Microsoft Officially Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion - IGN News

Microsoft Officially Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion – IGN News

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Notch and the other two co-founders are set to leave as part of the Minecraft-centric deal.

34 Replies to “Microsoft Officially Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion – IGN News”

  1. Reverse Seija

    another game/franchise ruined by Ms, also they are really lacking confidence, if they think is a good idea to spend 2.5 billion dollars buying an old game instead of working on something new

  2. Richard Waddington

    so all editions will continue to be supported (including PlayStation), and the game is nearly if not already at its peak of popularity, after there own attempt of a world builder (project spark) didn't catch on.

    I get the feeling this is Draw Something Zynga purchase all over again.

  3. Daedric Prince Sheogorath

    What are you guys complaining about?!?! This means Minecraft will have way more updates and wayyyyy more support now. With Microsoft, Minecraft will most likely blossom to an even greater game, than what it is now. Limitless potential.

  4. hypermetalsonic

    Don't think anyone over the age of 12 will lose sleep over this. Minecraft is well suited for the xbone given that its fanbase is dominantly made up of squeakers

  5. Good_Playlists

    first tomb raider now minecraft, why cant they make there own exclusives instead of taking already existing multi-platform games from people on different consoles?

  6. RT Gaming

    Microsoft buying multi-platform games is NOT a good thing. Own a Playstation or Nintendo product? You get what I mean. But think about it Xbox users. You don't get another game. Those game were already coming to Xbox, or in this case ON Xbox. Suddenly, there is no competition to keep the price lower between consoles. The games make less profit overall being limited to only one console. In the end the game quality suffers in return for only Microsoft profiting on more console sales. The studios get a chunk of money to make up for that, but in a lot of cases lose the freedom to do what they want. No one wins from this. This is not a good thing. Everyone that made Minecraft what it is today will no longer work on it.

  7. Wagner027

    microsoft will gain money from sony from now on i think and or maybe they will negotiate to keep the game on sony consoles if they let one of the sony's franchise to move to xbox like killzone or uncharted who knows. But that would be dreaming. 

  8. ItzPixelated

    Microsoft buys Mojang: "Oh No! They killed Minecraft! Microsoft is just greedy! Microsoft knows Sony is kicking ass!"
    If Sony bought Mojang: "Yes! There we go! SONY! PS4! YAY!"
    You guys know this is true. Microsoft is doing this for business.

  9. Simon Strange

    "We can't make our own good game so we'll buy other developers and games and act like we made them"   – Microsoft
    Remember Rare Ware.

  10. Keyor Pelaez

    Why can't everyone just get along ? I mean, aren't the gamers/fans the real winners here, look at all these new games from 2014!

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