, you should definitely check out Soulcycle next time you're in NY or LA (there are other bigger US cities, too). It's an amazing spinning experience. Great vlog.

  4. Anolaana Seranaar

    I need to get better gym habits haha… I just keep putting it off and dancing around the issue. I'm sure I'll get there eventually but do you have any suggestions? Maybe I just need to sit down and actually write out the benefits and reasons to go to the gym or something 🙂

  5. Taryn LeMoine

    Hey Charli! I would love to hear a review of how you like using the iPad Pro from a designer perspective! I want one so bad, but I want to justify purchasing one for work purposes and see if it's worth upgrading from my current iPad (which mainly serves as a Netflix/Hulu watching device, haha).

  6. Mani Singh

    Liked, shared, subscribed, new at this channel, lots of more videos to watch, u are doing amazing..!! waiting for next vlog. 🙂

  7. naturalguy4

    why do people pay for this stuff? Everything you did here is easily doable with something like divi in like 10 mins lol

  8. rdvgrd6

    Hi! Isn't there a way to output your sketch project into HTML and CSS automatically? I heard there was some kind of plugin doing that

  9. Andy Lloyd

    Hi Charlie that's a site that you could code in about an hour using boostrap grid. Also for your Icons use FontAwesome it's a breeze and the fonts are all scalable. If there your own icons, set them in a paragraph tag/img tag and float left. You mention you have a white section you cannot get rid of: Set your default * { margins, and paddings to 0 when using percentages. Also made sure Overflow: Hidden on block level elements. Happy coding

  10. John Loudon

    Watching you code the page is interesting, good for you learning it. I still remember my first projects then literally 6 months later I was coding software. It's all a path.

  11. TheAfrikaKorps

    it's good practise to start your web cutups by setting up all your typography styles first h1-h6, p, a, span, blockquote

  12. Zinkromo

    Congrats on coding in wordpress php without any mental breakdowns! I think I had at least 5 when I was building my website.

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