Microsoft Excel ScreenTip on Mouse Hover using Hyperlink Function

Microsoft Excel ScreenTip on Mouse Hover using Hyperlink Function

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Ken Atigari. Ever wanted to move your mouse cursor over an object such as a map in Excel and see a label pop up? The ScreenTip function embedded within Excel’s Hyperlink function is the way to go. This lesson will show you how you can go about creating such mouseover pop up labels that will make your Excel applications look very cool.

welcome to another Excel training videos this one's going to be a very short one and what I'm going to do in this video is to show you how you can use Excel screen tips something like this I hover over this objectives so I can okay I can see a screen tip here I over over this number there goes and of course you know how to use the comment function whenever I'm using this one we're just going to I'm going to show you how to do this and this using hyperlink now I'm going to go over to a new tab here and show you how that works so I've got the number here let's see three four I click on I right-click go to hyperlink I change this make sure if the place in this document I change it cell reference to d7 that's d7 where this number is and the reason is because if I'm taking a click on the number but on this valley on this cell if a1 is here then it will you will see a 1 in my light in here and that is not good if for example we've got our data all the way down here maybe in X X y2 or something like that and clicking sticking you have to come all the way back here so they will go up typing d7 then the really important one here is this function here called screen tip I go over here Ken okay then I click on OK another time so now when I come over here I can see the screen tip I don't like where this looks so I'm going to change it I formats I pick up this format and place it here so it looks normal so there we go I mistakenly click on it ferment on that spot now skill I use the same trick I can use it for an object shape so I'm going to create my shape here this is going to be very important when you learn how to create heat maps and we can introduce you how to create heat maps later on but then I come over here I go to hyperlink I do the same thing this time I ensure that the cell reference is somewhere here so let's say h77 the screen tip Ken okay so now I hover my mouse on this object as you can oh my mouse here 10 quite easy isn't it alright thank you for watching video clip down this video please join me for the next video pretty soon cheers bye bye

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