My Living Room Gaming PC Setup -  Using my Gaming PC as a Desktop & TV Game Console!

My Living Room Gaming PC Setup – Using my Gaming PC as a Desktop & TV Game Console!

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Find all of the components I talked about on Amazon – (affiliate link) – I recently moved my PC up to my entertainment room for VR and as a secondary office. I was also able to connect it up to my home theater system to turn it into a game console! See related videos: and subscribe!

01:17 – System configuration
02:01 – Why not AMD?
02:49 – XMP Settings
03:12 – How I’m sending HDMI across the room
03:58 – HDMI Fiber Optic Cable
04:54 – Ace combat 7
05:26 – Crackdown 3
05:47 – GTA V
06:08 – Dolpin Emulator in HD
08:11 – Samsung Monitor
09:48 – Nvidia Game Stream with the Nvidia Shield

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hey everybody its LAN Simon we are back upstairs in my entertainment room where we were doing some of the VR stuff the other day because I just did something really cool with my newly upgraded gaming PC which is that I can use it as a computer I can sit at the desk here and type or play a game with mouse and keyboard and stuff but I can also run over to the other side of the room here where I've got my home theater and my OLED TV and everything and without having to do any streaming or any kind of crazy rewiring or unplugging things I can turn that desktop computer into a game console and play some of the games that work well on a controller on my nice 4k TV most of the time in a somewhat playable framerate at 4k as well I'm going to show you exactly what I am doing with my PC we're also going to talk about what I did to upgrade this PC last weekend as well because it's a little bit beefier than it was just a few days ago now I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that most of the stuff on this video I have paid for with my own funds but some things came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program I'll point out those items to you as we work our way through this tour all the opinions you're about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you're about to see before it was uploaded so let's get into it now and see what this new setup is all about so my computer is kind of a Frankenstein machine it started its life in 2014 when I put it together with an i7 Haswell chip a gtx 970 GPU and 16 gigs of ddr3 ram and when i recently upgraded to the valve index headset which i'm still having trouble with by the way I noticed that my computer wasn't able to keep the GPU going at the speed it needed to to hit the frame rates that that headset can run at so what I decided to do was do an upgrade of just the things I needed to upgrade to get the computer to where it needed to be and that meant swapping out the processor the motherboard and the RAM so we went from that i7 processor to an i-9 9600 K I know a lot of you will be wondering why didn't you go with the risin ship and the reason is is that I do something called MDI video here in the house what that lets me do is take whatever is on the screen on this PC and beam it into my TriCaster down or send it into OBS and that's something that Intel chips just do better than AMD chips do at the moment and that was a big decision factor in going with that I nine chip over something from AMD and I'm very impressed with those AMD processors nothing against AMD at all but for me this was the better solution so that was the processor we went with I also bought an Asus Republic of gaming motherboard a Maximus 11 it was kind of the lowest priced motherboard that fit my needs so I put that in there we also got some corsair ram 16 gigabytes of Dominator ddr4 ram that i have clocked at 3.33 gigahertz I did the XMP two settings in the BIOS to get there and everything has been rock solid and stable now the GPU in there is actually a GTX 1080 I upgraded the GPU on the old configuration about two years ago from a GTX 970 so it's able to do I think a pretty decent job it's not the fastest thing out there but for what I'm doing with it it works fine now here's the cool thing I'm gonna have James kind of get in a little bit closer here so let's say we want to take what's on the screen here and transmit it over to my television I've got a little batch file here called HDMI and when I click on this what's gonna happen here is that it's going to switch automatically over to my OLED TV here it's gonna switch into HDR mode and I've got myself everything on my television now and I'm doing this by the way with a little wireless Logitech keyboard and I've got my xbox Bluetooth game controller all that stuff that's communicating wirelessly back to the computer and I was able to get this to work with an HDMI cable that we reviewed a couple of months back and it came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program and what it is is a HDMI to fiber optic cable and surprisingly it introduces very little latency into the mix and the games are very playable on this thing mouse-clicks feel very immediate in my testing of that cable it was maybe 7 to 10 milliseconds so it does add a marginal amount of lag to the mix but it is really a surprisingly good cable it cost about 75 bucks for a 50 foot cable they have longer ones available too for a little bit more and running it all the way around the perimeter of the room here to my home theater receiver and it's been working great and when I'm done I go back over to my little batch file and hit the display port one and it shoots the video back on to this display and I can begin using it as a computer again it's been working tremendously well much better than I expected it to work honestly and I think those cables are just really superb for this particular kind of application and I don't have to move the PC around to get all this done so let's take a look at some of the games that I ran on it this is ace combat 7 it is running at 4k and I'll show you some of the settings that I grabbed from the GeForce experience here so you get a feel for what it was set to and I was getting pretty much 60 frames per second most of the time it will dip down here and there it's not bothering me all that much I suppose if I spent more on the GPU I could get it to go a little bit smoother but it's fine and if I really wanted super smooth I could set it to 1080p and I'm sure I would get a very solid 60 with this particular configuration I also ran crackdown 3 which came in with that game Pass subscription I bought the other day that's been working pretty well on here too I had to go a little bit lower on the settings they hit a somewhat playable 60fps frame rate that also varies a bit but it does seem to work fine and it looks better than my xbox 1s does on the same display so that was a good experience GTA 5 looked absolutely beautiful on there and I was able to hit 60 frames per second most of the time not all the time but most of it I do though are having some issues with textures loading in on the game and I think it might be due to the speed of the drive it is running from so I may reinstall GTA 5 on a different disk and see if I can speed that up a bit and then this was really fun I took out the dolphin emulator and loaded up my favorite GameCube game probably my favorite Star Wars game of all time rogue leader and you can see just how wonderful it is running here I installed the HD texture pack for rogue leader and it just ran super smooth 60 frames per second most of the time it occasionally would dip out a little bit here and there we did run it at 1080p the 4k was not as playable but the TV was upscaling really nicely and when you take a game that was designed for standard definition just blow it up to 1080p and get all that texture of stuff going it looks a lot better even at 1080p versus 4k so that was a nice surprise to have that running as nicely as it did there the other retro games that I play I usually do on my FPGA consoles now for lower input lag now in the 3d mark time spy test which is a DirectX 12 benchmark I got a score of seven thousand four hundred and forty eight with my new configuration GPU score is identical because it is the same GPU but the CPU is doing much better at 30 frames per second versus sixteen and I also was able to get better performance in some of the VR games that I was playing as well and it knocked out a lot of the performance bottlenecks that I was running into with it and then when I'm done using this thing as a game console I can just click on my DisplayPort batch file that will kill the display on the TV and then it will refire up the monitor over there sometimes I have to do it twice for some reason but on the second go-around usually things go back to normal here and hopefully by the time I get over to the screen it should there we go pop back up here and I can start playing my games on the monitor here or just do my usual computer stuff I also have a thunderbolt doc that came in free of charge from Cal digit that I use for my Mac when it's up here so if I have to do some video editing or something I can just hop in that cable and switch it over to the Mac to get that done one thing I'm contemplating is maybe trying to do a hackintosh with this thing given the processor power that I have in there it would make a really nice video editing workstation and some of you might be curious about the monitor that we're using here this is something I also came in from the Amazon vine program a while back I think I did a review on it to about a year or two ago I was in one of these widescreen 1440p monitors I think it's 34 40 by 1440 P and it's also running at 100 Hertz as a Samsung display and it is great for gaming because you have that high frame rate the latency is pretty low on it and of course you've got that nice wide image you can see me playing doom on this thing and it's really just a lot of fun there so I'm pretty pleased with how this is working so far there are some glitches and things that I have to deal with every once in a while the big issue is getting the games configured properly for that display over there you do have to do some graphical tweaks that you would not have to do typically on a game console but it really is worth the effort I've been doing a lot of the GeForce experience for the games that support that because once that display is active I can jump into the GeForce experience hit the optimize button and then load the game up and one of the things that's been really interesting about the GeForce experience is that when I go back to this display it can reconfigure the graphics for that and we're back to this displays best settings versus the 4k settings on the other monitors so really nice actually how all this stuff is just seeming to work better than I expected especially that cable and the low latency I'm getting off of it so overall I am quite happy with how this is working but there's one more thing to check out because when I am NOT in this room I can still make use of the power that I have inside of this PC to stream games to other parts of the house let's head down to the studio and check that out so we're downstairs in my studio and I've got my TV on my Nvidia shield down here and what I can do is actually stream games from the PC upstairs and kind of use it as a gaming server so we're gonna go over to the Nvidia games here on my Nvidia shield and if I go over to game stream I can pull up a list of games that are supported by default or buts around on Steam and just load up games that way but we're gonna take a look here at no man's sky and it gives you a pretty nice interface here as to what you can and can't do so a lot of these games that will run at 1080p 60 some will actually stream downstairs here at 4k this one is a 1080p game I'm gonna click on play and what that's gonna do is summon the game on my game machine upstairs and then we'll be able to play it down here let's take a look when it loads up so here is no man's sky streaming over the network at 1080p 60 frames per second one thing you will probably discover with network streaming is that there is a little bit of input lag with this you may not always notice it in games like this one but when you're doing games that require more precise button pushes that might be where this becomes a problem but there are of course a lot of games that play just fine with this now in addition to using an Nvidia shield you can also look at other devices if you download the moonlight app which runs on just about every platform out there there's a lot of different ways you can stream in-house including something like this GP dxd plus we looked at recently here on the channel you've got a lot of options for in-home game streaming including steams in-home streaming and you can really make your game machine into a game server in addition to all the things that I am doing with it as well let me know what you thought of this down in the comments below and until next time this is Lyon Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcast EMU dev org Tom Albrecht Brian Parker and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don't forget to subscribe visit LAN TV slash s

21 Replies to “My Living Room Gaming PC Setup – Using my Gaming PC as a Desktop & TV Game Console!”

  1. Roman Tripp

    Have you considered using the software "Monitor Profile Switcher"? Instead of having batch file icons to click on, you can assign each profile to a hotkey. Makes it more convenient to switch between the two since you don't have to physically look at the screen to switch.

  2. Mr. X

    That's the cooler, modern way of pc gaming! I have also connected my new computer to the tv in the living room and I use it like the PS4. Size matters, imo! Aside from that the Sony tv features better colors, a higher contrast and a sharper picture than the HP monitor I connected to the old computer.

  3. Andreas Moyseos

    Discovered your channel very recently, your content and you are very likeable. Also, Rocket League is life. Keep up the good work!

  4. RockstarBruski

    Wow this is gaming / computing convenience! Now you just need to have James and a few other friends over to have a gaming party! 🙂

  5. Webinatic

    You're one of the most reasonable tech youtuber out there. You're like the first tech youtuber that hasn't got the 2080ti. Instead you build for your needs.

  6. Mordecai Walfish

    Great video. I appreciate your enthusiasm about geforce experience, but in my experience you will rarely get the best settings for anything you allow it to control optimization of. It does a decent job though. it's gta V recommendations in particular are pretty bad, and could be whats causing your texture issues with the game.

  7. andreas wheeler

    its a great video, always like your stuff, nice to see you out of the basement too. thought your little 'run' over to the tv was quite funny! on a side, what do you think about the invasion of loot boxes and micro-transactions into PC gaming, do you think its going to kill it off? I've been a PC gamer for years and find it quite annoying that extra purchasing is sneaking in. love your videos, always informative 🙂

  8. wintdkyo

    Before, media server was the craze. In a year or two, I think people may start having game server setup with in home streaming as a dominant method. I wish WiFi would be more reliable than now to have a great wireless game streaming experience at high resolution.

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