PC Fix Speed removal guide

PC Fix Speed removal guide

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PC Fix Speed is a Potentially Unwanted Program designed to improve the speed of your computer. This program usually comes bundled with other software, and when installs automatically scans your PC and displays exaggerated messages on the status of the PC’s performance, to get users to pay for the PRO version of the software. It also adds registry entities that allow it to run each time the computer is started, and the application itself will constantly keep reminding users that they have errors by putting the application windows on top.

From the Author: The Service is provided by PCRx through Crawler, LLC. Clean and repair your PC’s registry, optimize PC performance and free up disk and memory space. With everything you do on your PC, including adding on devices, a new entry is created in your Windows® registry, and seldom are any removed after they’re no longer needed. The result, your PC gets bogged down with unnecessary entries, slowing your PC speed, the start-up and your Internet browser. PC Fix Speed cleans up registry entries and puts your PC back on track for optimal performance. PC Fix Speed is an essential application that should be a part of every computer. PC Fix Speed especially helps computers that are unusually slow, freeze up often or show error messages, by cleaning the system registry and improving overall performance.


Riskware ( 0040f0f51 )
PC Power Speed
24×7 Help
Spyware Terminator
PCRx Optimizer
Crawler LLC

This video shows a live demonstration of how PC Fix Speed can be automatically removed using Safebytes Anti-Malware. As of publication of this video, PC Fix Speed has been flagged as PUP., though detections can change over time.
Safebytes Anti-Malware detects malware on your PC for free. Removal of malware requires a paid license.
For some advanced users, manual removal of threats is preferred, and detailed in the linked article.

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