MSI 4K Editing PC - Review!

MSI 4K Editing PC – Review!

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MSI 4K Editing PC:

MSI sent me their 4K Editing PC build to test out and review, and I have to say I love it! Super fast & super powerful. Can’t ask for anything more! Make sure you subscribe to stay up to date, and follow me on social @notiansans!

List Of Components:

MSI Z370 SLI Plus ATX Motherboard

MSI Geforce GTX1080 Gaming X 8G

Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 CPU Liquid cooler

Cooler Master V750 Fully Modular PSU

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P ATX Mid-Tower Case

Intel 8700K 6 Core CPU

HyperX Predator 32GB DDR4

Intel 600P 256GB M.2 SSD

Seagate BarraCuda Pro 7200rpm 4TB Internal HDD

what's up guys not even fans here for probably the most exciting episode of learn how to edit stuff ever so MSI saw my youtube channel thought I made funny videos thanks MSI and they sent me this incredible 4k editing PC build those of you that have been following me for a while know that I'm not a PC guy I was Mac pretty much my entire life up until the last six months and I found it out by editing something on a PC that had like significantly more processor power more RAM than my laptop ever did and I was like yeah there's something to this PC thing after all so I've been using the PC that they sent me now for almost a week and I have to tell you it is lightning fast speed is probably one of the most important things you need to have in a computer when you're editing as part of the creative process you need to be able to get the ideas from your head into the computer as fast as humanly possible and you also need your computer to be running as fast as your brain can generate ideas if you're considering building a custom PC or just buying one outright from the store speed 100% needs to be at the top of your list no questions asked I urge you to click the link in the video description below to check out this msi 4k pc build the website is even beautifully designed it's awesome so click the link in the video description check it out as we talk about it but let's jump in let's explore this thing a little bit more we're kicking it off with CPU when editing video especially 4k video in 4k workflows which is industry standard these days you need your CPU to be able to handle anything that you can throw it it's pretty important processing and rendering specifically which nobody likes to do but it's part of the process can be a huge hindrance on your time and if you can get that time low you'll optimize your workflow work faster or work smarter and get the ideas from your head out quicker as most of you probably know when doing render intensive tasks your computer and your CPU generate a lot of heat to get that processing through so what's the answer well the motherboard in this computer which is the MSI z3 70's li+ supports the latest Intel 8th gen 6 core CPU and it has digital power phase as well which basically provides stability with more precise electric trol also over top of it is a coolermaster liquid and air cooling system which regulates the temperature way better than traditional fans this motherboard is pretty damn powerful and it's also relatively inexpensive so if you're looking to build your own custom PC this might be a good way to go in the past with my laptops I would run into this problem over and over again of my cpu overheating the fans not being large enough or powerful enough to cool down the internal parts of my computer and everything would just start to freeze and shut down being new to the PC game you know I obviously checked it out and researched some of the stuff and the liquid and air cooling system that goes right over the CPU is actually really awesome I've done some pretty render intensive After Effects stuff and this thing doesn't even break a sweat all right what else he in RAM funny that you asked there's a lot of information and misinformation out there about RAM what it is what it's useful for all that kind of stuff the most simplistic way I can put it is Ram is your computer's short-term memory where the hard drives are its long term memory does that make sense each task you run on your computer loads it into RAM to make it more quickly accessible by your machine so it is important every tab every window every program uses Ram program however for video editing you're gonna need a little bit more RAM than the average Joe because loading video previews especially with 4k video again industry standard this video is in 4k is a little bit more of an intensive task than normal this motherboard has four ddr4 memory slots so you can go up to 64 gigs of ram msi sent me 32 gigs of DDR 4 RAM with this rig which to me is the preferred number but I wouldn't go any lower than 16 and you can go max 64 but to be honest the levels and performance are negligible when you get up that high what I found interesting about this motherboard is MSI's ddr4 boost technology which basically creates an isolated circuit for your ram so other signals don't interfere with it some of you that comment on my videos or I talked to on social media often complain about their computer running too slow and that's where RAM comes into play you got to be able to run tasks fluidly or else everything just kind of goes off the rails alright let's talk about us so it's dude or solid state drives insanely fast no moving parts way more reliable than traditional drives if you have a traditional drive which I'm sure a lot of you do you know that if you drop it or look at it the wrong way it could break immediately SSDs don't have that problem why does it matter well for starters if you have your operating system and all of your programs on your SSD they boot up super fast like insanely fast way faster than your booting up on your traditional drive that's for sure if you're not familiar with SSDs or you've never used one before I recommend checking it out because it's kind of a game changer lucky for me the motherboard has two native m2 SSD slots which is awesome and you can even set them up and raid zero if you want if you're not familiar with raid zero the super basic explanation is the ability to spread the contents of a file out over multiple drives which allows for better read and write speeds but the only drawback to raid 0 is that if your hard drive dies you lose everything I hope we haven't been there before but I sure have plugging in a hard drive and then having it not mount you're like what's going on and then the drive is dead then you lose a bunch of projects and everybody's mad at you just use an SSD you won't have those problems for me personally I'm not setting it up in raid 0 I know a lot of editors that do prefer setting up their raid 0 but for me I'm using one of the SSDs to run my operating system and all of my programs on and I'm using the second SSD as a media storage drive all of my footage goes on that drive so I can quickly access it way faster than a traditional spinning plate hard drive but you guys can set it up however you want alright now let's talk about connections baby keyboard/mouse headset webcam external hard drives phone charger what do these all have in common ports ports ports ports ports on an editing rig you need to make sure you have as many USB connections as possible you need to be able to plug in everything you have with room to spare that's important you never know how many hard drives are gonna have to plug in to finish a project I would know on top of that you need your connections to be fast you need to be able to transport data fast so on the back of this motherboard there are a lot of ports including to lightning USB 3.1 gen2 ports one for type a and one for type C if you connect multiple devices to the PC it lets you run up to eight gigs a second which is pretty awesome there are a total of 10 USB ports on the back or on the front which is great what's also great is MSI's x boost program which I'd never heard about until today but it lets you accelerate data transfer rates from your USB devices and you can also custom tailor the performance of it to fit your needs whether it's gaming or editing etc all in all I've been using this PC for like a week and my mind is kind of blown I've been using pcs in general for like three or four months so like all of this all this stuff is so new to me and I don't know what everything is yet but I'm learning and I'm figuring it out we're doing it together we're a team the thing looks badass it is super fast it's amazing for gaming as well I mean MSI builds gaming rigs but then they have this 4k editing PC and it does both so I close my project and then I play overwatch and it's like flawless and it works at me I can't I can't you know I I really went into this video not wanting to sell you this computer because I'm not a Salesman but damn it's so good like I'm serious it's the holidays if you're thinking about building a custom PC or buying a PC click the link in the video description below go check it out I promise you won't be disappointed just go and look at it you know this specific model I'll put everything down that's inside of it in the video description so you can check out all the individual parts my workflow has gotten better my creative process has gotten better thank you infinite times MSI I mean this was seriously like one of the best gifts I could ever receive I get sponsorship emails all the time in my inbox but I saw the one from MSI and they really wanted to help and they wanted to reach out and give me something that could just chew through anything I throw at it and it's amazing so biggest biggest biggest thanks to MSI for this I will never forget this that's it for me today guys I hope you enjoyed the video the PC build the awesomeness go click the link in the video description below to check out more information also don't forget to subscribe to my channel and also check out the last video that you missed we doing weekly here it learn how to edit stuff you know what we do we didn't edit anything today I'm sorry you know my bad but this was just so exciting that anyway subscribe check out the last video that you missed I will see you next time

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  1. Simkoo

    I'm about to build a PC with an 8700K and a gtx 1080 from Asus. Looking forward to finally be able to edit video properly inspired by your tutorials

  2. Anthony Gordon

    What about software, did they include any for you? So if I understand you correctly, this will do what an iMac can do only cheaper?

  3. Wayne Federico

    Awesome again.. But remember you have a girl friend and a new toy ??? tick tick tick hhhmm OK honey in a few minutes.. 3 days later with full beard an drool he comes out to eat..poop & pee… In court he claims the PC- MSI made me do it..

  4. Tech Know loge

    came across your channel last week. it was the exact channel I was looking for. most underrated channel ever. hope you reach 1 million soon. keep working hard
    watched merely all your videos in so less time

  5. SashaFromSaintP

    I'm so happy that Ian got sponsored by MSI and has this monstrous PC! And now I expect PC shortcuts and other PC stuff in Ian's tutorials! So my congrats to all the PC guys here! Ian moves to PC now, unless he is sponsored by Apple 😉

  6. Jesper Karlsson

    The "problem" for me is that a PC takes waaaay to much space and doesnt look clean at all. An iMac 27" maxed looks clean and does the job

  7. Kingshuk Mitra

    bro I hav learnt a lot from your videos, So I have a request….Can you please show how to make an app promotion for a business in AE or Pr??

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