Macbook Pro 13"/ 15"  Screen Replacement Full Version

Macbook Pro 13"/ 15" Screen Replacement Full Version

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This video show you a process to replace the Macbook / Macbook Pro 13″ and 15″ Screen. All the woking processed under our professional technician and professing equipment.

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44 Replies to “Macbook Pro 13"/ 15" Screen Replacement Full Version”

  1. Tomer Fooks

    Got a Purple MacBook? You Can Waste Another $700 Fixing It, Or JOIN OUR PETITION And Make Apple Take Responsibility For Their New, Faulty MacBooks. It's Time To Act Together:

    So, After owning MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 for a few years (loved it), and a bunch of other products (Apple Watch, MacBook Air, iPhone), I’ve decided to invest my earning in the new Macbook Pro 15″ 2017 with TouchBar.

    What a stupid decision it was…

    Because after a year, The screen suddenly showed vertical purple lines all over the screen, Just like that.

    I protected and cared for this faulty laptop, and even though it NEVER fell or got any physical damage (No bumps or even scratches) – It got the purple screen lines disease.

    My warranty/coverage was expired few weeks before the vertical purple lines occurred on my screen.

    So, I did what every Apple customer will do. I went to the nearest Apple store and asked for help.

    You can guess what they’ve told me (they probably said the same to you) – Your warranty is expired, there is nothing we can do. Replacing the screen is your only option, and it costs around $800.

    Go ahead and help us bring justice and dignity back.

  2. Simbiosys Reparacion

    No entiendo como pueden usar ese tipo de pistola de aire caliente, no regulan el calor y desoldan hasta tubos con eso.

  3. Bakur Kvaratskhelia

    Hi. My late 2012 Macbook Pro has a screen problem. It turns white slowly and has fades out. It comes back to normal if I press the upper left corner of the screen. What could be the problem?

  4. Jessica Foley

    And is this how you would repair the broken LCD from a retina display macbook? If so, what parts would I have to buy?

  5. Jozua M

    What is the model number of a mid 2010 15” macbook pro screen? I want to order a control board but I don’t want to remove the panel out of the housing. Is that possible?

  6. Andy Seitz

    Why the stupid music? WTF? Nobody whos watching this video wants to hear that! We'd rather hear a description of what is happening and tips on how to do the screen replacement. The damn electronic music doesn't help one bit!

  7. djrool

    Hello, I have changed the screen and it does not light up, it stays black and the computer starts up well, why can it be?

  8. Dj Angel

    I need to get a Login Board and the LCD Panel. What is the best play tor get the parts? Thanks for the video. This will save me 1500. @broadwaycomputers

  9. Nicholas Jay

    I am having such trouble getting the LVDS cable to stay in, everything is working but it just comes loose every fuckign time I drop the LCD in. Got it to stay once, tested and everything was fine… reassembled only to find it came loose… so annoyed. I want to give up.

  10. Colin

    Terable job at it . One he was touching the screen with his fingers . He didn't even wipe the screen or blow the glass off . He just should have tested the screen and saw it turned on and was OK . Then will it was off the macbook he could put the glass on and made sure he clean the specks of dust out . I saw finger prints and 2 specks on the screen . You can tell he is an Asian guy doesn't give and shit.

  11. Greg C

    one day i will see an instructional vidio wihout some shitty tecno music played all the way through probably not though

  12. Danilalissimus Danielissimo

    этот парень слишком сильно давит тряпкой вытирая экран, маки с ретиной этого не любят

  13. Mind-Eye

    Lol at all the newbs who have lots of advice and criticism, yet their only experience is watching youtube videos and reading on the internet. I also have a shop, and folks we do this stuff everyday. I love it when do-it-yourself types bring their failed attempt to my shop. Wires are damaged, screws are missing..etc. Then they are not experts anymore but suddenly crybaby's who want their computer back. Why don't you all stick to the apple support forums, were the blind lead the blind into utter confusion and frantic misinformation? This is were the non-pro's belong.

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