LGR - Top 17 Worst PC Games

LGR – Top 17 Worst PC Games

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Tired of all those lists of the “worst” games that are actually just commonly-known sub par games? I am. So I made this list. These aren’t just “mediocre” games… this is my worst of the worst. Keyword: MY list. This is 100% subjective and my own opinion, nothing more.

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Consists of the top 17 worst PC games that I own. I actually collect these games somewhat, seeking out the worst crap as a matter of twisted pride and a weird guilty pleasure of perverted taste in games.

Games were chosen on the basis of effort made vs end result, bugginess, lack of gameplay and/or fun, hype vs disappointment, and personal preference in comparison to other similar games. Why 17? Because it’s an odd number, very odd.

You know, I was looking at some of those
top whatever lists of the worst games ever made, the worst PC games ever made,
and I got to thinking I have a lot worse games than are in those lists
just in my collection. So basically what I'm going to present here is a list
of the top 17 worst PC games that I have in my collection. Now of course I haven't played every PC game ever,
so there are probably some games that are going to be left out that you think are much worse than some of these
but you know, whatever. This is the top 17 that I've played
and that I have stashed in here for whatever reason or another. So, let's get straight to Number 17: Streets of Sim City I hesitated to put this one on here
since I do find it a guilty pleasure but let's be honest: Streets of Sim City is a terrible racer.
The controls are wank, the plot is scattered and the graphics and sound are mediocre at best.
And there are so many bugs that you'd think that you were an entomologist or something,
not playing a Maxis game. Number 16: Test Drive 4/Test Drive Offroad 2 I lump these two together because they piss me off equally
and use the same game engine… and they're both racing games. Test Drive 4 is just an awful, unresponsive, buggy, evil game
that is out to get you, and Test Drive Offroad 2 is the same thing
but worse in every way, except with dirt and trucks. I actually broke a keyboard over a brick wall due to this game
as a kid. I am dead serious. Number 15: Combat Medic This one's a bit unique
this game is so terrible it won't even let you start it. I have tried installing this game several times on lots of computers
and have never once got this game to even start. I'd wanted to try it because the box art and screenshots are just horrendous
it looks amazingly horrible but alas, we may never know. Number 14: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles As another odd game for the list, this game in itself
isn't the most horrible TMNT game I've ever played, but there's one problem: you can't beat the game.
Seriously, there is a spot in one level, it is impossible to cross Effectively ending the game right there,
and making it impossible to get past. Amazing. Number 13: Depth Dwellers There are lots and lots of bad Doom clones,
but this one is special. I've never seen a shooter with as little… everying as Depth Dwellers.
It's like the programmers made a decent 3D engine and then had no idea what to do with it whatsoever.
The plot is lame, the music is horrible, the sounds are worse and the levels are confusing, and holy crap!
The repetition is enough to make you vomit. I'm serious, I get sick playing this game. It's like saying you have a car
but in fact, you only have a steering wheel. That's not how it works, man. Number 12: Mega Man Mega Man is easily one of the better games on the NES, but sadly
poor Rock Man's first adventure on the PC did not have such a great start. You must have Jedi reflexes to play PC Mega Man.
No, in fact, I don't think that would help at all. Due to the crap controls, atrocious enemy action,
and nasty level design. Disgrace. Number 11: Outpost I bought Outpost for $2, brand new, not long after it came out. I was like,
"Why is it so cheap?! What the heck?! The box makes it look totally sweet and c'mon, it's a space strategy game by Sierra." But then you get into the game
and oh good grief. Horrible interface, horrible gameplay, horrible narration, horrible, horrible, horrible. Nice graphics, convoluted gameplay.
Just a serious disappointment. Number 10: Extreme Paintbrawl You know, contrary to popular lore,
this game is actually almost playable. It's a simple FPS using the Build engine,
and it is what it is: paintball, with nonexistent AI, infinite bugs,
faulty game mechanics, and the stupidest music ever. It's considered by many to be the worst game of all time, so you know there's
some serious crap coming up when Paintbrawl is only Number 10. Number 9: Space Bunnies Must Die I gotta say, this one is just weird.
The game is supposed to be like one of those late night sexist B-Movies, so it sounded like fun,
but man, I don't know what happened. This thing is just broken. The controls suck, the graphics suck,
the gameplay is not there, and worst of all there is absolutely nothing fun about it.
It's clunky, ugly obnoxious, and lame. Number 8: Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport Apogee was know for amazing PC games,
usually genre-defining and worth every penny. Then came Xenophage, a fighting game
to capitalize on the Mortal Kombat craze. Bug-filled, crap controls, stupid characters, annoying AI,
broken collision detection, and a million times more aggrivating than fun. Xenophage: Alien Sucksport, I hope time forgets you
because you tarnish Apogee's good name. Number 7: Mag Racer I can appreciate games made by one guy,
the so-called "bedroom programmers", but please, don't try and bite off
more than you can chew. Mag Racer is a racing game that reminds me
of Depth Dwellers, somewhat. Made by a programmer who had no idea what to do
with what he'd just made. The graphics are bizzare and ugly, the cars don't work
and are out of control, and the camera is one of the worst I've seen in a racer. All I can think when looking at this mess is
"WTF AVOID" Number 6: Catechuman Christian games are few and far between
and that's probably because most of them suck. Catechuman is a standout title for all the wrong reasons,
mainly because it's a God-fearing first-person shooter. Shoot lasers from your sword at the evil people until they're so weak
they have no choice but to pray and be converted. Wow. Not to mention every last aspect of the design is so screwed up
it's borderline unplayable.This has got to be sacrilege. Number 5: Cyber Gladiators I don't understand this one.
I remember seeing some ads or something promotional, saying this game was all steady-art crazy and awesome. They had to have been on drugs from another universe. Cyber Gladiators may just be the worst fighter on the PC
and one of the worst period. It is brain-numbingly simple, just kick and dodge every so often.
And the "revolutionary graphis" are just laughable. They look like there's something wrong.
And there is zero replay value, even with other fighters. Absolutely nothing is enjoyable about this. Number 4: Winter Race 3D Well it's obviously a budget title so you can't expect much of it,
but wow, Winter Race 3D is one broken freaking game. When I say nothing works, I mean nothing works. The controls, half of the time, don't respond,
and when they do, they're impressively jacked-up. Any time you collide with anything
you bounce 90 degrees in a random direction. Is this a racing game or a pinball machine? The gameplay is stupid, the goals are nonexistent,
and the graphics… eugh. I've tried to figure this one out, but I just cannot see
how this one got anywhere near the store shelves. This is so rubbish, it's classy. Number 3: Speed Rage If you're a connoisseur of bad games
this is a very guilty pleasure. Speed Rage is legendarily bad, and for good reason:
nothing works. Nothing! I think it's supposed to be a racing game, but I am actually not sure.
I'm not sure if it even qualifies as a game. It's more like an exercise in self-preservation
as in how long can you make yourself sit through this until killing the game before you kill yourself. Number 2: Extreme Bull Rider I thought Winter Race 3D and Speed Rage were bad
until I played this. And… I'm speechless. I mean, it almost looks like somebody tried to make this a game
and then got distracted by cheese or something. Nothing makes any sense, much less works at all
in an even remotely playable way. This is just… wow. Every last bit of this game pisses me off.
I find it incomprehensible that this is real. Somebody pinch me, no, shoot me. The only way this could get any worse
is if not one single part of the game worked at all. I mean, at least things move around somewhat how you'd expect
and there's collision detection… sometimes, Which is far more than what I can say for our grand prize winner. Number 1: Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing I've seen better gameplay on a vending machine.

39 Replies to “LGR – Top 17 Worst PC Games”

  1. 4thcoming

    LGR, TMNT Mike Matei crossed it and beat it. So did I. I love NES ports of games… TMNT. Battletoads (Bootsy beat it in 4 videos) Mega Man 2. Contra. Super Mario 3. Zelda. Castlevania 1 to 3. Etc. All great NES. Some are hard. Short games had to be hard. NES had limitations. Get a good NES USB or SNES USB controller. Watch AVGN and Mike Matei.

  2. Big Smoke9

    Holy shit. I fucking found it. I've always wondered what 17 was, having only a vague repeating image in the depths of my mind from my early childhood. I have finally found it.

  3. Endy Mallorn

    Just came across this video again, and wow. I have to admit, Space Bunnies Must Die! is still a guilty pleasure of mine. I played it a few times as a kid, and I'm sure my lack of skill with shooter games, plus the whole "B-Movie schlock" aesthetic is why. And I don't like Streets as a racing game, but rather as a way of exploring my SC2K cities, getting a feel for how zones should be laid out. It's weird, but having a street-level view of the city allows me to compare it better to the city where I live, and thus zone it more realistically.

    Oh, and Mega Man & Mega Man III should be one entry on this list. They stank.

    And this is going to sound weird, but there's a game on the Quake2 engine called Paintball2 which does everything Paintbrawl wanted to do, and does it better.

  4. foxdemonshippo

    not a worst pc games list if there isnt an unlaunchable game in ranks good on ya combat medic we will never know

  5. Jon Bourgoin

    That intro is officially nostalgic…damn

    Also you should give Combat Medic one more try and do a review on it…if it works. You don’t seem to review games as much as you used to anymore.

  6. Jacob Hook

    I'm pretty sure the worst game I've ever personally played is called Empire of the Ants (a name that is kind of un-googlable since it has been used for both a book and a movie, neither of which actually has anything to do with each other, or really with the game, although the game is theoretically supposed to be based on the book). The movie looks like a standard 'so bad it's good' horror movie, and I read the book. It's not awful, but the video game is something else. Imagine a game that takes the worst aspects of a Sim city type game and a RTS, then smashes them together. Oh, and the tutorial was bugged so it was uncompletable. They released a patch to fix it. That let you get a little further before you encountered another bug that also made the tutorial uncompletable. They never patched that one.

  7. wemustdissent

    Hey that big rigs over the road racing clip was directly from the Gamespot review…I remember that, with that music….you should credit them.

  8. Mang

    Yeah, Streets of SimCity is a guilty pleasure of mine too; I didn't know it was so bad back when I was actually able to play it. 😛 At least the music was pretty good if sometimes repetitive.

  9. Abdiassis Ahmed

    Iron Storm is the worst game I ever played. It was so buggy the end will surprise you… I mean quite literally, nothing happens it just surprises you that the game is over, finished, while you're in the game playing. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Nexus Hexus

    Teenage mutant Ninja turtles game you can beat you need to find a rope to cross. It took me awhile to find it but I did

  11. Cruor34

    I started PC gaming when I was 10 in 1990, but I didn't play many bad games at all, because 1) I read reviews before buying games even at a young age (only got games at Birthday and Christmas so better choose well) like why the fuck would you play Extreme Paint Brawl? Unreal came out before it… why the hell would you have Unreal and be like "man, ya know, Unreal just wasn't good enough, lets trey Extreme Paint Brawl" How did anyone own these games? 2) I played a game for a long time, so I just didn't get to many. I mean from like 2004-2010 alone I didn't play a single game outside WoW and Warhammer Online.

  12. Jaime Rosario Justicia

    TMNT PC had a bug on level 2.
    When you saved the game, and open the saved slot, it stopped the time counter. It was way slow in a i86 and 286, but ran well on any i386

  13. Sergeant Kaboose

    Damn, this camera is so nice. On the real tho, it's awesome to see how much he's improved, I'm glad to see.

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