PES 2018 R1 + R2 DRIBBLE TUTORIAL | Mazy dribbling!

PES 2018 R1 + R2 DRIBBLE TUTORIAL | Mazy dribbling!

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or I’ll be upset FOREVER!!!


Maybe not… 🙂

ENJOY!!! 🙂


hello ladies and gents is Spoony pizza's here with another Pro Evolution Soccer a 2018 video and today I'm doing an r1 and r2 dribble tutorial so many people been asking for this so I do apologize that you've had to wait but it's out now so let's get straight into it first up with my control so please note that r1 is my special controls button and I'll choose my – okay so what I'm going to show you here I'm gonna slow right down for you guys r1 remember is my special controls button r2 is my sprint so you can see there what I mean what I'm doing is using the r1 my special controls button to slow the player down and then I'm using the sprint button and pushing away with the left analog stick to burst pass the player in that direction I want to go and this is since what I'm doing is I'm using the special controls to go one way and then using the sprint in the opposite direction so you can see that I'm holding a special control zone down on the left stick then up on the right stick and tap the Sprint and that just creates a little 6 yard gap to get a shot off if I wanted to like here for example once again the slow motion of that goal so you can watch me engage the special controls button there and then the sprint crease that gap may be able to get shut off really really effective you can do these skills with any player but I find the players with the higher dribbling stats that the defenders don't tend to tackle as you can see here Massey's getting really really close and they weren't weren't attempting to tuck make a tackle okay I'm going to show you a few actual live game clips where I use the the r1 and r2 there's no control on this but you can sort of see where it's a where and when it's being used there and there and they're there so you can see right here you know you're not gonna be a master from the start but the more practice you do the better you'll get I would recommend tying in with other skills don't just keep using our 1r2 like I have here these lefties [Applause] I just want to emphasize that point Ashley tie this in with those skills like you see here with the crew stern and I strongly strongly strongly recommend you check out my skills to trail which will be in the link of the description seriously only two thousand people have seen it so I'm really shocked at that because I spent a lot time making it and it's definitely worth checking out and I'm gonna show you now a goal that I scored using not the r1 love to just skill so you're gonna see that right now those Liverpool still that call to the good Muhammad Salla easily shrugged off the ball muhammad sallah can he can he finish he scored unbelievable and there's the goal they've been looking for I think he just thought about trying has looked from further out there but why bother where you can warm your way through a defense like that it's it's terrific play to to get through and score [Applause] and that concludes my tutorial guys I hope you enjoyed the the video if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you dislike it give it a thumbs down please subscribe if you want to see more of these videos and if there's anything else you want to see let me know in the comments and let me know your thoughts in the comments thanks a lot guys p-side Spoony bye bye

24 Replies to “PES 2018 R1 + R2 DRIBBLE TUTORIAL | Mazy dribbling!”

  1. KingMonkeyII

    Love ya work Spoony!!

    Just touching on the point you raised regarding not a large number of people watching your skills video – in my opinion it could be because a lot of us are pissed off that the great Pro Evo series has become a "gamer's game" rather than a pure "football game"??

    A select few players should be able to pull off most of those moves whilst under pressure from professional standard defenders, but not the case when a team like Watford has 3 Messi's and Andre Gray is the second coming of Batistuta – it takes the realism and the fun away.

    I'm personally really disappointed that pre-meditated stick combos trump intuitive football reactions these days. I am reluctant to learn them all, only want to know a couple for my creative players in my line-up to compliment my preferred tactics, etc.

    I've been playing Pro Evo since 1998 and have never found myself this angry before.
    Right stick skills and the CPU ball shielding are way over powered.
    (I am no spud, I've always used super-cancel and drop-the-shoulder feints, etc, etc, you know, the simple but effective realism PES used to be known for!!)

    What's your opinion mate??

  2. Murilo Ribeiro

    Fantástico! Gostei muito deste drible. Obrigado por compartilhar conosco esta habilidade.
    Você é de qual país?

  3. Dade Pellegrino

    Thanks for your tips Spoony, i use them a lot, at least i try to do it. I got a question: i've found some video on youtube and they says to use L1 button for dribbling, is it true? I only trust in you 🙂
    Sorry for my english

  4. M.D.rydin215

    What’s up spoony, what game speed to you play on? I’m getting a lot better thanks to ur videos. Starting to dominate on top player difficulty now. About to move up. Thank you

  5. celticpaul01

    Hey spoony great video, I'm having trouble dribbling with my player on legends online, my finger seems addicted to the sprint button which in turn hampers my fluent dribble, any tips on how to control this? Any help is appreciated

  6. Winterbringer

    Hi Spoony, congrats! Great video as always. I'd like to ask you something. How can you perform that simple skill at 0:28? I know I ought to press my Special Controls Button (R2 in my case) without dashing while just moving the LS but when I do that it doesn't always result in such a movement. The player sometimes moves sideways with the ball stuck to his foot but not playing it with the sole of his shoe. Is there any proper player position to get it done all the time? I thank you in advance. Have a good day!

  7. hammerhead1

    You have a Scottish twang? I've noticed also that as soon as you start playing players over 800 the dribbling goes up a level.

  8. PunchFor Pound

    This doesnt explain why my players wont do the stepover half the time I try it. Can only some players do it? Even with Messi though he only does it occasionally. Do you have to point the left stick diagonal to where the player is facing or sideways? Ive tried both but mostly diagonal.

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