Mac users are like Liberal voters

Mac users are like Liberal voters

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To answer the main questions – as your average Labor/Greens supporter, yeah… I use Macs hahaha and I ain’t changin’ 1nce u go Mac u neva go bakk babbbyyy
Also nah it’s not my poster of Marx, Stalin, Mao etc… I filmed it at a friends house – but how cool is this! His journalist mum got it when she went to report on Communist China in the 80s! Podcast Link:

when it comes to winning elections the Liberal Party has always relied on its core support base comprising of two very different groups of people to get them over the line idiots and selfish idiots – brains the size of peas in a pod to attain a better understanding of the first group psychology labor and green supporters are encouraged to remember that feeling of unjustifiable smugness they had when a computer nerd who clearly knows more about computers than they do told them what are you me me me in no universe real or imaginary and I know because I snoods make all the imaginary universes Oh max better than pcs and yet we respond to that big of a nerd with self-assured smugness first off max are beyond shithouse for gaming oh really you can't replace any mac part cheaply I got you into the max store to get home that's a shame how can you be so smug with literally zero evidence or knowledge about computers for the same reason liberal voters think the liberal party's better they're advertised more ah so labor and green supporters now that you know exactly what it's like to be a computer nerd how about you show no mercy gotta steal that Derek we know your frustration because when we're talking to a liberal voter and they say I just feel and allow me to repeat that first part of the sentence then labour can't run an economy and it's my opinion you know everyone's entitled to one voting for the most extreme economically hardcore party based off what my gut till labor that reminds me of labor pains hmm and my it's just my opinion you know like why why are you getting uh fairway angry you got any facts or evidence for why you think the Labour Party's bad at economic management um yes ever read The Telegraph before because you don't need to was on the front page the other day labor card right an economy point fit and match in black and white do you want me to spell it out in more than that because I don't think I can so the fact that two of Labour's treasurer's have won best treasure in the world according to your money well-known liberal treasurer ever has how did that and it's truly was completely transformed from the economic sheep-shearing backwater that our remained under nearly forty years of uninterrupted Liberal Party rule that right then under labor in less than a decade Paul Keating was able to transform Australia from the white trailer-trash major to an economic powerhouse oh the kiddin wasn't pretty sure was Howard but whatever we're entitled to our own opinion what are you ad hominem me you better be talking about the actor John Howard and not the John Howard that is measurably one of the worst treasures we ever had what are you getting so angry for it's an opinion an opinion comprende I'm entitled to my own opinion and my opinion is that I'm entitled my own version of history and this is according to the IMF right so we're not talking about some hippy love fest here they went all the way back to 1860 so before we were even a country and those guys concluded that John Howard is the most reckless spender we ever had in Australian history thank you very much so the source of the can of the IMF like the Telegraph and that's way more worldly than some institution that just focuses on global finances Telegraph talked about sports – okay how can you be so smug with literally zero knowledge or evidence about Australia's political and economic history now you know how it feels I only third of duple because some idiot green Spota wouldn't listen to me about how pcs are better than max I needed him to know how annoying that is even if it meant I had to fire but you're in IT sure you would have at least like the broadband network they're offering or I would have liked that more than almost anything but that's how pissed I am the people keep saying it yes neck in a gimmick wiki boom yeah it was my plan on please press the subscribe button now can

43 Replies to “Mac users are like Liberal voters”

  1. Rip

    im a firmly pc person but i can concede macs are better for school work and such but if its a personal machine youre going for a pc is a better all round pick

  2. wirehead1000

    Meg Alania sez apples are for eating with muttonhead and muttonchops in sheep dip sauce to keep the chiggers away.

  3. Bo-jivan Parker

    Apple is better at style, creative software and less likely to contract a virus

    Windows is better in hardware and gaming

    as someone who doesn't care about style and doesn't need a super computer but does need a computer that can function and edit media efficiently at a cheap price choosing apple is the obvious choice. (it should be stated that i dont game and i'm a student so the most grunt i need in a computer is basically pdfs, streaming and word)

  4. Man Ofwar

    Liberal party, is just a party for rich cunts, which is why when i'm rich i will vote liberal, but any other time, no fucking way.

  5. Dragonstrike 3579

    In my opinion i don’t like either major party
    Liberal is just full of retarded cunts and labor is a socialist party, and I disagree with heavy socialism.

    I like the idea of the Liberal Democrats but I haven’t looked into their economic side
    And is pauline hanson wasnt in one nation I would consider supporting them

  6. VultureClone

    You forgot to mention that R. Murdoch owns most of our media, including the big newspapers. Go figure. Plus, that casual smugness so many Australians have when they know they're wrong is painfully accurate.

  7. Tim Worley

    holy shit. your right as rain! generally speaking the company that advertises the most, tends to be the shittest because they put more money into advertising/looking premium over research/the product they're selling.
    and since we're in a capitalist society, liberal/labour is no better than a company trying to sell a product, ie, the future of australia. i think of labour as the lesser of 2 evils. i'd rather get a handjob from the devil than be buttfucked by him. and since the only other real option at this point is to move to canada where i can be arrested for offending someone, im taking that handjob WHO'S WITH ME!?

  8. harvy. the man weinstein

    It ain't his poster tho.
    My dad has a CCCP shirt but he ain't a commie. (He said i would need it one day when China n Russia start to run the place :), most of the shit he says has come right.)

  9. Rhiannon Winchester

    Um, this is my OPINION and we're all entitled, but I just think that warm paste and stinking rubbish are tastier than fresh home-cooked food. I know they are because the Telegraph said so

  10. bucket hat Carr

    well that's funny one of the those 'best treasurer's' got us into a shit ton of foreign debt and completely fucked australia's economic future

  11. Leo Shaw

    I love all the people commenting about weather they use a Mac or PC and how that lines up with their political views, obviously not understanding the analogy in the video ^_^

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