Minecraft Underground Survival House Tutorial (How to Build)

Minecraft Underground Survival House Tutorial (How to Build)

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This Minecraft simple underground house/base tutorial on Xbox/PC/PE/PS3 shows how to build an underground house/base. With it’s simple look and big functionality, it is fit for everyone! Thank you so much for watching! Can we get 1,000 likes? Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe to see more πŸ˜€ Bye!

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Pamgaea Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

hey guys what is up the new cubist here and welcome to a tutorial on a simple underground home it's pretty nice it's got a bed bookcase not really functional you got your Blue Orchid another work farm a potion brewing station furnaces chess crafting table everything you need to live and yeah let's get to the tutorial so to start your simple little underground home find a place where you want to dig down and go ahead and put logs or planks like this and put a hole in the middle and then dig down how deep you want to go so I'm not going to go too deep here and then replace all of your walls so that you cannot see anything but would this just just for aesthetic purposes but I guess you don't want to do it you don't have to and yeah it feels it feels good to be back making tutorials again I I've been extremely busy I still am extremely busy in fact this is probably the most busy I am during the season but just for you guys on the weekend I decided to make a video again so there's the trap door and at that point you want to put the ladder on the opposite side the trapdoor opens because if you do put it on like this wall then you can't it's impossible to climb up it because your trap doors obviously right there put it on the other side you can so I usually start from the bottom and just kind of something like this and of course on that one you can't but you can get out now alright let's get down here so this is a five by five room so let's go ahead and dig it out so this is three and now it's five and then you want to do it five back to so you can pick whatever ceiling height you want I'm just going to do probably either four or three it really doesn't matter there's personal preference so I'm going to go one higher and then we're going to replace everything you can see with planks and once that is done go ahead and put some sort of log in the corners here it doesn't really matter what type just whatever you prefer I personally like to use the same type of one that I use for the logs or the planks and let's grab some torches here so we can have some lighting and I like to put the lighting up here it's easy and out of the way and so over here let's grab some chests we're going to start the interior decoration here it's pretty simple not too hard so we're going to break out this entire wall and again you can see behind chest so I like to put the oak wood planks like this and up here you can use a slab or a stair that way the top chest can actually open still because it's not it's technically not a solid block and that goes for all consoles and everything so this is cool but over here let's go ahead into a bed so let's dig out a little area like this and break it so you have a little 3×3 indention but some stairs let's do the stairs up here actually and let's put a torch here we're going to grab a bed and we're going to put it facing this way oh and then we're going to grab a bookshelf a pot if you guys don't have pots or you just use anything else and finally a blue orchid because I love that flower looks really nice so there you have your little bedroom area and over here I just did some furnaces in the top two rows of the wall so like this and then I put a crafting table and two chests here the chests and then over here I did sort of a potion brewing lab type thing I'm not really sure what you'd call it so how I do one of those is I just do the same thing except both the stairs one lower again filling everything in with one that I can and this guy she required glowstone you don't have a glowstone it really doesn't matter but it looks faster glowstone then you take your soul sand put it under and take your nether wart another one on top of the soul sand and you have a little farm and over here I just took a slab put it up here replaced everything you can see with oak and then right here we're going to put some water so then you can grab something for your potion I put an upside down stair here and I grew it grew I grew a brewing stand and put it right here and that's pretty much the house so if you guys liked the tutorial leaving a like is much appreciated I really love it when you guys show me feedback and follow me on Twitter link is in the description below you can send me the pics of this build and or any of your builds and it will favorite them and retweet them again alike is always appreciated and if you'd like to see more tutorials from me subscribing is how you're going to get notified when I upload so yeah thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you bye you

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  1. GalloViking

    This has become my go-to base in survival!

    I have personalized it a bit by adding carpets, paintings, and two chests per row instead of one.
    I also replace the chests near the crafting table with an anvil and moved the brewing stand there.

  2. Adam TheLeopardJR

    You Know What, I Think You're Just Like Me Cause You Like Blue Orchid Flower And I'm Too. Keep Up The Good Work Neo, I'm Not Sub Yo You, But Keep Up The Good Work. And Im Also A Stranger Commenting Cause I Did Not Subscribe You And All That Which Is A Very Bad, But Have A Noce Day, Plss Like My Comment. πŸ˜›

  3. γ€ŽC0FFEE』

    first of all, build this in survival mode, so we will know how much wood to use, second, u need to show the size like ex: 5×6, something like that man, like if u agree. ヽ(*≧ω≦)οΎ‰

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