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MAC Eye Khol (Costa Riche)
MAC Extended Play Mascara
Studio Fix Powder
MAC Summer Face Kit
MAC Lip Pencil
Makeup Forever Pro Finish (170)
Blush is from my Spring Collection with MAC Cosmetics


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hey guys it's Patrick Starr welcome back to my channel oh my ready cuz I'm getting hot in here so take off all your clothes I am so hot I wanna take my makeup off the put this collection on my job this is my summer collection with MAC Cosmetics it's my third collection with Mac it is summer star so my first collection was a little bit of fierceness the second one was eleganza and the third one is just ultimate sexy summer diva with a fever she is just serving looks and if you guys didn't already know I shot my first music video and recorded my first single called God look now if you guys haven't seen that check it out that song is so cute the video is so cute you know what else is cute this beauty face kit by Mac which is out in stores today and also the beauty opalescent base powder it is to die for I love it so so much and in this kit comes a bunch of products for an amazing price and I just I can't believe it comes with the iconic face chart and it has a bronzer called give me life it has two lip glasses called a fashion punch and cream pie and it comes with a quad called heat stroke y'all oh I'm getting a heat stroke just looking at it are y'all this is so cute I hope you guys enjoy these colors enjoy this collection check it out without in stores now this is the official tutorial video for this look but before we get started let's watch some products guys I am so excited for this collection so we're gonna swatch I see you're excited as well we are here with diva diva and it comes with a face chart so this is the kit and it has a four products in and I watched show you guys the products so this is the eye shadow quad called heat stroke it is to die for I love it so so much there are four beautiful fire warm clothes in here this one is called sandy crotch and then this one is called brash this one is ready and this one is a Mabuhay and if you guys you know Mabuhay is a Filipino word meaning live oh I almost forgot we have to swatch so the first color is sandy crotch a beautiful matte shade and the second color is called brash mmm the third color is called ready which is a beautiful fire metallic and then this last one is called Mabuhay and this is heat stroke so next in the can't we have this beautiful bronzing powder called give me life I have been wearing this for the past year and I know bronzer is specific but this I find is such a beautiful bronzer for majority of skin tones and I think it's great for your kit and what I love about again about this collaboration is that Mac had squeezed all these products into a beautiful kit for an amazing price and I hope you guys love it and check it out in store and online so the last two products in the kit itself are two beautiful lip glasses do you see my lips I never go this light I am wearing fashion punch which is a pale peach and then there is cream pie which is a beautiful mid-tone neutral pink I'm gonna go ahead and swatch these as well these are just six this one is fashion punch this is a beautiful pale peach love this one and this one is cream pie and that is it for the kit so the kit is so so amazing I hope you guys gotta check it out I worked really really hard on it from the packaging and the product it comes with an eyeshadow quad two lip glasses and a bronzing powder four products for 4950 it is so so good but that's not all I had to ask Mac if we couldn't do like summer glow like can we get summer globe I am too insecure about texture on my skin and doing something too glittery so we came out with a beauty uh pearlescent powder called hot and I whether it's so so much is a beautiful package I love the packaging packaging is like everything to me and I'm so proud of the packaging and Mak did such a good job with the packaging so this is the packaging in the box and this is the powder I love it so much and it is a beautiful tan with a golden shamrock this highlighting beauti powder is so so gorgeous this is great for the red carpet and your not over highlighted you still have the beautiful glow and it's great for HD in film and this is it right here part of me and without for those you let's just jump right into this summer star tutorial all right you guys I'm sure y'all were wondering who was abs and titties and cockadoodledoo that belong to you and this is my very special friend oh my gosh I love him so much this is my model in the campaign and he is also in my music video as we got together hot and heavy and thank you so much for being in my campaign so you kiddin you are so so amazing and we bonded at the shoe and he is a fitness health guru single straight brother from another mother we've grown to know each other in the past and I just love it so much that he has been open to someone like me in this industry and thank you and you look so great in the in the camp a you I feel glam is this your first cosmetic campaign my first cosmetic campaign yeah ever ever and we are both from Orlando and or from Florida if I always walked into the Panera that you were yeah I worked up Panera and he worked at the American you go right around right around a corner and then we both worked in the Florida Mall where I worked at Mac and he worked at that American Eagle is such a small world you guys it is so crazy and I'm so thankful for you to be here and thanks for letting me use your abs and your body for this campaign if you guys want to check them out follow him and without further ado let's just jump right into this tutorial I think I had a heat stroke because that's what we're starting off with today I love these colors so much they are bronze you they are warm they're on fire as you can see I have the base on my face and I have brows concealer powder everything all the above and we are going to go into a sandy crotch and run this through the Carice and zoom Oni guys I cannot believe I'm here using this collection because you know we shot this last summer so it was very much a hard secret to keep and I feel like with each collection that I had it was like kind of like revealing to you guys my baby that I have been holding in my tummy in my throat and in the bottom of my heart for like 12 months and I'm so happy I am finally able to film you guys a tutorial using this and when I say Mac has been one of the best collaborators they literally gave me creative freedom to do anything this color Sandy crotch is a must for everyone a funny story is like on the packaging you can see there's the similar motif would like the zigzag pattern but they were like okay you have to pick one you can get all of them blue all of them this neon yellow or like the pink motif and I was like can I have all of them they were like I was like I want all of them and they were like okay we're gonna try to make it work and I said let's use the teal as kind of like V as the base color and we can use it and bleed it into all the colors so this was what I came up with and I'm so excited in can we see this compact back here it is large and it's so heavy and I have so much fun on the photo shoot I had my friends I had my brothers there we had such a blast and I can't believe it I can't believe it that we're here with a third collection with Mack a beautiful cat and a beauti highlighting powder next I'm going to take this beautiful transition color here it is a very beautiful bronze car that I created to match those two mattes and shimmers this one is called Mabuhay for the Philippines which means live yes good and I'm gonna go ahead and take this color and run this as like a thick liner I've been loving this lately it gives the eye a lift and then I'm gonna wrap it into the crease okay little one two step so next month and I'm gonna go it's a sandy crotch and blend in Mabuhay there's the warm color and I feel like these two colors are all you need for that warm smoky ahh she's cute next I'm gonna take this beautiful penny color right here it's brash I am obsessed with this and I'm gonna Pat this all over so next to blend out the frost I'm gonna take this warm shimmer called ready and take it on the other side of my flat brush and blend this highlight into the dark color my boy that we used earlier frost each dimension too I hope you don't mind if I just get undressed because this bathing suit is so tight they like resistance bands on my trapezoids what's it called it's called my traps where's Jordan these things are resistance bands that they hurt my shoulders leave it to the big girl to know her muscle shapes so for liner I'm gonna go ahead and take close to reach and smoke out this pencil liner so for my first palette I'm gonna go ahead and take embark on an angle brush and I'm going to smoke out that coast to reach next I'm gonna call my lashes up to Jesus because God is good okay won't he do it I feel so blessed favorite mascara ever Mac extended play gigablack lash laughs what is this muscle called I was right you said trapezoid say trapezoid I'm editing what's a pocket start tutorial without some wispy lashes half of the resistance bands back oh all right now to knock off some of the baking powder off my face I'm gonna go ahead and take NC 45 Studio Fix powder and just bring back the life I feel free to bring it down yo Nick speaking of life I want to present to you my very own bronzer give me life it's a take on give me Sun and that's what my collab just brings me y'all just gives me life it just gives me if I hope this question gives you life because I had so much fun making it for y'all and this is a beautiful bronzer that I'm just going to dab on the cheek mmm so cute don't forget your with double chins next I'm gonna brighten up under the eyes using they make if I've ever Pro finished powder and just bustin it under here and I just love bringing light to the face even though you want to get a tan you still won't have dimension so I feel like bronzing slash contouring and highlighting go hand-in-hand especially if you're a glamma creme like here's a trip to if you want to take you a little you know brightening powder you can go ahead and cut your cheek like that it's subtle Slim's your face a little bit it's a cute trick don't forget to snatch your nose wanna build nose snatching colors are preferential so use what you have that suits your tone not to finish the eyes I'm gonna go ahead and take Mabuhay right here run this under the lash line you know speaking of a rim in the eye I wanted all the boys on the music video to have a sandy crotch and my boy and I so it was just that blown out look and if you want a little bit of guy glam or garland for all the boys watching at home definitely if you want that oomph or that standout bronzed for summer for a party for any festival this will just bring out your eyes no matter what shade what color what shape anything so these two just bring out the best and everyone and if you haven't seen the music video I strongly urge you to hit that button now for blush we want to bring some life into the face yes yeah bronzer but we can't go without blush I'm gonna take an oldie but a goodie I'm not blushing her from my spring collection floor realness and I'm gonna take the bottom side right here and blend it into the contour on the apples of the cheek so start here swoop there it is start here swoop there it is okay and if you haven't got the collection in store or online swoop your man's wallet and go buy the collection she's coming to form alright now that my cheeks are done I have one last product for the cheeks and y'all know I really don't have that much on my cheeks because I'm insecure about my texture but I wanted to create a product with Mac for those that have texture that want just that sheen and I've been doing a lot of red carpet things and I did wear this to the Billboard Awards and this one is called hot and heavy it's a pearlescent beauty powder so it's not too shimmery not too glittery it's just right for summer and I love it it has like the little pattern as well so I'm gonna take this on a very light brush and we're just gonna go in on the cheeks you see it is gives that glow without the glitter okay she's cute yes yes and I'll take this just on the cheeks to start and then right above the highest point of the brow catch that son mm-hmm you can do some on the collar bones as well look like a for all I look like a frog okay we're almost done do you see what I see ah so hot and heavy breaking the mold rewind that back and do as you're told here we go now for the lips I am so excited it's so cute now we are going to take hover I also use this in my spring campaign it is the best lip liner you can go must be Chi must be key whatever you like okay so I'm gonna go ahead and lie my lips now for the lip glasses we have two one is a pinky nude and one is a peachy nude they are beautiful for the summer because it's just as sexy you know it's a must have sex lip for the season okay so we have cream pie which is pinky and we have fashion punch which is a beautiful nude think I'm gonna take fashion punch and apply this on the lip we'll save that cream pie for later these are opaque and so comfortable that you can wear myself into a coffee on it oh my I am going to check I want to spray my face I'm Glen cheese and I'll be right back for the finished look I was like there I had a blue Steel's like yeah you it was two fingers it was like my chin anywhere he look at me no yes I was looking out that way no I do but I gotta look that way check the campaign you're looking at me Jordan I'm definitely not I told him you guys are right I'm sorry excuse me and I'm like this alright guys this is the finished look I am serving passing STAAR Summer Sun slam with my third collection iMac as you guys so much subscribe follow Jordan thank you to my team check out the collection right now inside all mine and I will see you on my next video


  1. Marlo Stacey

    Not only are you so freakin talented, but you are so funny too! I was dying over what said about the resistant bands! Lol! Love ur videos!

  2. Manisha Kashyap

    omg Jordan is so hot😍😍😍😍😍hez so perfect nd uh bth people r so cool😘😘

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