NEW MacBook Pro SHORTING OUT OLD MacBook Pro?! WTF?!

NEW MacBook Pro SHORTING OUT OLD MacBook Pro?! WTF?!

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This is seriously insane. I was having an issue with my old MacBook Pro shorting out and trying to troubleshoot what it was it seems that it is because I put it on top of my new MacBook Pro and something about it doesn’t like the contact. I shut off the Wi-Fi I have the old MacBook Pro plugged in and also not plugged in and no matter what I can repeat this error showing my old Mac book Pro blacking out?!

Why wouldn’t do this, it makes no sense to me I can move the old MacBook Pro on any other surface and it does not seem to short out. I also have the no sleep mode turned on since this is my DJ laptop and I can’t have it turn off in the middle of a 10 hour set. This is extremely frustrating because now I am not sure if this laptop will be stable, I’ve never had any stability issues in the past, I am not sure why the new MacBook Pro would because in this issue.

I wanted to post this video just to show that this was an issue I’m not sure why, and I know Apple support will likely not be able to help since they never can help anyway. If any of you have seen this please let me know what a remedy would be I tried even putting something like paper between the metal bodies and it still shorted out.

Some of you may ask why I do not just use my new laptop to DJ, simple Serato support does not include scratch live anymore, and my shitty new MacBook Pro does not have a normal USB or a mixer anyway.

this is an issue that my laptop is having right here for some reason whenever I put this on top of my other laptop like I can do it here it's fine no issues no issues but so far the only culprit I found is this put it on this laptop and it totally blocks out I don't know why this would happen like literally no idea it's like going into sleep mode I don't get it but I have to gig with this laptop and I'm freaking out right now because I feel like this could potentially crash what I'm out and about but I don't have it doesn't do it this time I don't get it obviously I can not put it on top of that laptop but how was I supposed to know that was the culprit and why would that be the culprit I have Wi-Fi off I don't know what it is it's not when it's plugged in I haven't plugged in and it does the same thing I don't get it

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  1. Jacob Zillinger

    The magnets that put the mac to sleep when you close the lid from the other computer are getting too close to the mac on top!

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    its magnetic.. I know you run turntables and I also recommend you not use scratch live anymore and useserato dj as it is not as stable.

  3. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    Motherboard (or "logic board") possibly come loose slightly and is shorting onto the casing. Or to be more exact, there's probably a solder point on the mother board that's shorting onto the casing. Does it do it when the other laptop is unplugged?

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