Maintenance Duty | Let's Play Control (Blind) | 07 | Gameplay Playthrough

Maintenance Duty | Let's Play Control (Blind) | 07 | Gameplay Playthrough

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In this episode of my Blind Let’s Play Gameplay Playthrough of Control, we finally get around to keeping the power generator from blowing up.

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TITLE: Control
DEVELOPER: Remedy Entertainment
PLATFORM: PlayStation 4

Control is an action-adventure video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena which violate the laws of reality. As Jesse Faden, the Bureau’s new Director, players explore the Oldest House – the FBC’s paranormal New York headquarters – and utilize powerful abilities in order to defeat a deadly enemy known only as the Hiss, which has invaded and corrupted reality. Control was released on 27 August 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

hey all duh come out here and welcome back to control last time we made it to the maintenance sector I got to meet back up with our favorite janitor Adi and I proved that I am blind as a goddamn bat I mean seriously I was wandering around this ring area for good like 15 20 minutes looking for a security office and I walked right past it this is really a sign right here how did I miss this how I honestly don't know I really don't know but however the wandering did prove fruitful because if I hadn't done all that wandering I probably would have found this cool ability to check it out I have a shield my shield makes a mess of the world which I then blast around can I oh I can't move the shield rubble i-it's minorly disappointing but lonely minorly anyway we've been tasked with fixing the cool pumps and the energy converters which means you should have a bunch of new doors unlocked and hello mr. hiss get out of here thank you seems always spook the hello oh I'm glad I was looking another shield another shield that did not help you no sir Oh and that takes care of that one all right I need to kill people with the old service weapon gasps the fuck was that oh oh oh these guys suddenly came out of here and started to play oh is that no no that's not that's just a normal enemy that has this it's the evolved his guys again okay okay we're starting to get a little hairy here there we go I will freakin hand you the hell out of there come on you know you want this where'd he go did he die oh no he didn't die he was sad a stubborn one we get them all did we get them all I think we got them all okay awesome okay so we are headed for the coolant pumps and the energy converters central maintenance I think I've already been down this way have at I guess I have that's where the field training thing was there's the energy converters and yeah his doors unlock finally any more hiss around here huh any more good oh geez it's been a few days since I played this so I might be just a touch on the old rusty saw ha ha ha ha ha boy yeah cube you know what have a light Oh Oh your uh oh yeah you definitely need shit for you oh god that's never gonna not be satisfying out here what's the other one I know you're they are you son of a bitch gotta love the shotgun mod whoa the hell was that okay but first I'm going to unforce the control point here replace the parts well I can move all these cubes around I suppose that should be something since oh can I uh well I can take some new board countermeasures there we go all right sweet using grip kill enemies with headshots kill enemies with the shatter weapon kill enemies in the maintenance sector kill hiss ranchers they know how to use your soldiers humans toys smart five Rangers and five minutes these are only rank ones and I feel like I should be focusing on rank twos more than anything but I might as well do this one because this won't take long okay can I make anything new I cannot make spin and I cannot upgrade grip because I am missing a lot of shit and I don't really care that much about moths right now although I'm really tempted again I don't care about mods at the moment I need ability points and get ability points I think I have to finish from missions oh sorry this nasty smash do this stuff looks horrible ok ok there we go my time in the training yard has paid off MSC energy converter at all good bye [Applause] where the rest of you twits there's one of you hello I have to kill little shatter so might as well kill them a shatter oh oh I then lost my cover come out come out come out oops out of gas come on dude I know you're there good night ah the other toy I picked up in the last couple episodes the merry-go-round – very handy very useful I am not killing these guys with shatter as much as I'd like to they're just too far away and I do not want to have to close in on these guys come on all right fine oh oh he's spawning more we are spawning more okay maybe I will need to shatter here right the newts thank you can't really do anything about him and that's why I'm so glad I picked that up alright only need one more shatter kill and there you are thank you I don't have to use shatter anymore is that it is that everyone hello cubes ah I see I need to find a few more spots stick some cubes in – hello you know what get fucking mail ID Oh anymore ah yes indeed good night now another cube another hole that opens that up and it looks like I need one more of these I pretty much law exactly where it's going and it's going in his face oh hi there oh no no no no could use a little bit more healing thank you power fixed get these little bastards out of here you could use a little bit of extra HP game you know I'd be nice how open door can I jump ah I can I'll just jump right over this why thank you forgot I have a very decent jump here actually uh and some extra health okay I can hear you you stupid hits things knock it off hopefully I don't take a massive amount of fall damage from short cutting through these doesn't look like I'm going to although I expect that would be a lot of fall damage right there anything of interest no nothing of interest oh I'm getting all the little health pickups yeah yeah yeah here you guys are annoying there we go and now I should be able to drop off another board countermeasure shall I think I could drop off two board countermeasures thank you no this one's close this one's damn close hmm using Pierce kill enemies in maintenance sector headshots don't have Pierce kill his Rangers okay still have no damn ability points yeah we could use some of those game really really good oh you and me both you and me both the whole place just started shaking oh dear oh dear oh dear this thing's gonna blow if I don't get it fixed the time isn't it alright there should probably be another squad of pain and pains in the ass down here right huh new squad of enemies for me to play with No yes what the fuck is that what in the actual fuck are the no no you stay the fuck away from me you stay the fuck away from me oh oh oh those things are explosive no I want nothing to do with you nothing you oh those things are creepy Oh oh god they explode if I get too close anymore anymore anymore what the hell were those things what in the hell were those oak electable 's please tell me what those things are his charged the his charged agents are examples of extreme physical deformation resulting from his corruption his charge displayed an unthinking fixation on any non corrupted individuals in an area once within our specific proximity they erupted into a burst of focused his residents so dense it acts as a physical force they're freaking bombs lovely the his charge is depleted of the his corruption after this eruption the host is left lifeless this behavior may be an adaptive response to the HRAs the his charge are designed to blow the devices off potential hosts exposing them to the residents is the hiss capable of customizing a corrupted hosts alternate ability to this degree why is the physiology of the histo dramatically different from the hosts original form lots of questions still no answers well those things are new and scary and we don't want to touch them coolant pumps oh the furnace chamber awesome we we need the furnished chamber actually it's just a little door here goes nowhere I guess ah just elute oh I need that second mod slots so badly whoa I'm gonna start popping these guys here before they become an actual problem this is a control point where'd they go which way did they go George which way did they go oh there they are oh he's got the bombs oh we're gonna throw shit at the bombs cuz I don't trust my aim I really dull suit up case in point oh you're just one of the fast little fuckers aren't you all right go ahead come on ammo recharge thank you any more no okay good let's uh let's cleanse this control point here make my life a little nicer there we are and yeah yeah this place slice definitely needed to be cleaned up here couldn't get anywhere could not make it to the control pipes alright and I think I've knocked another board countermeasure out sweet wargames alright kill hiss demolition experts alright might as well get this one out of the way try and kill enemies with headshots try being the operative word that's the furnace isn't it yes it is okay before I get too far into this let's change our active mission here burn the trash around the furnace okay I am looking for something that would be considered trash what would be considered trash whoa there's static that's the static mean is this trash no no it is not is this trash also no but very entertaining to throw shit in there are you trash also no huh weird that none of this is considered trash ok game talk to me what am i what am i here to burn just burden the trash around the furnace well I'm here at the furnace am I gonna throw this in there huh is this trash oh I see I'm looking for biohazard barrels thank you for the hint alright let's start getting these suckers over there seems like I'm breaking somebody's disposal but if that's what Artie wants then I'll get it done it's like a caution do not burn the biohazard waste oh there's quite a few of these hiding aren't here isn't there that's three of them and that's filled my bar up halfway which means there's three more of these somewhere around here let's check the lower section actually probably a couple of them down here in the lower section I'm also half surprised I haven't been accosted by the hiss yet these are not Hazzard barrels these are just plain old ordinary barrels there's a Hazzard barrel they look green good to know now you get the fuck up there there's another one same thing get up there where's the last one hello a lootable material nothing special that's okay still need it okay game where's the last barrel arrow where would that last barrel be hmm let's toss the two I've got in and see if the game provides any hints thank you I sure did that one she said with flying okay that's five of them now where is number six where would I find a barrel floral of hazardous waste haughty singing not helping unfortunately no half thought of it find it hiding in monks and normal barrels not seeing any green glowing barrels but considering I know how blind as a bat I am this means nothing and goodbye this shit completed what a mess burn the trash I've got to ability points for that oh I kinda want to see if I get up there okay our little side mission is complete and I managed to ability points out of it I am NOT got a complaint in fact I will see if I can spend them since I have a control point right here I need four more ability points – I'll lock the next personal mod slot which I could really really use shield strengths launch grenades and rockets back at the enemy melee damage no I should gotta take this I like this idea launch grenades and rockets back at the enemy stats good launch basic enemies when their health is low oh that's dickish oh that is dickish and it sounds also kind of fun granted I don't know how long basic enemies will last before they suddenly decide yeah we're not gonna throw these at you anymore because you're throwing them back at us oh okay I was like yeah hold this whole place is shaking fix the coolant pumps oh we're getting a little Coralie over here hi there pop pop more fecking hiss here you know what headshot headshot Oh headshot there we go got two of them got two head shots right there I'm only dealing with one one of these guys at a time I can actually kind of slow down and focus it's only when I'm dealing with the big-ass crowds that I have to go Oh NSC cool the pumps you know I see a cube slot hope that needs a cube I need a couple more of those those are hiss and one's gone oh the floaters no – the floaters no – though I've got a a Wallis shit in my Road get that guy out of my road there's another headshot and all I need one more Ranger and that's all the Rangers I need and I only need one more headshot even sorry ugly goodnight there's all the headshots okay so there's obviously two more spots I need to stick cubes in I see one Allu more materials nor the third one's gonna be then because this one's obvious right here no I need the energy cube in the slot for the energy cube then we get a nice wave of his spawn make my life interesting good night oh shit you want things up close the personnel will play up cliffs personal then again I hear I hear bomb hiss where are they I hear you I don't see you but I can hear the hell out of you get out of here takes care that one where where is it oh it's below me oh there are multiples there are multiples those things are creepy I see cubes and I'm guessing that means the third one Yeah right here know what I wanted Oh investigate what is blocking the pipe the clog also arti like seriously I'm hearing ah T's voice in my head that's very worried so god that's nasty my thoughts exactly yeah yeah no I played that space so it's pretty par for the course for that but still for this game that's pretty fucking gross haha it's just a horking it is horking Yahoo you're not not dealing with that shit thank you oh yeah Yawk hmm so this is the clock it's like a sentient like fat bird or something and if you know England a fatberg date it's basically a conglomeration of all the shit people flushed out their toilets including actual shit that doesn't digest properly oh I almost dashed right into that yep very very glad I picked up the stache ability very very glad oh that's one more stuff is gross look at this loo okay was that what was clogging the pipe was that was was that the thing I needed to kill preferably before this place blows up there we go okay fix the pipes now what all the sparks come from things like that worry me when I see sparks for no random reason there's something in here something that I have to deal with oh Jesus oh I walked right into that thing okay I gotta let the old super juice here recharge well I got a few cheap shots on him all right old ammo bars for charging I think I think I've got it confused I was thinking actually hit me up here I'm not taking any chances mind you but yeah you can just sit there suckin he's literally not doing anything yeah yeah he just doesn't give a shit oh oh oh we officially give a shit again where do you ready to go which way do you go George which way did he go here take one of those I think I'm one of these Oh Hall thank you for all the HP thank you for all the HP I was not expecting a mini-bosses just pop up there like that an elevator shortcut that should take me back to the power plant that's very handy [Applause]

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