MacBook Air 2011 vs 2017 (Comparison) Is it worth it?

MacBook Air 2011 vs 2017 (Comparison) Is it worth it?

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Hey everyone. Here it is. The MacBook comparison I was talking about in my previous video.
We did some testing, some benchmarking.. Check it out!

I‘ll post the benchmark screenshots along with the temps below.


Blackmagic Disk Speed Test MB Air 2011:
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test MB Air 2017:

CineBench MB Air 2011:
CineBench MB Air 2017:

Geekbench 4.2.0:
Geekbench CPU Score MB Air 2011:
Geekbench CPU Score MB Air 2017:
Geekbench Multi Core MB Air 2011:
Geekbench Multi Core MB Air 2017:
Geekbench Single Core MB Air 2011:
Geekbench Single Core MB Air 2017:
Geekbench GPU Score MB Air 2011:
Geekbench GPU Score MB Air 2017:

Temperatures with 4K video playback:
MB Air 2011:
MB Air 2017:

YouTube intro:
Effect samples:

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●Ice Crystals – Everet Almond

Stopwatch timer:

hi everyone welcome everyone a month ago I released a video about this MacBook a short refill on how it performed what it was still capable of today we're going to do a video with this MacBook this is the MacBook Air from 2017 so it's the latest model basically it's you know the same model just upgraded say what we're going to do today is see how these two compare to each other so it's a worth to get the 2017 model over the 2011 model yeah and just to point it out this one I bought as a reefer for 300 euros yeah cheffy bought this one brand new yeah for $9.99 yeah thousand euros yeah three times more and will it get you three times the performance yeah that's that's what we're going to find out of course mine has some sometimes some battlefield wounds but yeah if you if you see them next to each other and with a closed lid they look absolutely the same yeah you would've on them yeah even the ports are the same you know the only difference here is that this one is the mech safe – connector I'm actually won the Mexican one study all the connector yeah USB 3.0 versus took 2.0 on the other side as well the same port same layout just new or ports yeah that's the only difference really okay first we're going to start with the Buddha the Buddha boy uf and hundred twenty eight gigabyte SSD mine only has a 64 gigabyte SSD – SATA yours is PCI Express if I'm correct yeah and I'm really curious to see on how much faster Chevys SSD is going to be yeah yeah let's be honest it will be fast and it should be it should be it's it's gonna be surprised to see ya wins this one should win yeah according to to the theory but okay so my MacBook is ready for action yep open and how are we going to do this just count down and so ok so I count down from 3 to 1 and then go and then we go yeah ok that's it so 3 2 1 go in full harmony yep okay so yeah what we see here yeah – a black background this one is a white one and I think that it has to deal with you know the older model newer model to change it about but I can oh where you see it yeah – wrong never locks tree yeah I mind – was it there now yeah so we we don't login cause – probably way more stuff – to load Daniels cause you're not doing anything with your MacBook yeah I'm doing that yeah basically the initial Buddha just it just loads in all the essential stuff yeah and as soon as you log in you're basically loading only personal stuff yeah indeed so we're skipping death we're going to benchmark couple of things um black magic disk mark on the scene everyone on both my books yeah you need and also I'm curious to know if yours actually placed 4k 4k mine doesn't you know it's it's all start a party yeah yeah no it's not watchable yeah – yeah and maybe some of them the temperatures because mine we'll get very hot when playback yeah with video playback so yeah we can check out some temperatures you know maybe some some other benchmarks just to stress the system a little bit so yeah let's get to benchmarking business Oh okay so we run the benchmarks yep we've did the tests and results were man that surprising at all no no this is the new model so you would expect it to be faster and yep play yes as you've seen on on the 4k test that we did with video yeah there's not an upshift nice one but of course these MacBooks don't have a 4k screen as simple as that but actually want to use the external monitor output you can connect a 4k screen yeah and if you want some video playback on that resolution that's not going to fly with this MacBook no this you can yeah but they tend to get really hot at 1080p all right each other yeah exactly SSD test yeah a big difference very big difference yeah then then the H really shows yeah and also he had a bit of shame and this one apparently doesn't support OpenGL with cinnabon yep yeah the Cinebench benchmark and the Geekbench benchmark yeah so it was not with yeah so only useful for use that at one point yeah yep its overall yeah it beats this one that's every test what I was kind of surprised too was the network speed test they were almost the same speed so yeah I was kind of surprised with that and cuz yeah also the network card of this one is six years older self and this is this one as the AC network adapter yeah I don't think this one has but okay and the network speed we tested it's the upload speed didn't get above 40 megabits discuss my internet speed is 400 down and 40 up so yeah so the max speed that we have it's in max speed yeah and the download speed it couldn't get even close to 400 but okay it's wireless so different successively like part here yeah yeah okay still I'm very satisfied with this macbook yeah so is it them it's worth the upgrade is it worth the upgrade it depends it depends depends on what you do with it first it depends on your budget if you have a small budget if you're almost more budget then maybe this is a good option for you if if the only were flow you're going to do is a little bit of office work and some multimedia playback not above 1080p if you want some more performance maybe a little bit casual gaming yeah we didn't run benchmarking on those but exactly it is capable of running some simple games very simple bit in game so no GTA 5 on this no no yeah that's – still run run the games on low but yeah and also I think GTF I was not even playable long I'm like no no okay no no one no fancy stuff no but yes and if you do some more serious office work or like presentations you go around you know giving presentations with external screens there before K screens then this one is of course the better option yeah and most of the obviously most people would then choose for the pro version yeah instead of and indeed yeah yeah okay um yeah overall I think this one still holds up very well for for six years old yeah for the price of this okay once yeah okay so um we're gonna leave it at this yeah if you have any comments suggestions maybe some advice please leave them in the comment section if you want to see more videos please subscribe if you like this video please give a thumbs up thank you for watching and I'll see in the next one bye

50 Replies to “MacBook Air 2011 vs 2017 (Comparison) Is it worth it?”

  1. Lowel Bassig Donn

    Nothing significant reason to buy a new one… 2011 model is still workable. My macbook pro 2011 is still working fine in today's standards and i have no reason to replace it anytime soon.

  2. BamaBoynCali

    Im looking to buy one for video editing mostly. I want to process 1080AND 4K VIDEO and also processing photos for youtube. will this work for that?


    Buy a 2012. That's when Apple made real changes. 2012-2016 are the best years for the Air and Pro. Do the test with a 2012.

  4. Rhino Thunder

    I have a 2011 MacBook Air that I bought refurbished on eBay back in 2015 and in late 2016 it broke and I ended up getting a 2016 MacBook Air.

  5. bamaniya prakash

    Guys does mac book air 2017 model with 8 gb ram is good enough for XCode and Android Studio for app development with multiple projects?? please reply!!

  6. Leander Herman

    Nederlander 😆😆😆😆 kan ik zo horen hoe ze engels spreken 😆😆😆😆 but anyways great video guys

  7. TheCoffeeAddict


    Sorry, but it is never a good thing when in a YT "techie" review the speculative ("I think…I think…maybe it will this or that…I think again…") rambling to actual benchmark results, educated analysis and product specs ratio is 3:1. It should be no less than the polar opposite ratio of 1:3.
    A concise outline or brief script can only assist a duo delivery. This would also assist in keeping the energy up and mumbling banter down–not a single benchmark in first 4+ minutes. That is as far as I got before nearly giving up.

  8. Monika Handor

    to be honest 2012 MacBook Air it is good value for the money especially that now new MacBooks are terrible – got a lot of problems

  9. David Bloyd

    I did some tests with Macbook Air 2010 and the 2017 and video encoding and the Macbook Air 2017 is about 8x faster. Plusit has Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

  10. the y squad

    Guys I have a MacBook Air 2011 and I've had it for quite some time and its honestly not that bad. I edit on after effects on here , I do my homework . Of course the resoultion of the 2015 is a bit better however its not that big of a deal .

  11. Connor Freeman

    If you’re going to get the 2011. Is it worth it for mainly school use. And just normal computer usage. Not games or anything.

  12. Zubayir H Kazi

    The guy on the left has such a strange accent! Oh lord! The guy on the left is a little less weird.

    Guy on left

    Guy on right

  13. Crystal energy

    I have a late 2010 model.It is on its last breath. Battery is on its way to close down. My model is 1.4 Gh 2 Gb . So I need a new one soon. Thanks. I understand now what to go for without being slow at upstart and opening programs

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