My biggest haul yet?!? *mini reviews* (UD, mac, drugstore, indy)

My biggest haul yet?!? *mini reviews* (UD, mac, drugstore, indy)

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Hope you guys enjoyed this…! Thumbs up for old school youtube and big ass hauls!!

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haha…you’re funny
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Hello my loves! My name is Courtney and makeup is my passion!! I am NOT a professional, nor do I claim to be. I’m simply an every day, stay at home mom, who uses makeup to stay connected to herself. In all the day to day chaos, we all could use a bit of an escape. Hopefully, my channel can be that for you! So keep it positive or get the fuck out! ✌🏻️ I do block stupid bitches so don’t even bother with the troll comments 😉 although, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcome!! lets be friends and talk about makeup and whatever other shit makes us happy! Communicating with you guys is so important to me! I’m here to make friends! So follow my social media and I hope to get to know each and every one, even just a little bit. Because I honestly do love every single one of you! Even the haters 😘

This video is sans bull shit and packed full of my OWN opinions! *Some products may have been acquired for press or review purposes* but it don’t change SHIT! I can not be bought! 😘😘

‼️ALSO!! if links or codes are affiliated, it will be stated NEXT TO THE LINK/CODE!! Not hidden down here. Honesty comes first babes and ALWAYS will ❤❤ Thanks for your support‼️


24 Replies to “My biggest haul yet?!? *mini reviews* (UD, mac, drugstore, indy)”

  1. Coco Lush

    "I'm not going to explain anything else and just show them to you"
    proceeds to give extravagant details about the product, quality, packaging, product name and a full review 😂😂😂

  2. Sara Fisher

    And Devinah is one of my all time fave indie brands! I didn't know you had a code but now I will def make sure to use it 👌🏽

  3. Sara Fisher

    Did your gf like the African black soap? I use the regular version on my face and love it but my ex deals with weird itchy skin issues so I may pick it up for him.

  4. Megan Donovin

    Idk what you did with the lighting but you look so much healthyier the color was sometimes slightly off and caused you to look sickly when I knew you weren't! You're gorgeous and this lighting shows your true beauty.

  5. Merrill Holmes

    You kept my attention!! Love your videos & I appreciate you talked about each product, as well as shared your opinion, it's hard when someone talks about something and u never know did they love or hate it!!! Xoxo your fellow make up lover💜💜💜💜💜

  6. K Hamilton

    I use black soap every time I wash my face. its cleared up my acne and doesn't leave my skin dry (which has been a big problem since winter has kicked in).

  7. SugarNSpice46

    LOVE this video! Love you doing videos in your bedroom! Really nice! MEGA haul bitch! So jelly! But! You totally deserve it all! Also really super appreciate your honest reviews on products. I definitely follow them. I LOVE the NYX No Filter powder. For me it works really well! Luv ya!

  8. E L0VE

    Lol, grab you tea, grab your vibrator . What ever you need. Hahhahahha. Funniest intro on a youtube video I've ever seen. ☕️

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