Pardini GT/PC Pistol Disassembly and Reassembly

Pardini GT/PC Pistol Disassembly and Reassembly

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Pardini GT/PC Pistol Disassembly and Reassembly

Always make sure to handle your pistol and its parts in a safe manner.
This video shows the disassembly and reassembly of the Pardini GT Series Pistol.
This is the same method for all GT and PC series guns. This method will allow a quick and easy breakdown that can be done in a matter of minutes.
You can use this video to guide you in the process of cleaning, as well as knowing which parts to replace
If you have any questions, email us at: [email protected]

today I will show you how to disassemble and reassemble the party niji tea this method can be used for all GT and PC Series pistols I have a dual tone GT 45 6 inch with steel grip panels to begin make sure that the magazine is out and the chamber is empty first push out the slide lock key once you push it in rotate the slide lock you will need to rotate it 270 degrees so that it points downward now you can push the slide assembly forward next you will need to remove the trigger assembly you will need to push out the slide lock key the easiest way to do this is if you rotate it and pull as shown make sure to hold the trigger assembly in place to prevent it from moving next you'll need to push out the slide release from the inside of the frame push out by pushing this extension push the slide release out while holding the trigger assembly this is the view of the removal from the front push and pull now lift the front of the assembly and pull it forward this allows you to slide the disconnect route this is the GT 45 frame the slide release slide locking key in the assembled trigger now it's time to disassemble the barrel first remove the guide rod by pushing forward and pulling back then to remove the barrel push down and pull out you have the slide the barrel the recoil spring and the guide rod now you have easy access to all the internal areas of the slide to reassemble put the front of the barrel in first and push down to lock it in place check the top of the slide to ensure the barrel is locked then insert the guide rod into the recoil spring push it forward and then down so you can lock the spring assembly into position slide is now reassembled next is the frame when the trigger assembly is removed you have access to the trigger screws an important part when putting the assembly back make sure that the disconnect er goes into position first to do so push it all the way to the right side of the magwell and insert it into position then push the trigger assembly down and forward to make sure it gets into position ensure that both the lock key and slide release holes are lined up to begin get the slide release key and push it into place as shown it will click into position once it is all the way in and sure that it is flush with the frame and moves freely to put the slide lock back in use the relief shown make sure it's oriented downwards this is used to push the spring down the spring serves as a lock for the key insert the locking key oriented downwards then spin it around and push in to make the key go through the trigger assembly the relief is used to push the spring down once the key gets past the spring it is easy to push through keep the locking key in the position shown this will allow you to reattach the slide assembly hold the slide cocked in order to re-engage the slide lock now the gun is assembled thank you for watching if you have any questions email us at info at par Deenie guns calm you you

3 Replies to “Pardini GT/PC Pistol Disassembly and Reassembly”

  1. Appreciative Observer

    Would like to know the name of the metal that is used for the slide if "black" finish and the name of the metal used for the slide if "silver" finish.  Also is there an INOX version of the slide.  Thank you.

  2. drsullivan

    I’m looking at buying a Pardini GT9. Which model would you recommend, 5 or 6 inch? I target shoot only, no competition, ranges of 10-12 meters.

  3. Øystein Meland

    Thank you for this video. Now i know how to get my trigger assembly out of my GT9
    A complete video of cleaning GT/PC with tips and trics would be much appreciated!

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