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Today I Show you guys exactly what to do to prep yourself for the great wild that waits for you! Thanks for watching!


  1. Đaŕķ Přínçe

    i spent a week in game not able to collect 150 silvers so i started the game over i got stuck in a hayena cave and lost again xD

  2. Clit Commander69

    Damn I went out and helped the guy on the beach before talking to the guard at the gate because I was determined to keep my house, and now I can’t learn that free skill😢

  3. Chrusaster

    Easy little Money for early Game:

    Buy all Oil (3 Merchants have those)
    Buy Alchemystation (60 Silver)
    1 Oil+ 1 Clear Water = 3x warming potion (4 Silver each) = ~130 Silver every 3 Days.

  4. Morbid Florist

    This game is horrendous on console and awesome on pc. Actually. It’s almost offensive. I don’t mean anything about the gameplay, it’s all directed at settings, quality of life, fps. Mapping dodge to the sprint button on console with no way to remap controls when you do have an extra button you can use. I’m aware of dark souls doing that but it works in souls. Once I remapped the controls, sped up the game to 60 FPS atleast, and had all the higher visual settings in use, it was like playing a different game. The combat felt much better and more responsive. The fov slider was nice to have as well.
    I’m just salty I paid for this on ps4 (physical) only to realize I should have only fucked with the pc version. Oh well. Just warning anyone who has a choice of which version to get.
    Character creator is more of a nightmare creator on both versions though.

  5. Isaiah

    look up the recipe list online, DO NOT BUY THEM. you can learn anything in the game by just making it 1 time. then you auto learn it.

  6. Cognac Crack

    Step 1: open menu with start button
    Step 2: go to settings
    Step 3: go to brightness and turn it all the way up
    Step 4: save settings
    Step 5: thank me .

  7. Shadow the Wiseman

    So additionally. Most of the other weapons are hidden in the starting village. The fishing spear is obviously a spear, there is a hatchet behind the caravaneer is a one handed axe. There is a two handed axe in front of town hall. The machete is obviously a sword. You can craft the staff, which counts as a pole arm, a shiv, which counts as a dagger and a club, obviously this counts as a mace. The exceptions are pistols, chakrams, lexicon and greatswords. You won't be able to use chakrams or the lexicon for a little while anyway, but pistols and greatswords aren't great beginner weapons. So not a big loss.

    Forgot about the pitchfork at the back of the house at the bottom of the hill after the town hall. It counts as a trident.

  8. 11bravo1789

    110 slot back pack at the montcalm fort. Not far from starting city. One o best bags in the game. Better get it before they remove it

  9. Danny M

    Graphics were horrific.purchased the game and had to enter a forum to find out how to get online.spent about 5 minutes in game walking around and was horrified with the playstation 2 graphics.sorry.

  10. M170

    Hello, I just came here to support the gameplay, altho I muted it and didn't watch video. I want to struggle as much as I can and try to find out things on my own in this game. Which is by the way real pain, but still makes me wanna play it more and more. Here's Like and sub from meh. o/

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