Microsoft Life - Treehouse Meeting Space

Microsoft Life – Treehouse Meeting Space

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Research shows that being in nature improves creativity, focus and happiness. To embrace this philosophy, Microsoft built these spaces for employees. Read the full story at

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20 Replies to “Microsoft Life – Treehouse Meeting Space”

  1. David Thomas

    In my time at Microsoft, the software engineers were almost completely White, Asian, and Indian males. In this Microsoft tree house they seem to be mostly Women and Blacks.

    Is this like a science fiction commercial? Or perhaps they were holding a meeting of Marketing and Diversity employees.

  2. Sergey Banshats

    Invest in rooms with sun light, a plant or two instead of loud open space cubics and productivity with creativity will rise instead of this show off structure.

  3. Nemesis

    All you people that noticed the race, clearly thats all you care about…I had to watch it again to see if what you said is true…seems like a normal group to me 😐

  4. Lance Robert

    So much better than the poorly lit, poorly ventilated, dull gray and mauve conference rooms that I'm used to.

  5. HdV

    I've never seen so many women and africans at a tech startup. Where is this?
    Would I have a change getting a job there, as a blond male?

  6. Knights Templar - Music Entertainment

    Love Microsoft and Pete's team. Together their really inspiring on what we can really.

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