Poly Bridge - PC Review

Poly Bridge – PC Review

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Idiotech provides an in-depth review of Poly Bridge for PC.

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I'm idiot ACK and this is my review of poly bridge for PC the game retails for $11.99 us now you may have seen mechanics like this before in games like bridge constructor however this game seems to have evolved that idea significantly and improved the visuals there's also a ton of content so instead of doing the review in a traditional way editing things together I wanted to actually demonstrate this game because honestly that's the best way of showing you how it works so let's jump in we have a campaign mode now this campaign mode is kind of cool there's a hundred puzzles overall which is quite a lot when you consider how hard they get I've completed the entire first section I've also started to work my way into the second section however these levels are not unlocked as you progress you can play any level you like in the entire entire campaign which i think is a great thing I don't see a reason to prevent people from trying other puzzles and if they get stuck on one they can move over to the next now you'll see blue yellow and green sections here what this indicates is that I've completed the puzzle but not perfectly the blue ones I've done correctly the green and yellow ones I have not so that's basically how that works now before we actually jump into a game I want to show you the other features we also have sandbox now this allows us to build our own levels and you can upload these to the Steam Workshop which is a great feature and adds tons and tons of replay value so if I want to add stuff to this level I can just click on cars for example I can select a bus I can drag and drop it onto the level I can move it into place that's where he needs to get and then I can jump in and the person can start building a bridge immediately and things like that so really cool system there I had a bit of a play around with it I think it's good it's flexible enough and it offers enough depth for people to create some interesting levels let's back out of this next we have the workshop you can sort this by featured popular things you've created all that so that's really cool it's nice having access to this in game rather than having to leave the game and go to steam to check that stuff out we can look at the various levels that people have created this is these are the most popular this week we can go to the most popular of all time now this game was out nearly access for some time so I imagine there's quite a lot of levels here that are older but you can see the levels here you can get a preview you can find out information about them you can download them and play them so that's cool tons of replay value next we have gallery now what this will do is show you the constructions that other people have made just a bunch of random ones from what I can tell you can also view your friends you can sort by most recent based on budget what kind of items they have things like that so yeah nice replay system it's good to help you if you get stuck on a puzzle you can find someone else's puzzle and go oh okay this level here for example one one it'll give me a bunch of examples of what people did to solve that and you can see the different creative and interesting ways people approach each puzzle you don't have to do the same thing which I kind of like so let's jump in I'll show you just a random level from back here let's go with let's go with a paddleboat drawbridge okay so this is kind of a complex level but that's a good idea to show you because it shows you some of the complexity also the hydraulic system which is a new addition to this formula so as you can see here it says we got to start then the blue car will drive then the hydraulics will trigger then the boat will come through then the hydraulics will trigger and then the red car will come through so it's kind of complex basically we got to get a car across first then raise the bridge let the boat through lower the bridge and let the other car get across so we have various tools at our disposal to do this however in this level we're restricted to roads wood and hydraulics you can also get steel rope and cable that's it in terms of the tools you can also draw with this tracing tools which is a really good feature and it helps for speeding things up so you can create curves and things like that with Bezier tools like this so that's a nice feature you can change it lock it flip it do all that stuff you can copy and paste you can turn on and off the grid you can also view stress visibility when you actually run the level so they've kind of thought of everything and the visual style in this game while simplistic I think works well for this type of experience ok so let's start up by building a road now the easiest way to do this I should unclick that it's just to build a road straight across and then to reinforce that road now what I'm going to do here is I'm going to build triangular structures in engineering it seems that triangular structures are the most solid structure and instead of just repeating this process I'm gonna copy and paste it by using control-c which is nice it's good the keyboard shortcuts are available in the game I'm also gonna tighten this thing up at the top make it more secure by doing this now I'm not gonna do it in the middle one and I'll show you why in a moment now that's a bridge okay that bridge should hold up it doesn't okay so we need to fix that problem when you hit play up in the top corner here you can see the results of your bridge so I'm gonna add some more wood in here in fact what I'm gonna do is hmmm what should I do actually the hydraulics may keep this thing stable so I'm adding some hydraulics to the bridge now I want the bridge to open from the center and for this section to move over to the right in this section to move over to the left now the way I do that is to create a split joint I do that by double clicking on one of the joins it's telling me that I'm doing that and when you zoom in it says okay this this are connected to this side of the split and this and this are connected to this side of the split if for whatever reason you want to change that you can click on these and augment them that way so what should happen now is the bridge should split in half and the hydraulics hopefully will hold it together but we'll see so let's hit play okay the hydraulics are holding it together I'll toggle the stress you can see the stress in various areas as the car crosses the bridge okay so I that up significantly and my bridge is now going into the water it may actually survive I don't think so I think the boat will destroy it No okay my bridge is an unusual unorthodox bridge but it does seem to be working apparently you can have a bridge that lowers into the water and there you go the red car is getting across you can see the stress there I completed the level i actually did a reasonable job which is surprising considering my bridge went into the water but nevertheless that's how it works at the end of each game you'll get these ratings so basically it tells you on a curve what your budget was compared to other people so a very small number of people spent around 20,000 which was the budget for this level and the goal is to try and create a bridge that is the most cost efficient that you that is the least stressed and is has the least material footprint so I actually did quite well there there's a lot of pea or playing this game so to get around 1700s not bad and you can see from the graphs here that I'm doing quite well as well so I can reverse this process by dragging these hydraulics in different areas so I can say ok instead of contracting I want you to expand by 50% so let's try that instead just to show you what it was supposed to do I'll also speed up the simulation which you can do up here let's see if this actually works or whether my original solution was better apparently my original solution was better so lowering the bridge into the water was the best way of dealing with this for me apparently so there the systems now I'll jump into a later level to show you some of the other mechanics and let me just back out of this one let's exit ok let's go to something more complex slanted draw bridge so this is significantly more complicated I have done this so I do know how to solve it I won't show you too many levels here because I don't want to spoil them for you they are puzzles and once you've completed them that's kind of it you've cut you kind of move on I mean you can replay things for the purpose of trying to get a better score on the leaderboards which is nice because it does does give you a reason to go back and I do like the addition of the Steam Workshop feature I think that's great in terms of replay value there's a ton here okay so I'm gonna what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just build a steel bar I'm gonna take the singular rope I have and tie it down here to keep this stable then I'm gonna build a road from here to here I've already done this level so I dunno how to complete him and then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to split the bridge probably around here and try and pull it up so what I need to do is I need to actually I will stabilize the bridge also here to make sure it doesn't fall down then I will take my wood and I will draw my triangular structures to keep it nice and secure let's copy and paste that multiple times hang on yeah I would like to copy and paste it please thank cute so yeah loads of features here it's well thought-out the editors nice I like the fact that you build things in this sort of blueprint mode and then you switch into the real mode afterwards it's a well presented game I should also talk about the music it's not my personal taste but it is well produced it's a classical sort of country and western style guitar and that's fine you know it's not personally for me but it's well done okay so what I'm gonna do here is split the bridge in the middle and then I'm going to I think try and connect this here and have it contract which should pull it up and away this might fail horribly but let's give it a go okay okay stress wise it's doing okay everything's green it's getting a little yellow over here but nothing major let's see if this thing holds up yes it does I love the addition of hydraulics compared to something like bridge constructor this is way better in terms of its presentation as you can see in terms of the mechanics itself it's a much better game and that's to be expected seen as bridge constructor came out in 2013 and this game is clearly taking that game and trying to evolve upon it so yeah there's the level I've completed the level and we should see our leaderboard score in a moment and that really is all the game you can build bridges they are more and more complex as you progress through the main campaign you can download stuff from the workshop you can make your own levels and upload them to the workshop you can compete with your friends on the leaderboards you can go back and try and do stuff again and honestly I didn't expect to enjoy this game as much as I have I plan to maybe put two hours into a first impressions video however I ended up playing the thing for like six or seven hours and thought hang on I have to actually go and make a video on this and that's a testament to how much I enjoyed it it's a great experience overall I find it relaxing it's something I can just do in the background while I'm listening to a podcast and it challenges me mentally but it's also mechanically satisfying to build these bridges and their art style and music and all that stuff the presentation makes the whole thing kind of a pleasant thing to do so yeah if you're looking for a puzzle game that revolves around the idea of engineering and bridge construction I don't think you can go wrong with this one honestly for $12 US I thoroughly recommend it if you found this video helpful or useful in some way and you want to support this channel please like comment share and subscribe and if you want to support the channel financially you can do so on patreon you will find a link in the description for that below as always thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time

31 Replies to “Poly Bridge – PC Review”

  1. CitizenX3639

    First review I watched after I saw some others praising your style. Instant sub after watching and then I watched a few others. Great job keep up the good work.

  2. Halsaufschneider

    Best self cleaning bridge ever, good work. Good thinking by simply dipping it into the water. |o|

    btw. Hydraulics are noting new to the formula. Much older Bridge Builder games had this feature already. Just saying, don't hit me.

  3. Chu Chow

    Damned funny video! Not really into puzzle games myself, but I found this one very amusing, largely due to what happens when you screw up. Will recommend to my engineer dad.

  4. daftis

    Polly bridge is now in my steam library! haha i played bridge constructer several times a week. I had totaly missed this game!

    thx for noticing and reviewing these kind of games. Great to play when the kid is taking a 30 min nap!

  5. Raic Nordic

    Have not played the newer bridge building games, but this seems to have features very similar to what Bridge Builder and Pontifex had early 2000, just with great user interface. Might check it out, played huge amounts of Pontifex back in the day.

  6. Varyia

    If you think about it, dropping the bridge into the water is actually a pretty good idea. That way it gets cleaned automatically.

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