MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation First Impressions Review

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation First Impressions Review

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Today’s video is a first impressions on the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC35.

Makeup tutorial for this look:

Someone did mention in the comments from a previous video saying NC37 was a far better match colour wise than NC35 as it is a far better tone and not as orange 🙂

First Impressions Playlist:


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hey guys today I'm here with a first impressions on the maket Studio Fix for look this is in the color MC 35 I've had this sitting in my cupboard for a little while and I decided I need to try it out I do love the Mac Pro Longwear I know that they are similar but different actually I don't know anything at all so but anyway I'm gonna give it a go today so it comes in this little box and it does say that it has an SPF of 15 so I would assume that that's still okay for photographs and everything a lot of people use is for like special occasions or whatnot so I am going to give it a go today if you haven't seen one of my first impressions before I wear the makeup throughout the whole day and I check back in with you every couple of hours and see how it's wearing my skin type is oily especially like t-zone area oily let's get into it now I am going to prime half of my face with the makeup for a high definition primer so the first thing I just noticed now it doesn't have a pump like the Mac Pro Longwear I don't know if it's just this one but that's odd maybe these ones just don't come with pumps looking at it it looks really really fake I don't know if I need to shake it because I have it sitting there for a while so what I've been doing lately with my foundation application is just taking some and then running out with my fingers and then going over with the damp Beauty Blender now this looks like it has a really good coverage the color like my Mac Pro Longwear is quite orange so maybe what I got saved I don't know how so already I can see that that's like given a really great coverage I guess the medium coverage wouldn't say full coverage at this point the color is very very orange though I don't know is there a better color for fake tan to say how much product I've actually used because not in pumps the color match isn't great at the moment I did 10 yesterday and I put some tan on today so the 10 will develop today so hopefully will match me later on in the day it is only 955 in the morning at the moment so I'm just gonna go ahead and put another layer on there it seems to kind of dry quite quickly that gives a really amazing coverage this is so orange I can't get over it I don't think that Pro Longwear is this Orange alright so two layers here I'm really happy with the coverage not so much the color okay so apart from me looking like an oompa loompa I really like the coverage and the finish of it it has a matte finish which is really great for people with oily skin like myself it seems to set quite nicely hasn't gone streaky at all I just I really like the finish of it just the color so if you do use this foundation like what colors you use is the NW any better let me know or is it too pink for the tense skin because it looks like a nice foundation so far what I'm gonna do is go and finish off the rest of my face and then come back and show you the finished product it is currently 10:00 a.m. so I'll see you when I'm finished hey guys so I finished my makeup it's 1119 a.m. I know it's dramatic I was doing it like clubbing makeup tutorial type thing I didn't a really really intense highlight I just had to try it out overall the foundation looks amazing I mean can see my tan has developed a bit more now so it matches me a whole lot better I'm gonna do a flash test as well so I will quickly do that because my highlight is just so intense it's a little bit hard to see but to be honest I think it's just the highlight it actually looks really really amazing with the flash on so I'm gonna insert a photo with and without the flash yeah it's 11:20 it's not too warm here today it is summer but I think it's only meant to be about 25 degrees Celsius nothing like too sweaty although I'm sweating like I've got my lights on though I'm sweating a little bit um but I will check back in with you in a few hours hey guys I'm back and it's about 3:30 I changed the background because then I filmed a video and I don't think you would have liked the sparkles in the background update on the foundation it still it looks like perfect I feel like it's oxidized so much though I feel so dark a pro longwear definitely is not this dark so I guess keep that in mind apart from that like it's set really really nicely it is still matte i primed this side didn't I I don't really pause I've gone funny around my nose but it might just be like the concealer or something one thing I just notice in this laughs line that's never happened to me but this with the priming side not there at all hmmm that is very very interesting I feel like all my makeup is still really intact at this point in time but yeah I'm gonna check back in with you in a few hours to see how it's going maybe like before dinner and then after dinner or something like that so yeah I'll see you then I hey guys I'm just touching base it's 73 p.m. and at this point in time I don't feel like it's doing too well it looks super super cakey like around my mouth anywhere where I've got a little bit wet I know my lips look a little bit crazy because I was stained from the lipstick I was wearing earlier and the lipliner I feel like the primer side has lasted better which is this side was like this oh it's just not doing too well looks like I'm wearing foundation whereas some foundations just kind of mesh with your skin and I can spread the ball but like this just looks like my face is painted so we're gonna go out for dinner and then I'll check back in with you in a few hours but I'm just gonna do a close up here's a close-up and as you can see it's not doing too well see just around here especially I'm like sweating right now but my makeup is just falling apart like my eyelashes are coming off and nothing looks very good right now a little bit embarrassed to go out to dinner actually it looks that bad hey guys it's really close to 9 o'clock it's 851 at the moment so I'm gonna wrap up this foundation first impressions don't really recommend it for long-term where I have to say it's going really really cakey I just don't like the finish of it at this age and I think if you were to touch it up it would make it a lot worse as I stated before we went out for dinner sorry there's a softbox there and there and then there's a little tiny bit of natural lighting left but yeah as I said before dinner around like my face and like my nose it's so poori and looks route just doesn't look any good between primer oh no primer I think primers held up a lot better especially as I'll saying around the laugh lines I would recommend this foundation for like short-term use kind of thing like if you're going to something for a couple of hours but I wouldn't recommend it for an all-day wear if you have oily skin maybe it's the fact that I use too much product or too many coats but I really wanted that full coverage look as that's what I usually go for and I've definitely lay it up foundations more than this before and it hasn't had this effect so here you can see this is the prime side and this is the non prime side so you can see the end result I know I'm really close up and in your face but I wanted you to see what I mean by it's not looking too good yeah so that is the end of my first impressions on the Mac at Studio Fix fluid I hope you guys found this video helpful do you love this foundation do you hate it have you tried it no and also about the color I'm usually like I'm NC 35 in Pro Longwear but this went super super dark what colors you usually use if you tan let me know so thank you very much for watching and I will have a playlist of my first impressions linked down below and I will see in my next video bye hey guys so I filmed my makeup I'm really happy without ten outs not sure about the lip at first but I'm just like you know just go all out I really did any tense

32 Replies to “MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation First Impressions Review”

  1. Mary Ann Statham

    …i agree with your statement; it's not suitable to use for a longer time….that's what i've noticed too. i dont wanna waste the product; so i tried setting it with the Studio Fix powder foundation of the same shade(by the way,im using NC20)…and the result is better than before;where i used different powder to set…
    thanks…all the best!

  2. Ananya Dasgupta

    Lady ur not nc 35 ur way way way lighter than this
    …..we people die for ur color and y ur using dark foundtion????

  3. Gemma Alice

    Thank you for this all day review I’ve been trying to decide between this or fenty. Have you done a fenty review?

  4. Tori Chaos

    You look stunning but NC 30 probably just would have matched better ! That is the color I am purchasing and making a tutorial with:))

  5. Chanel Mone

    That foundation is way too dark for you it makes you look like a light skin black person or a Latina. Maybe you should've went with a lighter color.

  6. elly green

    Not surprised it turned orange, Mac foundation in nc35 matches my skin tone perfectly! when it first goes on and turns orange within a few hours

  7. Vanessa Aguilar

    Instead of getting colors that don't match you, or are too dark for you, or too orange; why not just get one to match your skin? Looks gorgeous tho

  8. Chester C

    im new to make up, would liquid foundation melt when my country's weather is hot? and would it be gone once i sweat?

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