Lew Later On Microsoft Mobile Controllers

Lew Later On Microsoft Mobile Controllers

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Microsoft prototype Xbox controllers for phones look ideal 4x cloud it's just a research project for now says Tom Warren on the verge these look cool actually what we're looking at is a prototype of a mobile controller to deal with the potential the future the likely future in which gaming happens via the cloud everyone's banking on it talking about it Microsoft apparently internally suggesting that the success of the Nintendo switch seems to indicate that there is still a demand a hunger for a tactile gaming experience on the go for actual buttons will what do you think about buttons I think it's cool you're a big button guy yeah yeah me too me too I mean when it comes to gaming on a smartphone a striving me nuts like if you're trying to play any kind of you lit oh yeah it's uh I mean I guess I feel the same way about a tactile keyboard there's certain circumstances in which buttons are a very satisfying thing to interact with gaming is one of those circumstances so they are showing off a prototype controller that's obviously very inspired from the from the pre-existing Microsoft controller for Xbox except it splits in the middle and a phone can slide in between the two now there have been products like this in the past in fact I've looked at them I believe I looked at the device called game vice at one time once upon a time in unbox therapy history I looked at a product called game by it's actually a couple versions of it I think but the one that I looked at was for the iPad and it had a sort of a spring motion in the center you would extend it and then the screen would fit into the middle essentially like a Nintendo switch but for your own mobile device and that's what Microsoft is experimenting with at the moment it looks like there's two different versions of the controller or at least the attachments for it if you scroll down on this article will you can see the whole thing is modular so the thumb pieces can be detached from the handles for an experience like an iPad experience or maybe a more portable experience as detailed in the in the prototype paperwork here via Microsoft and it's no it's no secret as of right now that Microsoft themselves as well as Sony the Google stuff with stadia like these companies are your sort of traditional game console companies are starting to take the idea of gaming in the cloud more seriously and they're preparing for it through prototyping devices like this for me I think this this is a this is a big important piece now I understand that these third-party devices exist so if you have one of these things you're like hey I don't I'm already I've already been doing this playing mobile games with my game vise or my ion iCade mobile or my game case there do you you know you could say that those that those have kind of done the trick up until now but the problem with those is that there's no you're you're you have to map them they're there they only work with certain games out of the box I need to map them for the controls of other games and it's just it's a bit of a headache so if you had this mobile gaming platform Microsoft specific or Google specific or whatever it happens to be to have the accessory to go go with it that immediately works with all the titles correctly similar to the console experience and as designed by the company behind the platform it's going to be a lot more seamless and easier to pick up and sort of trust that it's gonna work the way that you work the way a more typical like a console works and and that's confidence-inspiring so we saw in Google's announcement with the stadia the controller was a big piece of it they're like hey we did this controller we got the controller we didn't do a console we did a controller because the console is whatever device you have on you but we want to make sure we can control certain aspects of your experience through how you input what your input device looks like and so they developed this controller with a dedicated stadia button there of course was the assistant button built right onto it too because that's gonna be a big part of their platform Microsoft can do something similar and the advantage Microsoft has is that there's already a customer base who's who's a well acquainted with the pre-existing console hardware so for them to just move to this kind of controller inspired by similar feel and so forth that's a big play that's a big move now it's just a prototype at the moment but it's exciting because I think for me it's it's one of the things that held me back from taking mobile gaming seriously is just the the fatigue in the hands and the only games I really enjoyed on mobile then became kind of ones that require different input like I think what was that one what's the one with the cool soundtrack isn't in Monument Valley is that am I am I crazy illness what was that one game show me what that looks like by the way Monument Valley isometric whoa you AG you there's an actual Monument Valley in Utah which will it looked up instead yeah this yeah this game I played like like games like this which are totally different builds the totally different input style puzzle based tower defense games things like this which are sort of more designed for touch we're the ones that made sense to me if it became more of a console console style input let's say a racing game or a shooting game or something I just wished I would be on a console with the actual analog thumb sticks and buttons and triggers and all the rest of it so this can absolutely bridge that gap and I think it's a cool area for them to be to be working on now keep in mind what Microsoft can also do is just make the their current elite controller their Xbox controller compatible with these mobile devices because then like you know on a PC for example you can use their controller as it stands you start to use these on your Android device or your iPhone or whatever and if you prop it up like and there's all kinds of stands for the iPad and stuff and then use this controller for the for the cloud gaming experience you're good there as well so lots of options cool to see I'm just it's kind of cool that consoles are still around to be on it's still kicking because there's a big part of my you know big part of my origin story and how I got into gaming in the first place at least in a big way we talked about in a past episode gran turismo early days nes before that he's just like the idea you boot up the game you're ready to go you sit on the couch well some about sitting on a couch that just the PC gaming never did for me you know I've been I tried out the the spider-man game this morning okay Amazing Spiderman is open world oh yeah I heard that one's really good it's a it's vast it's cool to be spider-man in a vast area you know you're in what is it New York City he's in New York City right yeah of course and it's hard there's some stealth I mean you can set the difficulty level but it can be really hard if you want it to and you said the you said that you do you can do certain like there are certain parts where you have to use stealth to succeed and then other parts where you use aggression different suits it's it's a very elaborate extensive game but anyway you sit on the couch and there's nothing better than you know you get to a cutscene and you're just on the couch just relax and you grab a snack or something it's a more of a social kind of situation compared to the PC gaming experience which is which is own it was a very singular you will you only really do that by yourself you won't be on a couch with other people kind of doing it and that's the experience I had with with this game this morning so I'm all for it

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  1. c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0

    The Xbox pro controller uses Bluetooth so that's already a thing as well, you just need an app that supports it. Don't get me wrong I like the idea of such a modular controller, especially if the palm handles added rumble or maybe a couple Ah to charge your phone. There are some "comfortable" ways to use tactile input on mobile, but it's kind of like how using one of those Gameboy magnifying glasses was "comfortable"

  2. Satya Kambhampati

    Wasn’t Xbox One / PS4 controller support announced for iOS 13 already? and doesn’t android already have the support for those controllers? I don’t see the point of these new controllers

  3. Rodrigo Covarrubias

    Motorola already had an awesome controller attachment Moto mod for their Moto z. , I think it was a great idea, but they didn't make the games and they had lagging issues. I think Microsoft has the advantage of making hardware for it's software.

  4. Mitrash XD

    Running emulators playing games like res4, super smash bros etc might be worth it for gaming on mobile. Also taking advantage of snapdragon 855 or apple bionic chips

  5. Quna •

    The Bluetooth controller market for mobile phones is kinda trash.

    Your only real quality option is an Xbox controller or the 8bitdo controllers. Switch Pro and DS4 lag a hell of a lot to be viable, I've tried. Even then, all of these controllers need a clip and are not very portable.

    Things like the ipega and the Wee 2, which do clip on to the phone by default are not so good. Deadzone lottery in the sticks, missing buttons, etc.

    A clip on controller made by Xbox is honestly pretty exciting, Xbox has probably the best controllers so quality is guaranteed.

  6. Kevin Arzola

    Buttons have always been the best way to do anything. That’s why phones have haptic feedback so it feels like a button. It still isn’t near the feel of an actual key or button but the thought is there.

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