Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial for Beginners – Part 23 – How to Update and Improve Report Design

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During this Microsoft Access beginner tutorial, During this video, discover how to make some changes in an existing report to improve its design while using Microsoft Access 2010.

What we’re going to look at here, a couple of the more major changes and major pieces of work that we may do in a Report. And we’re going to start with the Report that we prepared in the last section, the Student Tasks Report. And we’re going to Open that in Design View. You may recall that we Re-created this with the Report Wizard and then we did some work to reduce the width, reduce the height, and generally tidy the Report up to make it look a bit neater. What we’re going to do now is to Add a Field to the Report using some of the Commands on the Ribbon that we haven’t used so far and particularly let’s choose say to put the student’s Date of Birth on the Form.

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welcome back to the last section on reports in this course and what we're going to look at here a couple of the more major changes and major pieces of work that we may do in a report and we're going to start with the report that we prepared in the last section these student tasks reports and we're going to open that in design view you may recall that we recreated this with the report wizard and then we did some work to reduce the width reduce the height generally tirely the report up to make it look a bit neater what we're going to do now is to add a field to the report using some of the commands on the ribbon that we haven't used so far and particularly let's choose say to put the students date of birth on the form now you may remember some of the detail of this report the header says simply student tasks and for each student there is an entry in the ID header of the report last name first name etc and this section also contains the column headings for the detail section which contains the tasks that have been allocated to the student whenever we're working on the design of a report or a form or a table space is always an issue depending on the resolution at which you have your PC screen set you may or may not find it difficult to see the whole form of the whole report in view so let's look at one or two options as we go through this section of how on how to improve things one thing you can always do when you're working on a specific object is to minimize the navigation pane you do that by the double Chevron here maximize it by using that again and when you're working on reports even ones in landscape view that's very often enough for you to see almost all or all of the report in view at once now let's suppose that we want to add the date of birth for this student in design view one very important button is at existing fields and if I click on add existing fields it brings up this field list pane from which I can choose and he filled on the student table or in fact ask you a fill from one of these other linked tables bear in mind that it is using the relationships that are set up within our database so it knows which other tables are linked to the student table in some way have a relationship with the student table now I'm going to put date of birth on so if I select that I can literally drag it on to my reports drop it just about anywhere for the moment and I'll get everything organized in just a moment when I finished with the field for this pane I can just close it to get it out of the way you so I've added my field let me just put it into position I'm finding a space here so I'm gonna move it up to here I can do a rough alignment with the top field that's already there this one obviously I could use the align buttons to do that more accurately if I wanted to and just to see how that looks if I go into print preview I've got a good idea of how that's going to look on my report and that looks pretty much fine except for one thing you may have noticed which is a little bit strange on this report and that is that some of the fields have borders around them and some of them don't and the report we said isn't always consisted in the way that it does this but we can always fix this problem because as with forms these are properties of the individual fields so if I go back into design view like that make sure that the field I'm interested in the date of birth field is selected I can see that it is and bring up the property sheet click on property sheet on the ribbon or press alt + Enter to bring up the property sheet and as you saw before there are many many properties for each of these fields the border is one of the format properties and border has number of different aspects there's taifa border the width of border and the color in the type it's currently set as solid when there appears to be no border it's not actually none it's transparent so if I now select transparent clothes that go back into preview print preview you can see that that border has now gone I'm now going to create one more report and this is a report using the courses table now I previously minimize the navigation pane so don't forget I can maximize that again and if I select the courses table and going to create this time instead of using the report wizard I'm going to use the report tool here click on that and as you know it automatically creates some kind of report using it it's best efforts for me now at the moment this is a straight forward report with course code instrument etc across the page we don't have a lot of information about courses they only have a few fields and one of the things I can clearly do is to reformat this to make it fit on a page so I'm going to do that now and then I'll come back to you in just a moment by now of course you will know how to do that basic reformatting of a report very straightforward I just narrowed the columns by dragging them across and I've now got a report which if I were to preview it would all appear on one portrait page what I'm going to do now though is I'm going to go into report layout tools the first tab which is design and I'm going to click on group and sort because my intention is to group this report and I'm going to group it by instruments the instruments here there are three there's the saxophone the alto saxophone and the clarinet the course is in sequence don't correspond to the instruments in sequence but you'll see how we deal with that in just a moment so we click on group and sort and we come up with little control here that says add a group so click on add group and the group we add is instruments then we add a sort and we're going to sort by course code and having done that we can now just preview our report and see what it looks like and straight away you can see that although we've lost a little bit of our space here and we've got a little bit of an issue here with the width of the page we have everything nicely formatted alto saxophone clarinet saxophone and then within each instruments the courses are ordered by course code so you can see how easy it is to set up both grouping and sorting on this simple report so I can once again now narrow down some of these columns to fit more importantly onto a page I could take advantage of course of minimizing the navigation pane and I'm going to do that and I'll be back with you in just a moment so I'm quite happy with the layout of my report now I could of course do some of the formatting that we've talked about before but but this is fine and just a couple of other things when we're in print preview a couple of important things to note there we've already seen some of the alternatives for previewing more than one page but also from here we can print the print dialog will to some extent depend on the printer that you're using many of the features of print dialogues are common so you'll almost always get a section say that says print range all or pink print rage pages from so you can either print all the pages or specific pages in a report you'll usually get options for either collating pages so that they print one two three one two three rather than all the ones all the twos all the threes and so on and obviously the number of copies you often have an option to prints a file so that you can print it to electronic file on your computer and print it elsewhere perhaps so print options from there and there are some other very useful options to output the report into a various format so you can export it to an Excel spreadsheet a text file a PDF and something that I use quite a lot nowadays is to actually email reports the people there was a day when perhaps you'd print a report out and put it in the post or put it on somebody's desk now you'll normally email it if you click on email you are asked to select the output format number of options available you have the Excel formats as well as HTML PDF format RTF format and so on very often nowadays one would send this with PDF Adobe PDF format where the recipient cannot change any part of the reports click on OK and then it will come up with my email dialog and give me the option of addressing it to a person maybe putting a note in and sending it off to that person using email so that's a particular useful option finally we're going to look at one last feature of reports that's particularly useful we have a limited time for this so it's going to be a rather quick review but I think you'll find it interesting and it's clearly something that you're very likely to be able to use in the future I'm going to once again go for the student table and I'm going to recreate a report using the report wizard student table selected I'm just going to take lastname firstname home phone mobile phone and this time I'm going to select some records from the invoice table and I'm going to use value and due date this report is going to show the invoices that remain unpaid for each student so the student is basically the main entity and within that the invoices unpaid for that student no need to group it and I'm going to sort the invoices which are the detail records by their due date gone next I'm going to pretty much accept the defaults for the three settings here click on next again and I'm going to call the report student invoices and I'm going to do a preview and there we are it's pretty straightforward report let me minimize the navigation pane so we can see a little bit more it goes over to a second page in width and it basically has a list of the invoice values of the three invoices that are due for this particular student Jane Smith now I'm going to go into layout view as usual tidy up the columns a little to give myself a little bit more space don't need an awful lot they are now everything will fit on one page which is fine now what I'm going to do is to select the invoice value field over here and then on the design tab in the report layout tools I'm going to press totals and it gives me a list of calculations that I can perform I can count the records I can average them I can find the max from the minimum but I'm going to choose the sum and watch what happens to the design of the report when I click sum it automatically produces for me a field containing the total amount due from Jane nicely formatted and of course that's part of the report design so if I had a number of students each of them with several outstanding invoices it would total each of them in pretty much this style so the use of totals and averages and so on is extremely straightforward particularly if you use layout view so that's it on reports for now we're now going to move on to queries I'll see you in the next section

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