Play iPhone Games & Win Cash Rewards – Big Time | OVER $1000 in CASH PRIZES EVERY WEEK!

Play iPhone Games & Win Cash Rewards – Big Time | OVER $1000 in CASH PRIZES EVERY WEEK!

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Today we have the iPhone App Big Time which lets you win Thousands of Dollars worth of Cash Prizes Every Week just for Playing Fun iPhone Games!
Download Big Time: | 2,500 Free Points Invite Code: H4YP7

Let us know what you think of Big Time – The App to Play Games and Win Cash Rewards in the Comments Below! Enjoy!

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today we're taking a look at the incredibly fun app big time which has 15 fun and exciting games in one where you can collect tickets for a chance to win incredible cash prizes big time is an app that lets you play fun games in order to collect tickets which will put you in randomly Clee drawings from cash prizes over $1000 this week the prize totals one thousand two hundred dollars to a lucky winner additionally big-time gives away money to charity every week and allows you to use your tickets to vote on which charity will get the money the best part is the games in this app are actually a lot of fun to play so regardless of whether or not you win big you find yourself genuinely enjoying the fun games in big time you start out with five based games and as your level increases you unlock up to fifteen exciting games to play my favourite game is galactic gateways the game as you moving back and forth and even splitting your character in order to avoid the obstacles gained the high score and of course win tickets that will bring you ever closer to the thousand dollar cash prize every day when you log in you get a free reward which is everything from a credits boost that doubles your credits for a limited time frame all the way to 1000 tickets which is sure to help your odds of winning the money additionally when you sign up you can use the code h4 y p7 in order to get 2500 free tickets just go to your profile and click enter invite code gusty grove is a challenging yet very fun minigame that has you tapping in order to control your characters jetpack in order to avoid the spikes and collect tickets Rover Ranger is an interesting endless runner twist that has you maneuvering a track in order to collect tickets and avoid dangerous obstacles kinetic console is another fun game that is very similar to flow free except the differences when you play it in big time you have the chance to win real cold hard cash the final introductory game is beaming boxes which allows you to stack a tower of boxes as high as possible to win the tickets and gain the high score these are just 5 of the 15 total games avail in big-time big-time is completely free and has absolutely no in-app purchases they instead rely upon ad revenue to pay for the big prizes they give out every week in addition to collecting tickets by playing games you can also get even more tickets by winning achievements I played my favorite game galactic gateways until I was finally able to surpass the 50 point mark and not only win my usual tickets but also win big and get 1000 ticket prize for the achievement overall big time is a lot of fun to play and can even let you win real-life rewards I highly recommend you downloading the app today is available for free on the App Store thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe share this video with your friends and I'll see you next time bye

34 Replies to “Play iPhone Games & Win Cash Rewards – Big Time | OVER $1000 in CASH PRIZES EVERY WEEK!”

  1. The App Inspector

    Thanks for making a video on Big Time app. It's a nice app with great amount of games to choose from. They are addictive and on top of that they reward you for playing them. How cool is that? Even though this app offers all of this, I have to say that there are much better apps out there.

  2. Por que tu nombre me aparece en todos lados T-T

    Hola les invito a que pongan este código de invitación. PSHY8 y así ganaran 2,500 creditos.

  3. Beyond Games

    1DG3I is my code put it on profile and earn money and tickets for free….and help me too with same amount if u want:D…

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