Pajama Sam - Game Review (PC)

Pajama Sam – Game Review (PC)

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Don’t be afraid of the Dark! Pajama Sam is here to capture him and stuff him in a lunch box. Did you find the hidden annotation? You should. It’s totally worth it.

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hey everyone welcome back to second look I'm pushing up roses and as you can see I am in my PJs I thought it'd be cool to do a review like we're having a sleepover got my teddy bear right here we can eat pizza rolls we can talk about boys and we can tell scary stories in the dark it'll be great oh crap the power went out but that's okay I'm not scared or anything it's just the dark there's nothing weird about that it's not like there's a serial killer lurking in the darkness or aliens with weird phallic looking probes or fire ants hello anyone anyone janna Sam is my favorite title out of the humongous entertainment games the other games were fun but the Jama Sam is an experience I didn't have the pleasure of playing pajama Sam when I was young so I played through it as an adult right off the bat I was reminded of the popular comic book strip Calvin and Hobbes where you play as a precocious little boy who likes to dress up as his favorite comic book alter-ego the problem is Sam is afraid of the dark and the dark has taken up residence in his bedroom closet there's no need to hide when it's dark outside no need to hide when dark outside I'm not scared of darkness whoops my closet but that's he plans to find darkness capture it and keep it in his lunchbox sounds legit this is a job for Sam is performed by well-known voice actress Pamela Adlon better known as the voice behind Bobby hill another really neat element in this game is the fact that it has randomized puzzles adding to its replayability the first time I played through it I didn't even find everything and another interesting fact pijama Sam's original name was Pumpkinhead boy and he was to have the head of a pumpkin this is straight from the Twitter of Ron Gilbert himself so it's likely to be true I mean that is true right Ron I feed you wouldn't lie to me to make me look like an idiot in my own review would you one of my favorite things about the humongous entertainment games is the humor style appeals very much to adults the same way it would appeal to children I specially love the characters you meet throughout this game almost everything is personified and there are a lot of musical elements because music is great let's hear some of the kitchen medley my job is a daily grind I've got mincing naan my mind be back green not bad not bad at all very lovely rhyming scheme now let's hear from the fridge oh wow okay you know what you just you just stick to being a fridge okay not everyone has a career in music here's a talking canoe named Otto he's insanely skeptical about water and it's Sam's job to convince him that wood can actually float this talking canoe is one of the most misinformed creatures I have ever met I can't go in the water I think I made of wood you know but what flows no I don't think so I had this friend and he told me the story about his dentist brother who um he was made of wood and he got in the water and he sank really once you do manage to convince him you can ride him to get to other places but man is it just me or is this boat seriously depressed look at his perfectly vacuous expression must be hard out there being a boat I guess Hey look a minecart I have always wanted to talk to one of those what's your name my name's mud really no not really then why did you say it was I'm sorry I'm just real depressed at all you lied to me you lying minecart jerk there's a prominent amount of educational content sprinkled throughout the game along with some moral responsibility teaching for example this game teaches me to find all of my socks put them in the laundry basket and make sure they match I don't know what the statistics of children with irresponsible sock folding habits are but it must be a real issue the Jama sam also has several mini games you can play while going through the main mission I probably would have enjoyed them as a kid but I don't so much as an adult though I must say it's very satisfying to win a game of cheese and crackers aka tic-tac-toe against the talking toaster I want now can I eat the cheese no I really fell in love with this game and it's probably because the main character pajama Sam is very relatable unlike some of the other hej Mike putt-putt how do I relate to a car I can't I'm not a car at least last time I checked I wasn't a car but a little kid I can relate to and it really opens up the imagination and reminds me of being young putt-putt reminds me of all the car problems I've been having lately thanks putt-putt but the real question is does Sam ever conquer this hellish fear does he manage to find the dark somewhere in this living world and trap him within his lunchbox well I'm not going to tell you I think you should just play it yourself no matter what age you are and if you have children consider playing it with them I bet they would love it pajamas Sam had a few re-releases throughout the years and was even released on the Wii in 2008 as pajamas Sam don't fear the dark and again for iOS in 2012 so this game has managed to stay relevant and loved by all for 18 years so yeah I really enjoyed this game and to be honest I'm not really sure how to end the review so I'm just gonna sing you guys a song wrote it myself hope you guys like it thank you for watching this review I hope you liked it something about carrots it's okay I'll just get my flashlight and my lunchbox or I could just wait until the power comes back on that would work – what was that did you hear that if anyone's there just look out hmm maybe I could reach for my cellphone and use that as a flashlight crap I dropped it screw the dark I'm better than the dark I have my own video show the dark doesn't really have a show so yeah how are you guys doing I had pizza for dinner today it was pretty good it was one of those $5 Pizza buffets so I mean it wasn't that good it was good he was cheaply good you know I wanted to make a cape for this review but I never learned how to so when I ran out of staples I really should have learned how to so I could have come in handy for sewing emergencies anyone there yet hello please turn on the lights so alone

48 Replies to “Pajama Sam – Game Review (PC)”

  1. Nicholas Polkey

    this is the first game youve reviewed that I have actually played beforehand. and the depressed boat that doesn't understand it can float has stuck in my mind for the last 15-20 yrs

  2. ztslovebird

    Your teddy bear is super cute! BTW, did you ever play the Pajama Sam sequel? I forget the name, but I remember it was set at a weather factory.

  3. AudreyDurden

    skyfox Mulder and agent Dana scrubby from the space cadet files of the x galeX-see…. yes misinformed. tragically misinformed. seriously depressed boat
    that about sums it up more than you'll ever understand.

  4. AudreyDurden

    ((((because I can))))….do things….like this, and no one gives a shit or thinks I'm weird. they expect it to happen this way…black hole of the internet..that's where my best work always ends up. damn shame….. hey it's Marcy from Californiacation

  5. Avalasia Love

    I could believe the "pumpkin head boy" statement. There's a puzzle in the third game that requires you to put a pumpkin on your head.

  6. Krister Eide

    That "Pumpkin Head Boy" tidbit caught me off guard because at one point in this game, there's a gag you can activate where Pajama Sam reads a story in a book about a pumpkin-headed guy who loses his pumpkin and "becomes blue", and Sam comments something along the lines of "I think I've heard that story before". The idea that it's an inside joke about their scrapped story idea finally makes that joke make sense.

  7. Zenas Starchild

    This is the first game of the series. Their are four games in all, but five games were made. What happened to the fifth game? It was canceled due to litigation right after its release. What was the fifth game about? It had something to do with bath time and fear of going down the drain. Why was it litigated? Accused for being child pornography because it shows off Sam's butt in one seine. What happened to the fifth game? Recall.

    Is zealotry bad? yes… yes it is. Is zealotry stupid? yes… yes it is. Is zealotry ruinous? yes… yes it is. Did anything good come of this? No… nothing at all.

  8. Eva Steffy Steffy

    I played a lot of computer games and also I played Comcast games on demand on my computer!!!!!!))*)))))))))**) I can eat now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))**))
    my little pony is so cool

  9. AnaxErik4ever

    I played Candy Land, Freddy Fish 5 (loved Haunted School House though), and Putt Putt saves the Zoo, and the Blue's Birthday Blue's Clues games. Humongous Entertainment knew what they were doing when it came to humor and interesting clickable objects in kids games.
    I have to say, I like Freddy Fish better, but this game looks like fun.

  10. Eva Steffy Steffy

    I going to play Playstation 4!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))**** my daddy is getting me that game system for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))****

  11. ConfusedLadyKira

    Sleepover with Roses? Yaaay! Wait… talking about boys? grabs my girlfriend's boob Yeah… I'm not a fan of boys.

  12. Badger McWaffles

    though i do appreciate not spoiling things, every now and then i sort of wish you just did tell us the ending as I have no plans on playing some of these games (ironcally I did play this one as a kid). Sometimes, thats a good thing. -Martha Stewart

  13. HistoryTwistedInc

    My favorite Pajama Sam title was probably the one about the political power struggle between the different food groups.

  14. Machiner6

    Pajama Sam 1 was the first game I ever played, and – having Asperger's, was addicted for a while until Myst came along and I switched my attention to that. I recall replicating "Cheese and Crackers" with my dad many times on a huge dot-matrix sheet of paper, and our own grocery equivalents on the kitchen floor.

  15. Pajama Sam

    I'm really surprised you played this game as an adult and enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE these games! I grew up playing a majority of the games in the Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, and Pajama Sam series, and I still play them on occasion. But I like them so much due to nostalgia. I'm not sure how I would feel about first encountering the HE series as an adult.

  16. Coffee Mutt

    There are so many things I love about this game.

    I'm bummed the dancing furniture never let me in on that party though u.u

  17. magnusm4

    not only is it random and new puzzles every time you play but the scenes change too. New areas open and entire fully animated scenes and the part with the wood is extremely unique and even the best point and click didn't do it, when you first talk to him you then use the wood but if you first get the wood and use it immediately then instead of talking like they have met each other you will get completely different dialogue, even being idle can trigger a cutscene. Some puzzles require you to use whats in the background and not shoving it in your inventory. The environment is beautiful with the night mood really making it so much greater and with interesting areas with a cool name "the land of darkness". It's sequel is vomit. It's an entire fabric of machines and complicated stuff and just boring office environment with boring characters and no epic soundtrack like the cave theme from the first game. The third and last old sequel is much better than the second and has creativity but the gameplay lacks a lot compared to the first, still fun.

  18. crazystairs712

    God the nostalgia is coming back hard! I used to play this ALL the time in school. I was introduced to Pajama Sam and Freddie Fish and the original PC version of Prince of Persia before the remake. It was simply epic

  19. Anonymous Paradox

    This is kinda relevant to the video, but not that much. Has anyone realised the ending text of her videos and SMW's text is the same as Pythons in your cmd on PC?

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