NEW 2019 Refreshed MacBook Air Unboxing & Review - What Has Changed? / Worth the Upgrade?

NEW 2019 Refreshed MacBook Air Unboxing & Review – What Has Changed? / Worth the Upgrade?

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The macbook air got a slight refresh and in this video, I will showcase exactly what has changed so that you will be able to tell for yourself whether you should upgrade or not. If you do decide to buy one, make sure to snag yourself a free pair of Beats Studio 3’s as apple is having a special go back to school promotion as well as dropping the price of the entry level pro down to $999! Let me know what you think of the newly refreshed macbook air in the comments below!

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hey everyone the one and only here coming to you yet again only this time covering one of Apple's most popular devices yes sir this isn't no surprise you saw the thumbnail you read the title we're gonna dissect and discuss in detail what is new about the brand new refreshed 2019 MacBook Air if you watched my previous videos before you'd know that the 12-inch MacBook was sadly axed a little foreshadowing there you'll see what I mean and that was actually quite sad I love the footprint and design of it so much and wish they would have given it at least the processor upgrade but here we at least have the MacBook Air which is just as then and just as portable many people have a lot of questions on what is new here and whether they should upgrade or not so sit tight and get ready to dive straight into this review cue the intro the new 2019 MacBook Air in all of its glory packaged in the iconic minimalistic white Apple box we have a profile of the device front and center showcasing just how thin this computer is as well as Apple logos and MacBook Air branding on the sides and on the back we have serial number information as well as laying down the specs of exactly which MacBook Air configuration you have now to make this unboxing super easy I brought my trusty little battle ax here to help me with this unboxing so here we are really smooth and simple light butter to take off the plastic wrapping and open up the box and you'll be presented with the beautiful MacBook Air just chilling there waiting for you to undress it we're gonna hold off for now and set that off to the side because your MacBook Air can wait as we dig to see the other components of the box we've seen this before nothing has changed here we have our travel adapter that unplugs unfolds to more easily store or to switch out the connector and if you're traveling to a country with a different wall plug our warranty and information guide and the ultra coveted highly sought-after Apple stickers as well as our USB c2 USBC cable used to charge and sync your device now we can get back to unwrapping our sexy MacBook Air oh yeah so yeah take off the plastic and voila there she is you do have this protective little film over your screen to protect it during shipment that is very easy to take off and that's it that was your unboxing so now going over what has remained the same externally at first glance nothing has changed we have the same all aluminium body design in your choice of silver space grey or gold the gold is that brassy or gold and not the old gold gold nor the rose gold it's like a happy medium our keyboard appears the same but is actually now the fourth-generation butterfly keyboard that now sports that new material so hopefully this fixes the keyboard issues countless of users had experienced before with the 2018 MacBook Air which supported the third generation keyboard we have no touch bar but arguably that's a good thing however we do sport the touch ID sensor which proves very useful to easily unlock your device on the fly towards the bottom we have our very large and beautiful glass trackpad and flanking the keyboard but to the left and right we have our Aereo speakers which are actually pretty decent our gorgeous 13.3 inch retains the same resolution and pixel density but now sports true tone technology that allows a computer to change up how warm the display looks depending on your location it's a neat technology that I enjoy very much and reduces bluelight eye strain from being that prevalent which is always a plus we do also have our super weak 720p camera here in case you're into making a lot of FaceTime calls on your macbook lastly on the top we have our same brushed mirror finish Apple logo on the top only two Thunderbolt three ports on the left which may cause a minor annoyance if you're like many people who occasionally need to charge their computer and have your wall plug on the right side but they're not– Thunderbolt 3 ports on the right side and now you have to either wrap it around or change up your setup temporarily to charge minor annoyance what I say nitpicky I don't know maybe you decide our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right and lastly our 4 rubber feet here on the bottom to help stabilize and keep our macbook air in place while typing internally not much actually changed but Apple did try to pull a quick one on us that recently came to light I'll brush up on it later the processor is an 8 gen 1.6 gigahertz dual core Intel Core i5 Y series processor that boosts up to 3.6 gigahertz this is actually the only processor you can get with very little in the way of configuration you can upgrade your RAM to 16 gigabytes and also upgrade your SSD which I would highly recommend at least upgrading to a 256 gigabyte SSD minimum but that's it on configuration you're stuck with only that chipset so Apple makes it very simple for you on the air lineup increased RAM and/or increased storage and that's it this chip actually runs 5 watt slower than the previous 2018 version so it should save you a tiny bit on battery and help improve cooling efficiency very slightly this sports the same 2 core design here as a 2018 and proves to be lackluster on anything multi correlated like editing and exporting video especially in 4k and even hooking this thing up to an additional 4k monitor will give you less than stellar performance soo so two cores just can't handle too much at one time I ran some Geekbench tests and found a very slight increases to performance on both the single core and multi-core side which signal miniscule performance gains any at all what I was more interested in is seeing how thermal throttling would be since it does run on five watts less powers so I ran a Cinebench test known for cranking up those fans and used intel's power gadget tool to measure the temperature while also keeping a close eye on any thermal throttling as you can see the frequency kind of averaged and hovered at about 2.4 gigahertz on both machines and were essentially neck-and-neck the entire time basically meaning any performance hypothesis is basically inconclusive and you can expect to get eerily similar results from the last 2018 model makes sense though since processor wise nothing really changed let's also not forget that the air also features their t2 security chip which could essentially just help in privacy performance and battery management so in terms of performance you're not really getting much improvements here the improvements to the chipset are so minor it's almost negligible and would say do not upgrade if you already picked up the previous year's model however remember I said Apple try to pull a quick one on us well it turns out after running various other tests upon performing the read and write speed test we can clearly see that the SSD on the new 2019 version is actually slower now hold on hold on put your pitchforks down this doesn't mean the SSD is crippled not at all it's just a slight hit to speed which will equate in applications or other files opening maybe a fraction of a second slower well it is a low blow that Apple did that to us I assume it was a cost effective measure to bring down the price which leads me to my next point the new 2019 also has a new price tag feature yes sir the price was bumped down surprisingly by a whole hundred dollars it's insane so now the air is the most affordable laptop made by Apple coming in at 1099 dollars but wait there's more it gets better if you're a college student or life hack if you still happen to have your old university or college ID you can get an additional discount bringing the total price of the air down to $9.99 you ain't gonna believe this it gets even better if you're a student as of july 2019 you can also snag yourself a free pair of Beats Studio threes which I have reviewed before with your purchase of a qualifying MacBook I'm actually not quite sure if this applies to international Apple stores but I know for sure it does here in the US my international folk let me know in the comments below this promotion is available in your country so not only was the price dropped but as a student you also get a 20% discount on Apple Care Plus for your shiny new thousand dollar investment so act now man I should be a salesman for Apple and before you ask no sadly I'm not sponsored by Apple sad facts I know so look with all the changes being made should you upgrade from your 2018 MacBook Air absolutely not unless you just have to have true tone then I'm known to tell you how to blow your money but just don't do it if you're coming from the older style non-retina air then yes absolutely this would be a smart purchase especially knowing you'll get a free pair of beats thrown in there for the free my guy Apple's MacBook Air is iconic and is one of their most beloved products and I'm glad Apple's finally showing their Mac's a little more love while this update was very minor the MacBook Air is currently the ultimate portable Mac that is the best choice for the majority of people it handles basic tasks exceptionally well and has the highest rated battery for web browsing of all Mac books my battery drain test did prove though that processor heavy tasks ultimately took a bigger toll on it then say the pro models but if you're not going to ever touch any kind of professional application and solely need this for school or web browsing then pick this bad boy up now the air is the perfect MacBook for the average user and you will fall in love with how easy and intuitive it is to use a MacBook additionally as of the current lineup the air is the portable King weighing nearly three pounds or 1.25 kilograms and at its thickest point is only 0.61 inches or 1.56 centimeters so sticking this in a bag is so effortless and so simple I would recommend buying a case for your new shiny investment though there are hundreds of cheap cases on Amazon but I personally dig the official leather sleeves Apple offers in just an FYI the 13-inch pro sleeve works perfectly for the air as well it fits like a glove and protects the all lumina body while you put it in a book bag or put it in your carry-on bag while traveling whoa guys that's been my review for Apple's newly refreshed MacBook Air there wasn't much to it whether a huge redesign or a small speck bump though I like to inform you guys on everything that has changed and whether I think it's a good idea to upgrade or not you know I always keep it real with you guys if you found this video useful please consider subscribing and follow me on social media to stay in the loop with polls and channel updates there's more to come as I still have the entry level 13 as prote over you so stay tuned and I'll catch you all in the next one peace out

39 Replies to “NEW 2019 Refreshed MacBook Air Unboxing & Review – What Has Changed? / Worth the Upgrade?”

  1. Alberto Leon

    I need help I bought the 128gb MacBook Pro base model 2019 and now I'm looking at the MacBook Air and I kinda want it only for the 256gb storage to be honest should I get it for the 256gb? I but this computer for school to be honest and I was told th MacBook Pro 128gb should be enough plus I can't afford the 1499 MacBook Pro what do you guys think can someone help me decide

  2. NotGerhard NotRichter

    It should weigh max 1 kg, be without useless fan and cost 999 Eur for everyone. Then it would be amazing machine, now its just weird and confusing. Missing 12-incher…

  3. Miro Babic

    Web browsing speed is much better with the pro model. Touchpad scrolling is with the lag. Big difference for me. Otherwise very nice housing and screen.

  4. Gibran DC

    At least in Mexico se got the same promotion on getting a Beats and the discount. Getting this MacBook this Sunday. 🤩

  5. SoftwareManiacLSM

    At your 6:50 min mark, the SSD in the MacBook Air 2019 is slower than the 2018 model? I purchased the new 2019 model with a 512 GB SSD and the average R/W speed zooms to an average 1,300 MB/s (tested using Black Magic Design). So, I'm not sure what your SSD configuration is, upgrading the SSD offers amazing performance.

  6. VJ Timothy

    Bought my Macbook Air 2019 yesterday. I used it today for a little less than 30 mins of browsing the web and mail and nothing else. It was OVERHEATING. I’ve had the 2018 version before and had never experience it heating up as much as this new one does.

    I called the customer service, asked why that was. The techs just can’t be too honest. They said ohh that might be because of the malware, we can try to reformat everything and start it over. I was like dude I just bought this yesterday I didn’t even install any programs and apps yet. And I use my macbook mainly for browsing and checking the mails only.

    Now, according to 9to5Mac and other article sources on the internet, the 2019 version is running a slower SSD. 35% slower than the 2018 version.

    That’s a huge step back!

    Now I’m assuming it may be the reason why it was heating up too much. A lot much more than the 2018 does.

    I never really experienced overheating on the 2018 version.

    The only thing that sucks about the 2018 version is that it has a lot of keyboard issues. A looot of people complained about it. Some people say they never run to it. But still.

    I guess the base Macbook Pro would be a best buy. But I just don’t feel like carrying a little over 3 pound laptop in my backpack. Plus all my other stuffs in it. The Air model has the best and ideal weight for a portable lightweight laptop.

    I’m thinking about switching back to macbook air 2018 or getting the base model macbook pro 2019. 😩

    Why can’t it just be perfect?!

    I think apple is trying to push you to get the more expensive ones.

  7. Charlie4Christ

    (John 14:6) Jesus answered, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but my me."

    Repent and turn to Christ Jesus before it is too late. For after this comes the JUDGMENT. Christ died for your sins and rose on the third day, showing that anyone who trusts in him for salvation, will have everlasting life.

    (John 3:16) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  8. Michele Di Mauro

    Is it good for work activities such as excel files, QuickBooks online and similar apps? (I mean in term of fluency, no lags etc.) Thx

  9. Matthew Brew

    Does anyone know how long the free beats offer will last? I live in the UK and we can get the offer here at the moment, but if I’m getting a MacBook it won’t be until September…

  10. Amanda Capstick

    Awesome review I can’t wait to get mine on Saturday 😁 in the U.K. you get a discount which brings the price down to £988.80 and we also have the free Beats included. You get a selection of Studio3, Solo3 and the Beats X Earphones.

  11. Ruslan Novikov

    How much ram do I need for it? My multitasking requirements:25-30 chrome tabs + 2-3 lights apps (like calculator)

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