Mac Tools Drop Tail Motorcycle Lift Review

Mac Tools Drop Tail Motorcycle Lift Review

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I was a little boy with a broken dirtbike the first time I saw a motorcycle lift and knew someday I’d get one. Let’s take a good look at the Mac Tools unit.

so hey guys and welcome back to another episode of AMC's corner how are you all doing out there so when I was very very young I'm gonna say eight or nine years old my father gave me my first dirtbike and a set of tools he got it running and he said the rest is up to you and I rode that bike for a good long time and one thing I hated was every time I had to work on it it was always on the dirt it was in the in a dirt yard whether I was changing and in a tube or whatever and I said there's got to be a better way that's got to be a better way so I went to the local motorcycle shop to get an inner tube and I saw them working on a couple of bikes and they had a motorcycle lift and I looked at that and said I have to have one of those from like eight years old I knew it was something I had to have and I've paid off all my tool bills I'm kind of just buying toys and stuff now you guys remember right I picked up a pair of snap-on xmax is off my snap-on guy just because I can't think of any actual hand tools or anything I want from them that I don't already have in the box so I paid my Mac tool guy off too he was all paid up and I'm looking for something to buy I'm just looking to spend some money on some some you know invest in a new tool box maybe so I'm looking at what he's got he's trying to get me to buy a new box he's like we got red white and blue from coming out and I'm like no I'd rather a used box but you didn't have anything good I like to buy used boxes because you trade the I used box a and he'll give me whatever I paid for this one in trade and for a new one so say I paid $6,000 for this one he's got a $5,000 toolbox that's better than this well but he he just had nothing coming in that piqued my interest and I'm looking through one of the flyers not necessarily this one here I'm like what can I get what can I get and I turn in there this was I see this right there now I didn't have a lot to go on just this picture I actually couldn't find a single review online for this for this lift now I mean I hear you saying where you gonna put this lift you you you work at a garage you have nowhere to put something that big well I'm looking at it and it doesn't look very long they call a drop tail thousand-pound lift and I'm looking at this area we got will the new tech came in here and I lost my bench we used to have a bench very similar and set up as over there where you got one better than this bench goes that way each each Bay has a bench there's my bench and I had it going across here and I loved having a bench there and then when Willie got set up that bench went way back with his vise on it in the corner over there and that left me with just this big monolith blue whatever right there you know I got I did tag it you know you got to tag everything in my bag but I'm like man I got to find a bench well then I see that and I'm like well I know how big I know how big that that Harley is that bagger is you know a little longer than the area but then you look at the drop tail when this thing's configured a certain way hey why not order it oh if it fits it fits if not no I'll figure something out to do with it and it took a long time to come in and let me present to you my Mac Tools thousand-pound portable motorcycle lift now like I said I couldn't find a review I just have the picture here it says it comes with a service jack wheel service jack which is over on the bench right there I definitely see me using that and then it says it comes with 12-inch removable side extensions and mounting kit now I wasn't sure exactly what they were talking about that you know I mean maybe it's the the side things that pull in you got the side foot steps or something could stand on I didn't know it was 12 12 inch by you know 12 feet or 12 inch by a foot I don't know if there's something just to go on the side so you can step off the bike or not and then it got delivered and I'm like it can't be that heavy you know we got a forklift why can't we just lift it off to the delivery guy and he's like he looks at the paper and he goes well it's 708 pounds and I was like what 708 pounds this thing's supposed to be portable well what I didn't know is and what that all encountered or entails is it came it comes with the XLT kit which is full-length side extensions and ramps so you have a room this the ramp so we're still removable and yeah and that's how it is then those actually I'm gonna store those up there just because I have you can kind of see them poking up right there I got a little bit of tiny little bit of storage area I can use up in the mezzanine but that there is the XLT kit that I someday may use when I have my own shop or something or have my own garage just will come home with me but yeah here it is it's it is nice it uh it's actually a Mac Tools branded but the company who makes it forward lifts is the same company that makes the lifts I use every day so I trust pretty much anything that comes from this company because my whole career as a tech has been done on a forward lift not necessarily this lift but different lifts at the dealers but they've always been forward lifts I've used this lift here almost every workday for the last well a coming up on eight years I think now every day other than having a cable issue I had replaced the cables once we've had no trouble with it so so I didn't expect to have any problem with this and from this is the first time I've actually set it up it arrived last week some time and I had it in the bench over there I got to put it away when I'm done for today now one thing I did do and I did just modify this today is it has this the motorcycle front wheel clamp this will hold the bike in and kind of holds it steady and holds it so you can get the straps on you know supposed to just use the rim clamp to hold the bike when you're working on it the bike and fall through that but one thing I did is this has to be 99% of the time this lift is just going to be a table it's just gonna be a table for me to work on an extra work space and then when I'm gonna be doing a work on either my bike or one of my machines or I'll probably start doing some some minor motorcycle work daily we know as daily work which would be nice because I do know a lot about bikes and yeah one thing I did is this has to be removable so I took welded the hardware to on this side so I wouldn't be able get these bolts out I welded those bolts to the actual clamp and then underneath I welded the nuts all of these nuts are all welded in so all I got to do is just zip the bolts out and take the clamp off was it six seven ten ten now or eight bolts and two nuts this one I did the nuts so the nuts come off under there yeah so I can remove this stuff at in a minute it literally takes probably 45 seconds to zip it off or put it on so this is all nice and easily removable so it could be a bench when I'm doing normal day-to-day stuff but anyways yeah I figured I didn't know what else to buy I didn't know how else to keep my snap-on or matka payment going and yeah got the wonderful gold wing and if those those of you who didn't see this of haven't seen this yet this is a bike we picked our I picked up a year ago for five hundred dollars it was a gamble and it was a gamble I took and it paid out big times pay it out big big times so anyways why don't we set this thing up and get this bike on the lift cuz uh actually why don't we do this first let's uh let's run it through a cycle it's pneumatic has a nice little pedal down there we got a lock safety latch man and it works by yeah by this pneumatic cylinder here uses this roller as a pinch and it kind of rides along here and pinches up up or down super smooth runs on air which means I can hook technically you can hook a bicycle pump up to this if I had to to get it up and down and there it is in the down position now with the sharp air we get kind of high pressure it's uh it's pretty fast and there it is how cool is that all right guys let's get this if it's going to pick up anything it's going to pick up a gold wing so I know I know we're not a thousand pounds but we're pretty close to it so awesome let's get this thing on the lift oh so sweet so one thing I want to say I don't have straps on it we have it came with these eyelets which screw into there and then you run your straps up to the handlebars or the clamp up there the triple tree or what have you or if you've got any kind of spots you want to mount this the strap to I'm not actually working on the bike today this is just to put it up so I think we're all right for now if you were gonna start wrenching on it you need to have it strapped down I don't know if anybody remembers what was that show American Chopper they had one of the bikes I think it was back in the beginning they had the Kody bike up on a lift and they're doing something in the bike no one's near the bike it just falls on the ground and caused some damage and and then yeah I remember that episode of that just for that so I don't ever want to draw up any bike off of my lift so I keep that in mind you guys if you're gonna use a motorcycle lift make sure you got strapped but for this for showing it for show and tell this clamp is gonna hold it just fine also when you're using these clamps make sure it's not going to my the wheel or hit the road or something but we're alright here and yeah this makes it so much easier to clean so much easier to service to work on diagnose what have you yeah so I am I am so stoked that I finally have a lift and I toyed with buying a Harbor Freight couple hundred dollar three four hundred dollar one and you know what I I just I have too many name-brand tools to put my nice gold wing or somebody else's bike on a crappy lift this being made by for wood lift I'm sure I can get whatever part really quickly from them not that I anticipate any problems it's a real simple piece of equipment not like anything's really going to go wrong that I can't you know fabricate the back here all breaks down the ramp will come off this pins out this is called the drop tail and this slides right out I'd show you but I've only got one hand to do it and it's kind of a two hand job to hands over haha so I any ways you get the idea of what it would look like and how easy having that drop tail when that jack on there lets you really easy to get a real wheel off because that's can be a real problem sometimes wheels have to come down and out to come off you can't just slide them off or you know unbolt it like a car it's kind of an involved process especially on this bike luckily I don't need any rubber anytime soon when these tires are going great but there is one thing going on the brakes although they have a lot of life left in the pads they squeal so I will be servicing those really soon we're actually going to dig into this bike in the next few weeks really really deep this being a Goldwing a lot of people don't know these have timing belts and one of the pulleys is making a little chatter a little squeak noise now and again and I've already been in there once and found some carnage and some what the heck moments but that's a topic for another video today it's all about the lift all about that lift and then it's got a big pneumatic cylinder and that thing's huge and just uh just really well built so anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this little review with the of Mac Tools dropped Eiland pound lifts like I said I couldn't find a single mention of it anywhere to know what I was getting so anybody's looking at one of these this is pretty much what you're gonna get the other thing I haven't shown yet is it comes with a dolly this is a dolly it's got wheels on the back over there and then this kind of hooks into a pin under the ramp you take the ramp off here and there's a pin that locks into there and it's actually now that it's set up it's really easy to move around at first I saw that 708 pounds I'm like man this thing is gonna sit in the corner I'm never gonna be able to put a bike on it just it's gonna take four guys to get it set up but nope I just set this up all myself and away she goes boys way she goes well anyways I hope you enjoyed this little review of the the lift and look forward to a lot more videos on this bike we're gonna tear into that in the near future well anyways guys on that note and until next time keep it out of the cabbage took 40 years finally going

50 Replies to “Mac Tools Drop Tail Motorcycle Lift Review”

  1. Josh McSweeney

    Overpriced Greg Smith industries lift table, they are based out of Indiana. But to each his own.

    Also you need to strap that bike down through the tripple tree and down to the lift table. Don't leave held up solely by the wheel vise, they aren't meant to hold the entirety of the bike weight, it is simply meant to hold in place. Trust me I have seen plenty of bikes fall off lift tables due to them not being strapped in place. Whe strapping the bike down to the table, you don't need to crank down on them, you just need them so theirs not much slack, but not compressing you front forks down either. Their just their yo aid in the stability of the bike.

  2. Eric Seguin

    Believe it or not I got a service bulletin from BMW on squeaky breaks once and they said to put duct tape on the back of the pads to solve the problem. Showed the bulletin to a customer and he laughed. Then he said try it. Damned if it didn't work. Was going to try it on a Rolls but never got the courage. lol

  3. Flying Dog

    Harbor Freight stopped lift 10 years ago. Their price in 2004 for this lift was $459. I bought one then, and just replaced the seals in the air cylinder 2 weeks ago. Today there are 10 to 20 retailers selling the exact same lift, for anywhere from $600 to $2,000 and they are all made by the same Chinese manufacture, painted a different color with different name stickers. Here are some of them.


    my company produce kinds of tool box, tool cabinet, workbench, motorcycle lift .etc metal products. also have other equipment and service to provide for garage and motorcycle workshop. For more information please visit my face WEB, search AX'TONE HARDWARE

  5. Mar Vel

    Harbor Freight crappy lift !!…Read the reviews dude It does everything your Mac lift does at a fraction of the price and will probably last just as long If you take care of It . The only difference being HF lift Is hydraulic which means your legs get a good work out .

  6. paulhwly Yee

    He says Iโ€™m use this lift as just a table 99% of the time and once in a while work on my bike. My guy you bought a fucking 1500 dollar โ€œTableโ€ !?!?! Wtf way to waste money

  7. lipsee100

    Regarding the Wing,, I have the same model and colour,,, I have issues with the contact breakers and auto advance unit,,, Could you do a vid on that topic!!!! Cheers ( oh yeah ,,,dig the lift!!)

  8. throttle bottle

    maybe put the XL extension on one side only, easier to ride a bike up on and back off of, as long as it doesn't make it too unbalanced

  9. JPilot2

    G'day, Amesie! Wow! Two Big Thumps Up! I am so happy for you… It's like Mustie's fabulous "Handy Lift!!" A very nice congratulations on your new… "Mac Tools Drop Tail Motorcycle Lift!!" Marvelous job! Well done!

    Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜ŠโœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ› โค๏ธ

  10. philip jackson

    I built a wooden table about 18 inch high and had my 1100 gold wing aspencade on it while I did a winter rebuild, full strip new belts and all the plastic removed. Worked great till I took it off the main stand, overbalanced and was only stopped by my tool cabinet. Took an hour to winch it back up. Always wanted a power ramp but now the wing has gone I can't justify the expense for my silver wing 600. Great video, look forward to more on the wing

  11. Michael Johnson

    Give the aluminum engine wheels and chrome a nice coat of WD 40 in the winter it stop's all the corrosion in winter storage etc

  12. Peter Anderson

    I definitely need one of those for my 750 build – not sure how many other bikes I'll be restoring though… Well done, a lovely bit of kit.

  13. John Acuff

    Actually, a naked GL 1000 from the late 70โ€™s would weigh about 650#. Personally, I would be happy to have one less bill. Not be looking for something else to owe money on, but you must make a lot more money than I do………

  14. Mustie1

    great add to the shop space , it has saved my back big time, plus the quality of what you do gets much better as you can see everything, l like that the ass end dropped out, if you back the front tire back about 2 inches it will grab the tire better up hi and the bike will be much more stable, think of that stop plate as a safety stop not the alighnment point front to back. congrads, looks like the same construction as handy lift, wait till you have the air hose get pinched off by the wheels,

  15. Acceptable Channel

    awesome lift my friend ๐Ÿ˜€ you really dont look your age. i thought you was closer to my age. im 34. cant wait for you to work on the bike and other bikes in the future ๐Ÿ˜€ can you do an update of your toys (cars) and what they all still need to be done with ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. dposer10

    I've had 3 gl1000s and i can tell you from personal experience that they are about the best all round bike you can get, reliable, powerful, and a lot of fun to ride. Put some progressive suspension springs on the front forks and change the fluid to 12wt, and get some progressive shocks for the back, and it will ride perfect and handle a whole lot better too

  17. Charles Dyer

    I have a lift table just like it don't know who made it but it's at least 40 yrs old I got it used 30 yrs ago.don't have a bike anymore but it's handy as hell for lawn tractors that I work on.

  18. Michael Tate

    Got a parts source for ya…
    This guy has everything, including the timing belt, all the gasket sets, even carb rebuild kits. has a NEW replacement stator that ups the output for more electrical power.
    Has a replacement front master cylinder that's way better than the hard OEM (easier pull if you need it.

    Not shilling for the guy but Oldwings are getting kind of rare and parts are rare too (unless you got a good donor bike).

  19. Daniel C

    You should already know that all rapist drive big white tool vans. You should of just bought one from Harbor Freight, and save $1,200.

  20. Greg Hanlon

    Amesie… Those tool dealers (who on the most part are good guys) have you hooked. All techs should quit supporting the Snap-on/Mac/Matco cartels and do some research on-line. Almost everything is 30-40 cheaper without the tool companies logo. That same extract Forward Lift 1000 lb. ramp is $979 with free shipping. The only catch – take off the MAC name and save $520. Save that money and buy a house. "No More Tool Crack… " (from a former tool addict and industry insider)

  21. zillustration

    Wide table package like Mustie1's setup. Nice piece of equipment! Would you place some sticky backed rubber on those rim clamp faces to avoid marring future rims?

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