Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - Layers for Beginners

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Layers for Beginners

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In this video tutorial I talk about Layers in photoshop and how to use them. This is a beginner tutorial that will help you better understand the way layers should work within photoshop.

Layers are a tool that allow you to stack things on top of images to enhance the look of the final image.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

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hey guys welcome to another tech no guru video today we are in the application Adobe Photoshop cs5 I'm going to do a brief beginner tutorial on layers layers are a one of the main components within all of the Adobe suite of design software and within Photoshop they're even more important and I'm going to show you the basics of understanding how to use them and how it can benefit you and using them within your project so you see here we have this nice image of this sleepy little dog here and he is a layer 0 ok this is the first layer you can see it over here in the layer panel ok and I'm going to rename that layer you can do that by double clicking on the layer 0 title there and I'm going to name that dog and then hit enter and it is now called the dog layer ok now let me explain to you how layers stack on top of each other this layer is the number 1 layer the only layer so it is obviously on top now this is how you create a new layer within the layers panel over here you go to new layer which is this option down here next to the trash can it is a little flipped up page there at the bottom click on that and it will create another layer and that layer is called layer 1 ok and I am going to on this layer I'm going to draw a little speech bubble here for the dog here so I'm going to do that with the I got a different brush selected here so I do not want that that brush selected so I'm going to change that to be this brush right here and I'm going to go ahead and shrink that brush down a little bit there we go alright and I'm going to draw a little bubble out here and it's a nice yellow bubble okay and he's very tired so he's sleepy so I'm going to go ahead and write sleepy ok in there so once I have done that this is on its own individual its own individual layer now the speech bubble is on top of the dog the picture in the background because it is on top the dog lair so envision it as if it is a projector looking down this is going to be your top layer and your bottom layer now if I took this layer and click and hold and drag it below that layer you're not going to be able to see it because it's a bottom the bottom layer and you're not going to be able to see that but when I drag it above the dog layer you can see it and now I can go to my selection tool and I can move this layer where wherever I want to because it's a new layer if I had done it on top of the first layer and did not create another layer then you wouldn't you you will not be able to move that layer so there we go I got a separate layer for that and I'm going to go ahead and title that layer by double clicking and type in Sleepy text okay and let's go ahead and add one more layer so I'm going to go down here to the new layer panel here and I'm going to click on that and that created one above the sleepy text layer and I want to say I want to add a shape to this let's go over here and let's go ahead and get the pen tool and I'm going to draw a strange-looking shape there so now I have a shape and this is going to be a shape here and this is a separate layer so now this layer is on top of both layers okay so you can keep stacking layers and you can even mask those layers to give them a nice effect if you would like to but I'm not going to do that okay so let me show you how to delete a layer say I want to get rid of that shape there I select it which is the layer 1 up here on top and I click on the trash can down here in the bottom right hand corner so click that delete layer and it says delete the layer 1 and then you just select yes and now that layer is completely removed ok and the box was not on the layer because I did it wrong so you're not going to see that that delete there ok you can also hide layers without deleting them so say I did not want to see the Sleepy text I just click on the little I indicate layer visibility and it will make that invisible or it will make that invisible depending on which one you select so layers are a great way of manipulating your photographs and adding different kind of techniques and additions such as text and shapes so if I want to add text layer what I will do is I will create a new layer make sure that layer is selected get my text tool out and then I will go ahead and draw out my text box and then I will type in here sleepy dog and then I'm going to go ahead and change the color of that to a nice red color so we can see it and I'm going to make it a little bigger here down to sixty and with that I now have this layer right here which is a text layer and I can hide that layer by doing that right there okay so now all of these layers are separate and because this layer is on top of the speech bubble I can actually drag it over here and it will go on top of the speech bubble okay so this is just a brief tutorial on the basics of how to work and deal with layers within Photoshop if you have any questions in regards to this tutorial please put them in the comment box below don't forget to subscribe like and comment and thanks for watching and I will see you next time

37 Replies to “Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Layers for Beginners”

  1. Minal Mehta

    hi so i ma really new to photoshop and very confused about the layers and also how to find the window with all those tools. my main problem is my pic has too much yellow in it and its a hot of a living room in a house and shot with the ambient light that is making the room look yellow …how do i go about it pls let me know now if u can …

  2. Kristianna

    So how do you make the lines kinda lighter say you just have a drawing and your gonna trace over out how do you make the lines lighting, like its just gonna be a light sketch and then trace over it with black lines

  3. David Phillips

    Simple, brief and to the point.  There are more advanced techniques I want to learn but you gave me a strong fundamental understanding of how layers work in just a few minutes.   Cannot thank you enough !

  4. bagoglass1

    Hey! Dusty.  This is the most helpful tute I've come across for getting started with PS.  I've been struggling on and off for years to get a toehold, without success, until I came across this one.  Maybe it's the dog?  Or maybe you're just a professional communicator who really knows the material and shares the common ground with those of us who just don't know!  Haha.  Thanks!

  5. Tasia Taderera

    Do you have any tutorials on how to Add an image from your computer as your layer when you already have a logo done and set .. Thanks

  6. Flavia G

    PLEASE HELP! For some reason I am trying to draw a rectangle as a new layer but it just goes directly into the "Background" layer so then I can not make adjustment just to the rectangle. And if I try to move it, the whole background moves with it too?!?! I'm think I must have accidentally clicked on something that doesn't create a new layer. FYI when I try to write text it adds the new layer perfectly…. Im just having issues with the shapes tools like rectangles, circles and lines…when I draw them the new layer does not appear in my layers window. 

  7. Errol Thompson

    Very good tutorial Dude so clear I struggle to use photo shop mainly because I coudnt find some good tutorials cheers bro.

  8. Dimitar Andovski

    hey ,if anyone else  wants to learn about 
    adobe photoshop tutorials basic
     try Greega Amazing Editor Guru (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  9. jerry decaire

    I have a question. Assume I have several layers I'm working on and when I have the one layer highlighted to the right in that navigation bar to assure I am only working with one of the layers, I assume that whatever changes I make will only affect the one layer-not all the layers. And yet, when I go to ROTATION of IMAGE/FLIP HORIZONTAL, all the images in all the layers flip horizontally. How can I make it so that only one layer/image at a time can be manipulated? Thank you.

  10. Gladdet Sartip

    I can not save the layer with the text in my iphoto. when i save the photo with the text i have only with page. Thank voor your tutorial is very helpful.

  11. Austin Carpenter

    How would you shade on photoshop, like with objects and shapes giving them a 3-D feel? and could you do that with Layers?

  12. handeyeguy

    thank you. but I still get lost if you quickly assume just one of the steps. and I notice my teacher does the same thing. Please don't assume that if you skipped a step I know what that step is. but this did help a lot.

  13. jeevanige

    dear , when i 'm in new layer 0 could i do work in that layer….and one more thing when i using layer 0 inbleow 01 or new layer ,i'm getting a pop up message that source could not connect (its showing msg )

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