Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Unboxing & First Impressions

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Unboxing & First Impressions

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In this video, I will show the unboxing and also my first impressions of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

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hey wassup guys Adam Lobo hear from Adam Lobo TV and thanks to the guys from shopping Malaysia I've managed to get my hands on the Microsoft Surface pro 6 so here's my unboxing and also my first impressions of their device now the unboxing was pretty straightforward where the box comes in white with the Microsoft logo on the top left and the visuals of the surface pro right in the middle then looking at the back of the box they are the exact specs of the surface pro six over there then opening the box immediately reveals the tablet inside where underneath that is a box above which contains the charging brick which uses the surface Pro's proprietary magnetic charging cable and what's cool is that that charging brick also has a USB port to charge any other devices as well then there's also the three pin plug inside and on below you'll find a user manual now let's start with the specs there are few variants available where the base model which I have right here has the Intel's latest 8 gen 1.6 gigahertz I 582 50 you processor with Intel HD 6 to 0 graphics and he uses the Windows 10 home OS platform it has Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage alright let's look at a build quality it is made of really tough magnesium metal which not only felt very steady but here it was also quite light and is super easy to carry and like the previous generations it comes with a very nice adjustable kickstand which folds down all the way until 165 degrees and usually when I'm using a tablet or a laptop where I'm sitting on a sofa I would usually use a pillow on my lap at first before placing the laptop or the tablet to get a bright viewing angle but that was not the case with this surface pro 6 as this sturdy stand really rest perfectly on my lap to give it a very nice and versatile viewing angle now as a person who absolutely loves good screen I found that the screen was really nice and pleasing especially the moment I turn on the tablet where it comes with a 12-point 3-inch PixelSense display and I did research on what exactly the pixel sense display is and yes as I guessed it it is the same display as the best display in the smartphone industry right now so guess which one it is and the comment section below then it is a great screen resolution it comes with a 27 36 by 18 24 2k resolution with 10-point of touch where the overall response of the touchscreen was very responsive and I kind of really like the touchscreen keyboard layout where was nicely quite spaced out which meat typing really easy so overall the screen was amazing even under brightly lit environment with a quite high 417 leads of brightness alright let's look at the available IO and the buttons looking on the right there is the mini DisplayPort and also a USB 3.1 part and the magnetic charging part is also available over there then on the left there's the headphone jack and on top there's a volume rocker and also the power or screen button and of course I would love for you to have a USB C port since 99% of my devices are using USB C so let's hope they include it in the future instead of getting a separate dongle for USB C now the surface pro 6 comes with one camera at the back which is a 8 megapixel camera but a picture's worth quite decent for a tablet device and then the front-facing camera is a 5 megapixel camera but it's easily the best for any other laptop or even PC it is quite sharp and colorful and is perfect for Skype calls as well and the front-facing camera also has a Windows hello infrared sensor for facial recognition way unlocks really fast as well now if you find that the audio was really nice on a device and it sounded great while watching movie or even playing games as a device had a 1.6 watts stereo speakers we'd all be audio premium sound now for those of you watch my channel you guys know that I'm not much of a gamer but I did play Forza Street on this surface pro and a game range sport without any significant delay you really so there was nice to know and with that said the overall usability and also the multitasking was great without any issues as well now if you guys want to convert this amazing tablet into the laptop you can always purchase this which is the surface pro skype Cour keyboard which has a really nice amazing Alcantara finish which is not only the most comfortable keyboard I've ever tested but it also comes with a very nice keyboard as well where the travel keys for the keyboard felt really nice and it comes with different colors for you guys to choose from and I find it super convenient to be able to use the keyboard and also the touch screen at the same time to give you the best of two worlds where easily connects to the magnetic pot any switches from the tablet nor to the keyboard mode just like that and you can always take it off immediately and it becomes 2 tablet mode as well then there's also the optional addition of the amazing Microsoft arc mouse where you can literally Bend it according to your hands to ensure the best and economic design which I really like and another great accessory which you guys can also get is of course the surface pro pen which I felt he was great while using it although I was not used to a thicker pen like this so yes overall the usability was great now as for the device battery it comes in five thousand six hundred milliamps of battery with a brightness at medium I got close to ten hours of usage of multitasking and a little bit of gaming which was also really nice to know now as for the price here Malaysia shoppi is selling the Microsoft Surface pro 6 starting from 4249 ringgit and be sure to get it over there as there are some of the cool vouchers and offers that you guys can get which I will link down below and a huge thanks goes out to shoppi for sending this device so guys that's my unboxing and also my first impressions of the Microsoft Surface pro 6 and do let me know exactly what you guys like to know for me to test about this device with a benchmark test a particular gaming test or any other question at the comment section below and as usual I'll do a full video review based on your questions as usual aside from that thank you so much for watching hope you guys found this video helpful and if you did and if you like being awesome we should hit the thumbs up button like share and subscribe to Adam Lobo TV if you haven't done so don't forget to hit the bell icon just next to it to get notified for my future videos thank you so much for watching this is Adam Lobo and I'll catch you guys in my next video you you

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  1. Blacktoothgrin

    Nice tablet, would consider it seriously, if were out looking for one. Phones are phablets, hence they get the job done. Cool review as always.

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