Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Black Market Tutorial

Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Black Market Tutorial

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We’re bringing the Black Market back in #BlackOps4 starting today, first on PS4. Simply by playing the game, you’ll start earning free loot and cosmetics to express yourself, including new Tags, Gestures, customizable Outfits, Calling Cards, Stickers, Blackout characters, Signature Weapons, and more.

The Black Market launches on October 19th on PS4, and on Xbox One and PC on October 26th. Get more details at the blog:

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23 Replies to “Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Black Market Tutorial”

  1. dutty sushi

    It's just kinda bland… "play to earn rewards that you will probably never use", it's just ripping off of Fortnite… I hate to say it, but at least the loot crates had a sense of spontaneity to them, instead we're just left with this stream of the same boring rewards we get just for playing the game, where's the objective? It's just fucking bland 😂😂😂


    What idiocy is this with every update of @Activision that spoils Black Ops 4 more and more? First you can only play in doubles and now only solo? Disrespect with fans of the franchise. Xbox one

  3. robindafisch

    Blackmarket is bullshit because there are weapons in it, I dont play anymore if there are more new weapons in the blackmarket, and that is not only my opinion change this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. god shot games

    If you ever run low on money I have an idea on a game you could make and the game idea that I have chosen is call of duty world at war remastered most of everyone loves that game especially zombies like the old days you need to have the chills going down your spine to get that realistic vibe that you're actually in the game also bringing back the old weapons such as the panzerschreck or the flamethrower would be great to have again for some players

  5. Erick Washington

    Black ops 4 zombie issues
    1. I feel I am shooting zombies with a nerf gun(Even after packing it 5 times)
    2. Zombies are more like wolves than zombies. They spread around you and know where you're going before you know where you're going.
    3. Zombies have more reach than Wilt Chamberlain
    4. If you use any transportation method your player tells the zombies to meet you there…yes I'm talking about the gondola especially
    5. No Jug 😢
    6. I usually get tons of headshots each match but the points are not adding up.
    7. Gah damn dogs…and tigers
    8. Each round actually feels like it's multiplied by 2. So round 20 is the new 40 these days 🤷🏻‍♂️


    How bout stopping to put glittering unicorn guns into the game and stopping to copy paste broken net codes so that the shoot first die first stops?! Lazy guys ! Just to be honest ! After infinity [email protected] and sledgebrokehammer games you were at least a hope to get again a good working cod game and now it seems that you copy pasted to bullshit from the other stupid studios!

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