Microsoft Windows Tutorials : How to Partition a Hard Drive

Microsoft Windows Tutorials : How to Partition a Hard Drive

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Partitioning a hard disk drive in Windows is useful if you want to better organize your information, get a computer tutorial in this free video.

Expert: Ross Safronoff
Ross Safronoff of Awake Entertainment has a long history with and love for media creation, dance, electronics, software development and anything that fuses creativity with technology.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

hi I'm Ross thanks for coming to let's begin how do you partition your new hard drive go down to start click on run and type in di sk m GM t dot MSC click OK and be prepared to receive power for hard drive partitioning and formatting you can see from here i have AC drive that's partition in NTFS it says its status is healthy its capacity free size free space left is here and then there's a recovery partition that's on you that's in fat32 if I right click it gives me some options here so if you have a new hard drive what you can do is go up to it and click on it for instance here I have this one that's on an external drive this is one external drive I have partitioned it in four parts one two three four and i'm using them for different purposes and what you can do is you can independently just format that one partition that partition that data on there can be destroyed without interrupting any other data in the other partitions there are some advantages to having partitions

30 Replies to “Microsoft Windows Tutorials : How to Partition a Hard Drive”

  1. Myles Prower

    Expert Faillage, I have not found a single video from Expert Faillage that is helpfull in any way, shape or form. Bunch of dick heads.

  2. Adam Dunne

    How do u actually split the drive into the partitions.
    I watched a video on vista and that said to right click>shrink volume but on xp it doesnt have that option

  3. fuckyougoogleplusasklaterfucking shit

    You've got a lot of nerve to call this dude a noob, noob. The notable difference between you and the video maker is that he is making videos that educate end users on how to use their computer more effectively, and you trash talk to appear like you are the shit. One look at your page confirms YOU AREN'T.

  4. JunkFM

    I wasn't asking if you were promoting McAfee, I was questioning your motives as to why you replied to me in the first place.

  5. JunkFM

    Why must you always resort to insulting me? "you fail" and saying my brain is "underdeveloped" isn't helping you convince me.
    Perhaps my statement was far-fetched, and GIMP can't really match up to photoshop, but Photoshop is expensive software. You get what you pay for. However, GIMP is brilliant for free software. The case is different with virus scanners, as you can get any free virus scanner that performs very well given it costs no money to use, but paid scanners aren't good for the money.

  6. JunkFM

    "IT people" install XP because it's easier to do their job than using OSX. Have you ever heard of an admin that uses OSX for networking?
    Operating systems are all opinion-based. I prefer windows operating systems for the abundance of software, although I respect the fact that OSX is a very stable and streamlined OS. It just isn't what I'm looking for.
    Your comparisons are pretty weak.

  7. JunkFM

    I'm saying that, being an "expert" and a tutor, he should know better than to install a tool which offers no significant boost in performance for the price the consumer pays.
    Also, you're comparing apples and oranges with your statements. With GIMP you can match anything Photoshop does. If not Pre-set then hell, you can find a plugin made by the community that probably does it for you. However, a tool like McAfee or any other scanner/firewall/etc. barely utilises user input to get things done.

  8. JunkFM

    Well, after not paying for a virus scanner since I built my computer, and previously using Norton and McAfee on my last machine, my statement stands. Avira Antivir, Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes Anti-malware are all you need to keep your computer running fine and malware-free.
    Are you trying to justify a purchase or do you truly believe defending McAfee will be acknowledged?

  9. JunkFM

    Popularity does not equal Quality. I've had experiences with McAfee. My conclusion is that it's a bloaty software which hogs too much memory, and it does so to perform at a certain level of mediocrity.
    Any free virus scanners can outperform any subscription-based one, and with less memory usage.

  10. Kashif bilal

    You say you are going to show people – How to Partition a Computer Hard Drive. You do nothing but show a hard drive which is already partition, how can you say you are showing people how to partition a hard drive????

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