Let's Play Robo Instructus () | "Into the Unknown" | Gameplay Commentary | Learn to Code

Let's Play Robo Instructus () | "Into the Unknown" | Gameplay Commentary | Learn to Code

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This is one possible solution for “Into the Unknown” level of Robo Instructus.

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hey what's up guys John here from quest accepted and we're back with some robo instruct us this is gonna be a pretty short video we're just gonna go over the level into the unknown pretty pretty simple level you can see that the code is really short for this one and we're just gonna go ahead and show you what this what this level looks like it's introducing this new command Robo detect adjacent which you'll see scans all of the adjacent tiles and lets you know how many you can actually stand on so we're just gonna go ahead and hit play and let this run all right so that is that so basically what this code is doing for us is I've made this variable called safe and safe is equal to the number of adjacent tiles that are safe so anytime safe so anytime there are three tiles touching your tile that are safe we're just going to go ahead and walk forward onto one of those and any time it is any time it has a tile or any time the number of tiles that are adjacent to it are less than three so one or two we're gonna do Robo left Robo left Robo forward which basically means we're gonna turn this way turn this way and then walk forward okay and just the way that the way that this happened to work out is that it you know it solves the puzzle so this is essentially the simplest solution that you can do to figure it out or to make it work rather so we'll hit play again but I mean yeah you can see there at the time the solution size and the run size are all extremely extremely small and well done here yeah as for the next level the deductive dance I've been trying all sorts of crazy stuff to get this one to work I'm still working on this video so it may be a while before I figure this out but as soon as I figure this one out I will be uploading a video for this as well but that's gonna be yet for this one if you have any idea or any you know in soar suggestions for things to try on this one by all means toss them down in the comments and if you have a different way of doing into the unknown you know toss that down there – I'd love to see what you guys came up with but that's gonna be all for this video so take it easy guys and peace

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