Neo smartpen M1 Tutorial Video

Neo smartpen M1 Tutorial Video

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Digitally Creative Writing Instrument !
Neo smartpen M1

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introducing neo smartpen m1 a pen that seamlessly digitizes what you write on paper neo smart pen m1 comes with a charger two pen tips a user manual and a trial sheet charge the pen for 30 minutes or more before you start using it while the pen is charging Dell note new Notes app from the App Store for iOS Google Play for Android or Microsoft Store for Windows now let's turn on m1 you have two options to turn it on one press the power button or to open the cap again you have two options to turn it off one press the power button until it's off or to close the cap or you can leave it idle for some time now let's open new notes allow the app to turn on your Bluetooth function if it isn't already register your m1 unknown Oates your device will start searching for m1 once your pen is connected the icon will stop blinking and turn white tap pen pressure calibration to calibrate the pen if beat it you can always reset your calibration data in pen settings you are now ready to use m1 enter a password if required you can set a password later in settings take out your EndNote book open your EndNote book and start writing once you start writing a notebook will be created automatically inside the pen there is an infrared camera that captures your writing holding the camera to face the page assures the best recognition now let's try writing on n notebook m1 can differentiate between pages and notebooks so you can write as if you're using other pens or notebooks simple and convenient you can adjust color or thickness of the pen stroke all you have to do is press the palate for two to three seconds and choose what color you want if you can't see the color palette tap the screen there are many things you can do once your writing is digitized you can transcribe your handwritten notes into digital text tap language to download more languages you can also replay your writings for the audio recorded during the writing search your notes on neo notes by tag by keywords or browse through the calendar view share your notes and various file formats sharing options will vary depending on the applications you have erase unnecessary notes and highlight important ones with colors you can change colors thickness of handwritten part and add annotations digitally simply check on the mail icon on your notebook to send an email from your device sent your email address and settings when m1 is disconnected to your device it will capture all your writing data to its internal memory so that when you connect to the app again you will find all your work in perfect shape you can create a new notebook on the app and fill it with pages you want copy paste or delete pages to file important notes in a notebook block away notebooks when you are done using them or if you decide to use another notebook of the same type this prevents your notes from overlapping in the app you can unlock the notebooks from note box whenever you like you can automatically upload your notes on Evernote Google Drive Adobe CC and more by choosing autosave options from settings from the main menu go to settings and tap authentication Center to activate your Google Drive then tap backup and restore and toggle on Google Drive you can check and reset your calibration data in the pen settings tap news and tips to find out more on the latest app updates and tips on using neo smart pen find out more at WWE smart pen comm check out a wide variety of EndNote ebooks you can use with neo smart pen encode papers are also available online for free check out our website and follow the steps to print more than 10 different types of paper format we are planning to expand our lineup it's easy to change the pen tip pull out the used one and push in the new one go to pen information where you can do pen settings

10 Replies to “Neo smartpen M1 Tutorial Video”

  1. Roberto Orecchio

    For the audio recording function, it would have been better to have a microphone integrated into the pen. However I would like to know: to record the audio, is it necessary that the phone be with the application open and active on the phone, or can it record in the background with the screen off?

  2. Macario

    Hi! Does it transcript words or letters? I mean, if I write product codes will it transcribe them correctly or the software looks for words in a dictionary? Thanks!

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