MAC Matchmaster  Foundation Review

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

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MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15…i am in the shade 8.0

1.0 NC15
1.5 NW15
2.0 NC20, NC25, NW20
3.0 NC30
4.0 NC 35, NC37, NW30
5.0 NC40, NC41, NC42
6.0 NW33, NW35, NC44
7.0 NW40, NW43, NC45
7.5 NC50, NC55
8.0 NW44, NW45
8.5 NW46, NW47
9.0 NW48
9.5 NW50, NW55
10.0 NW58, NW60

The new line includes 14 shades, some of which are MAC’s lightest and darkest foundation shades to date

The texture is similar to MAC Studiofix Fluid but slightly more water-based. I would say it is inbetween the Studiofix fluid and the Face & Body foundations

People with oily skin might really love it as it has a botanical ingredient that is supposed to combat oil but i still find that my t- zone gets oily after a few hours

I’ve never had to touch up my makeup only blot away the shine so this foundation can last all day, 8 hours +


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everyone so this is going to be a review on the mac matchmaster foundation now I've been using this foundation for about three weeks now and so I thought maybe it's time to do review on it so I originally got this foundation just because it was the new foundation I was out from Mac I'd like to try something else cuz I'm used to using my Mac Studio Fix fluid and I do have other brands as well but just that I just used that one the Studio Fix word from Mac so I thought let me check out what this one is about so this is what it looks like now the good thing about it is it actually comes with a pump so you don't have to buy that separately I have to do that for myself it's fluid and it's a lot a lot bigger a little bit bigger than the actual studio fix fluid container this is um so slightly bigger than the Studio Fix fluid so but obviously it might be it's also in a bit pricier so the Studio Fix fluid is 19 pounds and this 23 right so this is a medium coverage foundation so for those people who don't want to have a full face how full floor space this will be a good foundation to go for cause it's medium coverage it's also oil-free as well and it's got SPF 15 it's ness PS 50 foundation originally I looked online to find a watch shade I mean because they don't have the NW NC shade types that they did for the other foundations from Mac these these deal with numbers I went online check what I would because I am an enemy 47 in the studio fix fluid so I went to check to see what I would be in the match master and I was 8.5 so I did set out to get the 8.5 shade but once I tried it on and you know let's set everything when it oxidizes it gave a really like I'm ready I'm ready toned to my face I'd read it like I'd looked darker and so I wasn't quite happy with this I kind of had the same problem with the fixed fluid but it wasn't until I realize this after I change my mathematic I realized that the fix fluid might also be slightly dark for me so I might not be a nun w427 so anyway I went to change the match master to 1/8 now the 8 is slightly lighter in some areas in my face but as you see in my face my actual natural face you know it looks like ya dead whatever and yeah it's there are areas where looks a bit too light once it's all blended in and the fact that I also use my NW 45 concealer which is slightly darker it just brings everything together and then my my MSF powder as well so once that oxidizes my face looks it basically matches rest of my best of my skin because my chest is a lighter part of my body and my face is darker so once I apply my furnish I try to match my foundation with my chest mailing my chest because my neck is also slightly darker as well it matches my neck my it matches my face so this fits perfectly with the same tone once it oxidizes so I now I am now an 8.0 in terms of how long it lasts for it was pretty much all day for me I am all your skin I have all the skin so I do get and as as time goes on my face just end getting a bit shinier on my teaser area but I will use my block powder on my present do some powder to sort that out and it literally lasts for for a very long time quite a long time even those medium coverage you can still build the top as well and which is what I do because I like my foundation school coverage so I fill the top of my concealer and everything so if you had a studio fix fluid I wouldn't I wouldn't really push you to going at the matchmaster because there isn't really much of a difference it's just it's medium coverage and it slightly expensive because it's a bigger bigger container um yeah so if you do house do fix flow I was so spec America on using it unless you want to have something that's less coverage this is medium coverage and it still let's just skim brie but he's could still see your skin through the foundation he doesn't totally just cover you up like the fix fluid does even though I do like my face totally flawless and totally like full coverage before you buy the match master you make sure that once you leave my check what you look like outside go outside and see if it matches because it's very important to do you make up with natural light because that's for the best lines to use if you do your makeup indoors and you go outside there's more chance of it being totally different than you think it is so sometimes the the makeup artist or the counter don't always match you the right way to make sure even though they've – they've told you what to get make sure it's the right one you go outside and have a look at it and see if it looks right and fits you well then go buy it but I do feel you can go back and return um foundations if it's like if it's not right for you but obviously it's better to get it the right shade the first time around that's all I would say about it but other than that it's a nice foundation I am using this literally every day and like the way looks I don't look so dark when it authorizes either Studio Fix does for me so um once this runs out I don't know I'll probably go back to my fix fluid but I'm I go and try the end will be 45 foundation in the fix fluid just to see because I'm NW 45 for my concealer anyway so that's all I'm going to say about the foundation and so I'll put everything down below and yeah if you do want to try it out anyway if you do have the student pick food or any foundation we have from Mac or from or any other brands and you still wanna try this out it is a little bit pricier than the fixed fluid but I just wanted to try them out so I like it um I might not repurchase because it is medium cumbersome I do have to use a bit more than I would normally use my full coverage fix fluid and so yeah that's it really so yeah thanks for watching and I'll speed to my next video bye guys

33 Replies to “MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review”

  1. JT R

    does anyone experience breaking out from this foundation??I'm using pro longwear mac foundation at the mo and my skin breaks out from it…thanks

  2. simpliyvonne

    you are so beautiful and i have oily skin so i think this will be perfect for me im a NW45 so ill probably end up getting 7.0

  3. ILYjesssx

    i had the exact same problem… i got tested at the counter and the guy said i was a 9.0 . after time of using it, i and my mum noticed that i looked darker and slightly red. so after spending that amount of money on foundation i am going again to go get it in shade 8.0 -_-

  4. Stephanie H.

    I don't have a MAC store nearby to go get matched in-stores but the only reference I have is that the foundation I use is smashbox HD spf 15 foundation in d2. Any help?

  5. Jennie Jenkins

    @Jaicyea7 NC50/NC55 but i'd say go get colour matched just in case cos i thought i was 8.5…and no i wasn't wearing a highlighter

  6. Deja Williams

    Ok..So, In Mac's Studio Fix Fluid Im In NW46…I Chose Nw45 In Concealer In The Select Cover Up…Do You Think That That Is TOo Light For Me??

  7. j4lyphe

    maybe try Studio fix fluid in NW46- I want to try that shade as well bcuz I have nw45 which matches the middle of my face but is too light for the perimeters of my face. NW 47 is wayyy too dark and oxidizes even darker so that's a no-go for me. Please look into nw46 and do a review:) It would be nice to see a review on that shade;p Thanx!

  8. Ms. Perfectly Imperfect

    I love how people can be so negative and they are afraid to show their faces. My mother always said 'if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all' uggh

  9. ruthie617

    @ILYjesssx if you're face is super oily then you should put milk of magnesia on your face. it keeps it super matte! look up some youtube videos on it. it's a beauty secret which alot of people don't know about!!

  10. Deja Williams

    With Foundation And Concealer For Example If Im NW45 Should I Get NW45 In Concealer Or Should I Get A Shade Lighter Or Darker?

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