Overview of my Vintage Apple Computer Collection - Macintosh / iMac

Overview of my Vintage Apple Computer Collection – Macintosh / iMac

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Bit of a change for you all! I normally just do vacuum cleaner videos but for this one I really wanted to show you all my collection of vintage Apple computers.

My collection is nothing in comparison to some people’s that I’ve seen on YouTube but I’ve plans to grow and extend it in the coming years, depending on available funds of course.

The machines missing from my collection are the expensive ones e.g. Platinum Plus, Colour Classic II, Macintosh IIfx etc. I may need to get an extension on my mortgage… 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video!

hey France something slightly different for you right now I know I normally do videos on my vacuum cleaners but for this video I just wanted to show you my collection of vintage Apple Macintosh and iMac computers that I've collected over the past eight years or so these machines are really cool well I think they're really cool anyway so I just thought I'd share them with you don't worry when we go back to the vacuum cleaner videos shortly but for me this is just like a yeah let's let's have a look at what we've got in the collection so here we go so starting at the top here we have the original Apple Macintosh so this isn't the branded as a Macintosh one to 8k is actually the original 1984 machine this one is this particular one was manufactured in March of 84 as you can see it's got the original keyboard and the original mouse which is pretty cool sadly the machine itself doesn't run it needs some work doing to its analog board hopefully I will get around to that at some point then we have here in the middle the 1985 Macintosh 5 1 2 K I'm missing the 5 on 2ke sadly but this is this is the first 5 1 2 this one does run and I do have the keyboard and mouse they are currently in storage next up we have the ubiquitous 1986 Macintosh Plus for many people this was the first Apple Mac they ever used it's one of my personal favorites I bought this one Oh years ago and it came with a external hard drive and loads of bits as well as it's really cool it does run it works perfectly sound works is great didn't need any any work doing to it either so let's go down here so now we have I've got various bits of Apple computer stuff I suppose you could say you know so here we have a an apple power CD this is cool I love this thing you can actually use it today as like a normal CD player it's absolutely brilliant it just looks so cool up front we have a 2001 g4 cube this is the computer that was very shortly but it was only on sale for a year I believe and I think they cost 2200 pounds in base spec form it looks amazing but as a computer now you can't really do much with it sadly but it's it's great to have and in the back there you can just see it we have a 1987 Macintosh S II so this was the first machine to use the snow white design language it has I believe from memory the 400 K floppy I think I think that's the foreign decay probably one but then they changed that when we go onto here and we have the Macintosh se FD HD so this was the machine that had the high-density floppy drive it was the first one to have the HD floppy so it went up to 800 K up front we have a couple of speakers I think these came with the iMac g4 which was seeing him in a minute then we have the external scuzzy 40 SC hard drive that particular hard drive came with the blue with the plus when I bought it next up 1988 the Macintosh se 30 I think this was the most powerful of the black and white compact max I think only or now see I'm I'm struggling to recall now I think I think it was color classic was slightly faster than se 30 I think that's true this video is like a test for me to try and recall my Apple computer knowledge then we have a lovely little iBook g4 here this is one of my all-time favorite machines it's so cute it's cute and tiny and it still works after all these years it's a bit dirty on the top don't don't look at that okay let's go down here I haven't got a machine at the back there I think that is a classic oh yes there we go yeah so that's a classic from 1990 pretty much the same machine as the plus I don't it's just just with a different looking case then we have a classic – yeah which I think was 1991 a slight upgrade to the classic but not a massive leap forward then here we have my only Macintosh – this is a Macintosh – see I now this is quite something I have all the original boxes for this machine the original poly inserts the wrapping the discs the manuals the books the whole thing it is complete is just every possible thing that was sold with this machine in 1991 I have and I believe I've even still got the original receipt which was it was dated September 91 I think and the cost of the computer was 2,000 pounds insane 2,000 pounds in 91 absolutely amazing next up the last of the compact Maxwell right gets really the penultimate it's the color classic this is such an amazing looking machine that's all the look of it it's just so brilliant looking so stylish with that wonderful Sony Trinitron screen in there as well and absolutely amazing machine this one runs – it's all complete takes a while to start though because obviously you need to charge up the battery before it'll boot just go down to the bottom here I got to get down on the floor this on the top there is a PowerBook g4 I think that's an aluminium one for 2005 so quite late in the Powerbooks life then the beast so that's the Power Mac g5 with the twin g5 CPUs it's that is an amazing machine you can still use it now and that particular computer was – from 2005 so what PC can you use from 2005 to do at work and watch YouTube videos on it's very impressive at the back they're kind of hard to see there's an iMac g3 poor little things hidden behind the g5 perhaps I should swap those over so you can see that I met you through a bit better or a couple of drives here so these drives came with the the 2ci so you have a external hard drive and external CD writer I think I think that's a CD writer I can't remember it's been a long time since I used it at the back there the most mmm well possibly the most modern Mac my own iMac I own so that's the the g5 Polycarp and then here we have the iMac g4 the the most incredible incredible looking computer ever made if you ask me I mean there's just the dome and the silver logo and oh she's awesome so there we go that's my collection of computers I hope you enjoyed this little video I would fire some up for you but I've got the time and I can't I to be honest with you most of them the software is all in storage and it's just the machines I've got on show so yeah hope you enjoyed the video take care and normal service with the vacuum cleaners will resume soon take care

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