Photoshop Tutorial - How To Unlock A Layer (Beginners)

Photoshop Tutorial – How To Unlock A Layer (Beginners)

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Photoshop Tutorial – How To Unlock A Layer (Beginners)

In this video tutorial I show you how to unlock a layer in photoshop! It is a very easy task that can sometimes hold you up if you are a photoshop beginner.

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hey guys welcome back again to another techguru video I've got another quick Photoshop tip and tutorial for you today I've had many questions on how to do this the question is how do i unlock a layer a background layer or any type of layer how do i unlock a layer so there are a number of ways of going about doing this the simplest being going over to the layer in the layers panel if your layers panel is not open go to window and then make sure the check mark is by the layers option here once you've done that double click on the layer and then it will ask you to rename this layer and always name it BG for background or you can type out background it really does not matter click OK and now as you see that background layer is now unlocked another thing you can do is you can actually go up here and you can right click on the layer and duplicate it just like that and it'll be called background copy click OK and now the copy of that background is unlocked and you can go back to the one that is locked and send it to the trash can if you would like and another way of going about doing it would be selecting the lock layer and then go to layer duplicate layer and that will do the same thing as right-clicking on that layer that is how you unlock a layer now if you have unlocked a layer and you want to lock the layer back so you will not mess it up all you need to do is select that layer make sure it's highlighted and then you will see a little lock right here above the layer and just click on that the layer is now locked hopefully this has been a helpful hint and tip tutorial for you guys in Photoshop if you do have any questions on how to do this or working with layers in general put them in the comment box below I will be more than happy to get to them as soon as I can if you want more great content such as this video hit the subscribe button in the upper left hand corner of this video if you like this video click on the thumbs up button and show me that you liked it so anyways guys hope you're all doing well and I will see you guys next time you

49 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial – How To Unlock A Layer (Beginners)”

  1. Anne Brooks

    Hi, I did what you said, but I get the checkered layer in the background. Can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks


    One thing I love about this tutorial is the fact that you get str8 to the fucking point and tell us percisly what to do and don't prolong the video with 3 minute rambles telling us to sub and all that bullshit. May not seem like a big deal but 99 percent of ppl who do tutorials on youtube take to fucking long to get the freaking point so thank you so very much for not being like the rest of them and helping me to avoid unneeded stress and to learn somthing new that I really needed to learn. Like+ favorite keep up the good work sir

  3. Sweaty Cubes

    congratulations. this was working for me when i just double clicked the lock icon on the layer without renaming needed but now it does not work. all 3 methods here failed.

  4. Linehaul Al

    To add to your unlock layer tutorial is a "unlock position" check box next to the "unlock layer box". One or both of those need to be unchecked To move a layer around. Don't know a lot about photo shop but this one I had to figure out for myself.You got me going in the right direction. Thanks…

  5. Sportspower Margaret River

    Hi Techguy 🙂 Trouble here  …. when I unlock my layer and background my image disappears. and goes into a translucent state  I  think its a setting, but cant work it out. Hope ya can help me.  TIA

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