Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

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“Everyone Has A Song Inside”

Yes it actually is real!

You can download the demo at

supposed to come up with a campaign for glow-in-the-dark towels I wouldn't even buy a glow-in-the-dark towel but if I don't come up with something today I'm done what are you doing I've never heard you see you're reading music when did you learn how to write music you sing into a microphone while the drummer plays along and then when song Smith makes the music you're on your way to a song now song Smith comes up with the music that matches your voice you can choose the style you can set the mood and the chords will match what you think you can change the music as much as you like so it really is your thing that's perfect Oh in the dark towel jingle take one sometimes it's dark what still need to get dry the towels rock oh yeah you can see them anytime Microsoft huh so it's pretty easy to use my daughter showed me how just this morning so you just sing into it and it creates music like any song I'll work just like that that's cool song Smith huh well my band has said my songs have been a little stale lately maybe this is just what I need I don't wanna write another boring love song you wanna write can't you people sing along help me find away songs with you can be nice the 18 to 24 demographic we can expect a six Lampe Thank You chip miles what do you have for us well I used to open up the closet door and struggle in the dark but now no more with glow-in-the-dark towels the towels light the way you can find your guests at Southwold anytime night or day how did your meeting go today did the bosses like your ass honey thanks to song Smith it was the best they ever had also thanks to song Smith now we're singing all the time and put a happy home we'll have with every word in right Oh you

35 Replies to “Microsoft Songsmith Commercial”

  1. Madxmonk

    This is exactly why I can't take Microsoft serious anymore. Every person who worked on this little production should be fired immediately. Poor presentation. Microsoft obviously believes everyone in this country is stupid.

  2. Robot Jack

    Worst commercial I've ever seen. Top three at least. It really seems like a commercial for some fundamentalist christian 'dance.'

  3. Der Zurechtweiser

    It's interesting how you have enormeous joy judging other people while having an enormeous discomfort seeing yourself there. Brain chemistry is reckless.

  4. George Orr

    I think Lisa grew up to be Rebbecca Black and used songsmith to make her song Friday! Oh those epic lyrics "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, Today i-is Friday, Friday…" and that intricate sound. Definitely songsmith.

  5. dandymcgee

    Wow.. Lisa is actually pretty good at singing. The rest of them, not so much. Yeah, her voice is annoying af cus she's young, but when it develops she'll probably sound pretty damn amazing.

  6. nailsnailsgoodinbed

    One day I'll be 90 years old, drugged to my eyelids, in a nursing home and I'll still be singing this shit. The nurses will think I've got dementia, 'Who's Lisa?' 'Must be her daughter' 'How sad, she never visits'. 'It's the cool new thing,' I'll say, and they'll nod and wheel me out to look at the windows, but the real windows will be in my mind, windows songsmith, driving me insane.

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