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dream what the game is under maintenance that that sucks that's this that's this freaking side dude that's the side okay so what do what do i what do I play I play pop GPC I shall display like Bob G mobile OS you let me let me see what you guys voted for in the community tab so YouTube your channel I sent you a message and instead for maintenance break I did not see that let's see what people were for we'll play that pop G light apex legends view comments held for review Babji lasers and the maintenance okay that that's just sad alright I guess I guess we're playing I guess we're playing apex legends shit better change the name Babji and apex legends just gonna put it back legends there I'm gonna change the name of the apex legends yeah there we go alright so it's just launch of apex legends then I hope I have all right this should work my classmates also got 95 yeah well people kind of voted for apex so I'm just gonna go with Apex table GPC is not even on the list I can't I can't play pop GPC dude it's it would be tough for me to play pop GPC all right let me just let me just get my life okay so we've got the LAN cable I've got LAN cable in hopefully yep I'm plugged in nice and easy let's play some let's play some freakin apex Legends boys you guys are from state board shaper is easy to write I'd say that all you say but is way easier than a BSc and icse no I don't know what do you guys think do you have friends who have like a there you go seeing all my sponsors if any of the sponsors want to sort of drop in all the sponsors chat you can just drop in and we can play then whatever I'll just do like a solo run mmm drones oh she says you are wrong you should have said you are wrong wrong Josh you which is which bore did you study in row tell me 95% ICSE English they're getting anything yeah I think but English was easy right State Board no man stay pods easier bro stay pods way easier all my friends did it State Board like is there like really stupid dude like Armand now if I have to send flex yeah bye but I'm guessing like exam so much easier the CBC mode has half fucking cooking to be subjected why 95% on title this flexing John just like dude Armand was better than you are introducing at English the DJ 95% this saying it's it's a numbers game stair is hard for us ICC people the teachers grade you high if you copy textbook own answers get less no I disagree with you I think I think in ICAC like if you write your own answers but you hit the let's go this way you hit the key points that you know supposed to cover the answer then you get lost so that good question has like making contact with enemy okay I studied icac is a backpack here you gotta do know it here because it's on the backpack okay fire here get the extended mag and you're a solid base apart ready to check out right here where did it varied you mom it's pitiful dibs how do you get to the Spitfire okay pop it now pick up that youtube doesn't want me here no notification hit bell icon bro hit bell icon well at least I started on time today like come on give me that much charger heavy ammo here okay go to normal fancy longbow here yeah these guys took a body shell here I need it I love this game so smooth now I need a shower oh yes DOMA spawn so enjoying the watch for them nice thank you oh yeah I could use that heavy ammo here I need a standard stock I need an extended heavy Meg Thanks oh this way damn rings next door 45 I would seriously Meinholz who let ya see my with I see you see I see my whole lot baby wasn't that hard iPhone iPhone 3G card she's got a feeling someone's been here I could use that 10 seconds the Rings closed okay guys I play I go the Rings moving friends why's he shooting smokes that was one nice work [Applause] you know what's up ivy welcome to the stream I loved physics hated camp I hated physics I didn't mind chemistry I like the organic chemistry in organic like balanced equations which is not a big fan of this basically love from a fellow 94.6% me a boy Thank You Sadiq rock and Uche ulti krokov douche hey by the way guys if you're new to the stream please subscribe please hit that like button and if you want to become a sponsor I've reduced the sponsor prices to 29 rupees which is nothing it's nothing it doesn't cost anything yeah it's okay man shit happy let's see if they revised me like I don't know why kill two people I need a standard stock oh they both killed two people each okay no bad make the thumbnail your marks card you know to pay fees by sixteen what's up bro welcome to the stream I got in a sec class 96% oh I don't know are you guys even going to let's check out this area yeah it costs three water pulse exactly guys it costs three what opposed to sponsor my channel come on guys Bob got ICC class then 96% yes acceleration Sam by the way guys if you want please support the flood relief fund people in Assam are in really bad shape and one of my college batch mates wrote a really nice article I will share it on Instagram it's a so it's pretty messed up like this one of the Navy creationism I'll have nothing that's the best part there'll be nothing here for you stabilizer here level two I have no armor I have 15 bullets I could use that anybody have a spare gun lucky us we are already inside the ring use the wingman shield cell here I could use that Eva eight here shotgun bowl here Bob takes here micro care packets touching down they usually carry rare platforms optics here close ranging always better than iron sights blessings for this way I know a lot here like why did you pick up the Eva but I'm just I know I'm gonna miss got a hop up here select-fire great already inside the ring and my bus more yeah I'm possible I'm just gonna stick with these guys no and then are you've spotted spotted near me and me over there [Applause] [Applause] I am repairing myself [Applause] fucking idiots doing great moves friend what are they doing dude come on I got a boo-boo I got a boo-boo dude what were you guys doing you dumbass stop looting dude stop looting it helping we're inside the next ring [Applause] over there ignore that last part gotta hop up here what a dumbass like he could have helped his teammate they had purple and golden shields I are you kidding me fools okay everyone play or should I just play another one anybody coming and how do you feel it exactly like this horrible man oh shit I mean I don't really have I don't have anything what is this this is this is gonna be like really boring for me to keep playing with this kind of team at least I can play delay this till 4:30 right and then I can switch to dodgy light all right you guys have mics hello do you speak english' mics together mics prepared and ready lolly squad okay we have a support player we got a job to do such cheap your carcass we rise okay – aggro on support let's see how this works out why is she touching it like that why is she touching the robot I'm single champion oh my God look at these guys thank you got a good feeling about this area okay here we go ready yep take away take away face first blood next rings far I need a select-fire sorry shield here backpack here level one you get a leader appointed whether these guys backpack here level two still the game song yeah the game's music is great people up in through here I like how you can climb up these things in the camper english-only yes sorry initially no no no Hindi words I think I should capitalize on the the english-speaking audience it should be a pretty big audience the Rings closing in a minute we're not close I need it I did it he needs a Hindi would 45 seconds rings far argue like that man it's okay thank you damn it so close got an extended energy mag here barrel stabilizer here level 2 I need an extended light Meg need a hog a select-fire in progress heads up the Rings moving good so cuz it's gonna start moving soon I got a quick can you get some shit is this open supply ship over there heads up care package coming in you have a dropship coming in Hostel over there let's go where's the other gang next time I need a team dude I need a team but why you look better when you were saggy yeah I did the face up thing thank you it's the problem man like like playing a pitcher solo this is there's no point is it for third year okay I'll play some I'll play some pop gpcr for this like it's it's there's no point dude there's none of these guys know how they want it the third guy was just hanging behind like a jackass there's our mics I know I am doing hello you guys have mics so time that make this look good literally this hair this face and come on come on Hurd mask is going to directly link up into the internet so look what money does to you this is your champion I played this game twice and it is sad no man it's actually good all right let's just stick together and win this later this guy doesn't want to do [Applause] fuck never saw me coming did ya it's cool they never do fuck this shit I can't pay I can't play the solos dude it's just not possible you need coordination man anyway I will pay some pop GPC because I don't think we can play pop G light I think it's still in like I think it's still oh don't tell me there's a download happening there's a new update now ATM is not so bad hmm who was the custom match in csgo I don't want play csgo it is not in the detail still under maintenance alright we can play we can play a couple of table G PC games and then hopefully switch over to Bob G light come on let us go boys let's go let's go let's go let's go and error occurred there we go all right well GPC it is and look at those frame drops Jesus okay seems to have stabilized so I guess this is it then see you soon no I'm playing pop CPC would what are you talking about yeah sure Rick hopefully hopefully I haven't played Bob Jaffe since so long I know I don't have the test servers I don't play pop GPC enough that I should have like the peso my one plus seven came today but I say my one plus seven I mean my girlfriend's 1.1 plus seven graphics [Applause] why am I getting 80 FPS these are my custom settings by the way this gender scale okay you saw the new pop G cinematic mmm it's quite nice he means for light babji light has a new update on here okay I did not know that okay some things are not there in this game which I wish there was like the distance of the of the marker like like the way they have it in pop G light if that was there I would have been really happy okay I hope it's one of the guns please spawn the guns hold on to that 6x it won't hurt to have a need okay I'm play pop CPC in a very long time okay so if it's just it just generally feels slow I'm getting like 90 FPS that can't be good this reload okay decent decent loot fucking how how does that one shot take me to 60% of my HP dude damn it but I don't bleep up GPC ever so how do you compare like PC which is better I prefer light I just prefer light unfortunately this guy has seen me so remove my red shirt also a our BB L sub a douche mr. guys how much delay I don't know much shouldn't be I'm playing an ultra-low latency so yeah I wish I'd had shot it yes that would have been nicer I don't know how many people are here but I just need to get like some sort of a high five six box ah you see me he knows where I am okay oh shit and I guess too far I know I know logic they take dick takes I should go for him where is this guy all right let's see anybody okay let's keep moving the light of the result ha okay pushing me what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck was that that doesn't that doesn't make sense at all dude that doesn't make sense at all update my light okay Jesus all right that was crazy dude that flash landed like poof I'm not even mad that flash landed like perfectly perfectly right it was like he's his stun landed right on my feet I just I don't understand Mike I don't understand what happened he's probably light ready shit now that was crazy dude I'll do I'll do a I'll do a quick quick drop while this updates oh look at these look at these pictures and stuff Wow fancy I was those insane and they did they had me yeah he see as good me right shit that was some csgo sure I agree I agree I'm not even mad I was just like what I hit him but near Arthur gave me what's up we are just talking about how I just got rekt I'm gonna go for a pudding key play and then we'll switch over to light Jesus dude but we just saw the cinematic trailer so is steam coming some story no I think it's just like season 4 is coming out so it's like the promo for season 4 new skins new map changes is a huge update huge update they have they have buffed the ARS they have buffed sorry they know if the errors they're buff the SMGs you can now put a red dot on and a hollow on the Uzi this is like a lot of changes car 98 is now more powerful than the mp4 but the m24 still be I'd say the faster you know it's still the faster sniper rifle yo sorry I mopped on you know Mike you know Mike is that too extreme oh I think that's a twist a knockdown says hey come on a headshot with the pistol was like it's pretty good I'm okay with with dying is it can I can launch the game now prabhjeet light run there we go coming okay and we sit in the sponsors room if you guys if you guys want to join in just join him what's in the new update I think mostly bug-fix I think mostly bug fixes have they added new weapons to the store skeleton hands during Meal Time come on give me something can you something oh yeah boy now I ask you don't like this that much so prefer this let's go let's go what are you getting this Oh not bad not bad don't like the color though it could have been a better color No give me something good read the patch notes credit to a pants give me jacket you mean jacket insufficient balance okay so what is it what does this look like all right I think I prefer this okay what were you guys saying these are patch notes where are the patch notes I know it's easy patch notes yes it is Wester shirt let's go I think I think I'd have to be a girl for this I think I'd have to be a girl for this tonight hand top corners with the paper flip key updates realistic damage range based on bullet caliber up until now bullets with size of a dot had been shot for we make gameplay feel more realistic by adjusting the bullet mount space of a bullet caliber okay a player shoots at the five five six weapon and below the diameter of fire fastest will be shot added radio feature can be used in all modes even duo's and squads you can display the radio message wheel by pressing the mouse wheel or with f3 there's a total of eight messages you can select pick ping an enemy spotter in particular can be used in various circumstances you can use them more quickly with separate key bindings okay alright messages vary by distance neeraj medium is long-range enemy spotted long range 300 okay need ammo most dynamically with the message effectively i whatever the weapon you are holding I need five five six pretty cool tree management you can block people ok season and so not much bug fixes fix issues of users being able to look through the walls issue of reloading sound issues fix the issue where there is no sound different relearning moving walking foot sucks fix the issue where the PC will crash will accessing a lobby inserting computer computers they haven't fixed initializing bug which is very sad she's very excited me Oh we did not coming the a Keystone giant okay we will play a pratik thanks it's too lazy to read it to a student by the way because by the way we have yak I will kick you if you don't ready up gig did they fix – no Sun bug that's that's what they're claiming that's what they're claiming let's see by the way sponsors are now 29 rupees 30 rupees 3 butter powers so because Sadat pujari honey road 9000 all the regular viewers void TV need you guys to sponsor show some support guys come on come on a maka maka party vamsi vamsi I am good bro I'm good little sick tall GPC apex legends can anybody tell me when season 4 will come I think it's gonna come like next week or something not season and we'll end the temporary operated sister season system and puck G light the season system including leader born personal stats will be deactivated we are renewing the season system yeah boy because thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you because there we go oh yeah thank you for becoming a sponsor appreciate it now you can use all the sexes to me emojis and and badges that I have how can we sponsor using Paytm if you go to you have to get Google Play recharge for 30 rupees redeem it on your YouTube account email account and then just click join I take three power button we do any deep move on of us love more about life dude Boyd come on man can't be like this we'll go car okay I seriously hate you guys now I want to eat some butter power sadly I live in Delhi okay bro okay jump jump jump jump jump jump jumps jumps thank you thank you see that's right guys do you know how quick how many times you can call me noob if you sponsor me just look at because it's a comment if you don't have to like keep typing it villian gaming lady we are boots we are gucci gangs lights chat so quiet oniy why you guys like not talking and stuff Jesus hey guys why you guys so quiet today guys is somebody below me JB JB JB JB was playing csgo how many monitors you have that you can play csgo and watch my screen fancy do fancy okay I got game for I'm good he's a rich boy not so I was looking at the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 7 pro like the differences on future and like I realized that the 1 plus 7 this is just like a sort of beefed-up version of the you know the 1 plus other 60 you know this brings me to the question like why is 1 plus pricing their phones like this I mean like why why why I don't I just don't get it what's the point what do you guys think I would like to hear your thoughts on the situations also what phones do you guys have any of you guys plan to upgrade blinded by a new phone if you are what is it gonna be using I don't need for you guys no almost use the how much should you pay for that 13k does my dad's yeah that's fine 13k that's pretty good one place have officially given a statement that they won't be making any budget phones you will only be making flagship i i'd still argue that 30k is in budget but isn't flagship i'd say it's sort of in between correct me if I'm wrong you mind the nokia 6.1 plus what no hello hello anybody near 4x anybody need four eggs I have spare run back and do the easy it's on me do best for me in the garages you can ping your dinner yeah one second I'm just gonna go to be back give me a sec you and I am back it's a mid-range smartphone I don't know 6 GB 1 + 7 I wouldn't call it a mid-range like what it's got the same Snapdragon processors 1 + 7 roll it's just that the 1% pro I think as 12 GB RAM which is I think overkill like ok yeah if you're looking at future proofing you know you guys take the buggy I'll walk it you know if you take your future proofing then yeah I get it but still 95% I see is see actually Hollywood says I have the issue zenfone max pro m1 got a fat NK not going to bring any time soon it has a 5 km/h battery best for colleges yeah I thought the see the thing is the trade-off is though is the weight of 5000 5 km/h battery would would be so heavy you know guys just go to come on to picking on addiction I'm not driving and by the s-10 after this flood issue not anybody need 5.56 no you stop okay hold on I ate a kilo it's all a marketing gimmick draw flagship on a budget yeah so yeah you agree with me right that 12gb line is too much these foods and phones I've heard really good things about them my uncle loves the Asus zenfone 5 e Asus zenfone 2 pretty powerful Oh like your back a year and a half I saw a lot of uber drivers using the Asus zenfone I was like okay my bad this looks like a very good phone recent yeah yeah it's open you're doing this get it sadly Supreme Court has banished to some settings and for series what really why okay I will see anybody I heard gunshots camp answer come hey you guys are too far away obviously within one square of me up mmm I'm enjoying using my poco have fun yeah my brother bought the poco f1 he he really likes that hey poco f2 supposed to be releasing this this month so let's see see what's up it's a safari sir welcome to the stream what phone do you have dude all right and what phone are you planning to buy next think I saw someone how do you [Applause] okay so double double click is enemy spotted and we will seek the old middle-click for now hey stop stop – it stopped at that stop it hogs know that doggy you have space in your squad yeah I we have one more slot you can come they are not banned that we have to rename the Sears cause of the word send there was another company with the names like in pub G like yeah I like pubs you like Jesse it's great I see guys on the right I see you guys on the right two down two more to go okay leave it leave it leave it need to give in our positions aware careful we have guys on bootcamp on our left anybody have seven six two extra yeah give it off so Wallace Navy I am most dangerous is not these are luteum pleaser knew him on the bridge on the bridge squad wave we need to go this way the club so I see you guys on the right 310 marking yellow marker you'll come up from our left see that bridge see just go go go 160 HR to behind follow me what are you guys doing drop drop smokes and follow and how many spots come on pick up smoke throw what you gave anyone having sound issues yeah yes we are having sound issues no pop Jim over anymore yam and once in a while we should we still do play belching all right okay listen you guys need to stick with me yeah like I need I need you guys to play listen two carloads stick to me okay it's not that hard it's not that hard guys just stick hit me up if you're playing apex again yeah sure man just just send me a friend request go in any one and I'll accept it out of a chyann nine one okay where do you guys want to go where you guys want to go hello pick a spot gig gig yeah you want to go there okay all right you owe me X is also promising what are the specs for the real me X me to see me X yummy X pricing looks good I don't like this selfie camera it's not like I just don't like it pretty good you i screenshot how often you even use the sexy camera why why are you guys going to I thought you were going to look at me go team no you must look javi dude whose way come come Cory just come for you thank you thank you mr. ballbuster thank you so much for yourself new beer red magic three chickens landowner took took in this come off I don't know man for me for me I think it's the UI needs to be good I don't like the UI for this that's what I really liked about the d1 plus oxygen OS was really really nice ooh this looks like a gaming laptop okay that's good let's look at UI screenshots say ah see this is the this is the fucking problem bro the UI looks like shit let's look at the 1 + 7 Pro where is it gadget was it gadgets now no gadgets 360 where's that the same website gadgets just look at the UI bro look it looks the same nevermind nevermind nevermind nobody has a flippin fan inside it are you serious fuse alright that's that is just unfortunate sorry bro I I don't know I like the oxygen OS in general like I think it's a great OS and I'm gonna go find the guy who killed what's his name hello Jeremiah what's up bro I see I see you need a hand but you see him the egg there's a guy here I'd get off the buggy you're giving a physician I do not see him do you guys see him 95% icsc yeah boy you can also turn on the fan during those sharing I have to take this phone hey Sarah can I call you post 6 o'clock yeah hey summers what's up what's up in my know he's really talking so much okay do you have there we go oh my god sorry ma Marky Mark can you shut my door just one second the super stickers so the stickers are just like emojis big emojis the pretty pretty game okay I expect the final guys to come any time now for a yellow marker and go sit tight don't take any long distance fight so in charter [Applause] oh damn it you guys can see that see what the squad wave that incense hot vapor has is God my stream just stopped read your sentence fuck ah all right whatever at least squad wipe do you wanna come up gee I don't have pop GPC decimal he face clearly yeah I play but wasn't great man wasn't a good game ok so who wants to come other way it wants to come please please hit that sponsor button and then come can I have your username guys god is boring don't have six legs and only Nick very up a story mode would be nice in pouchy but it is not happening it's a multiplayer game it's like it's like asking for a story mode in counter-strike and we know what happened still it's only for sponsors yes he make his promise to sponsor me but he hasn't sponsor yet no it's not only for sponsors this come my friends are not here I'm just playing with you guys for now I did not promise anything like that yeah I know you did is the sound fixed it's a lot better but I won't say it's absolutely fixed it's it's better it's it's all that I can say okay if you make the membership to any one set once a day I can't you dumbass this 29 is the least I could do seriously you're bargaining for 10 rupees it's not a bad night DK you right now I'll shoot you right now I have a digital card that I read and it has only 20 bucks yeah you don't get allowance like you don't get like paid like from your parents they don't give you like money give me cash card they give you cash right so if you if you say hey don't give me cash just put thirty rupees in my Beaty em they wouldn't do it I know you know I swear it's if you doesn't work with you oh yeah thank you so much for sponsoring man thank you thank you thank you dude I would pay you come back you better sorry guys aha my tools my throat's a little like messed up I really need some like t ha anyway so it would be nice if you guys don't die you know just generally just play a little smart lift you're smart littlez I mean like it's only 30 rupees and I get taught you to play so opinion Awards exactly thank you thank you that's that's the attitude I want this should be just like it's it's 30 bucks bro just get the good – don't be you get the Google thing dude don't be cheap my car banged Raghu broke I don't wanna hear excuses bro like all I hear is bro I'm cheap I'm cheap I'm cheap and she's like dude 29 rupees man come on it's like it's not even 3 wallopers I'm sure if you haggle you can get for one of us we've get a media me Darian raid whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what the fuck is happening what whoa whoa okay I need to find out who this person is medallion what is up is it ma e madryn Marion let's go Marion pop G mobile oh nice thank you so much for reading me let me look at this guy are you a good-looking fellow are you good-looking bro hey bro thank you were checking me out bro you are good-looking bro look at that look at it man sexy sexy guy hey sexy guy bro looking Road thanks man thank you appreciate it bro I I really do appreciate it thank you thank you thank you thank you bye thank you thank you thank you you run the sub you void the cell for me there you go see that's how you read bro that's how you read thanks a lot man by the way those of you who are reading ice cream Mondays to Fridays 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. so you guys if that's your if you want to want to watch me I don't know watch me if you're gonna watch me is that if that's your thing if you're a bit of oil you can drop in and Fridays I do like a podcast tomorrow be doing a podcast on streaming setups it's gonna be a very interesting thank you guys thank you thank you thank you you'd be blushing right now I'm sure he is I'm a shameless piece of shit I'm really sorry guys hi this AB but I really appreciate the rain thank you please do subscribe if you're reading as well thank you thank you and pc peasants will the PCP people also go check out imagine go give him your support I don't know about his gameplay but at least he looks good so you know a good-looking guy go support him man all right see you James I okay see ya man let's go come back yeah thank you thank you for dropping by guys whoa what are you doing here a few hits when did you come catch you so show me I see the problem is the AC like hits me there actually so I have to switch it on for a bit and then I need to switch it off because it gets so cold okay guys if you can like the group I would really like to get a drop or something I can do a sample set up you know so I'm gonna I'm doing like a sort of breakdown of pricing so like we're gonna be looking at what setups you can get I have put a separate category for laptop so if you guys are starting to think here starting a YouTube channel now or you've just bought a gaming laptop we'll figure out how much you can do how much you can push your laptop the idea is it's fun making gaming videos okay like you don't have to do it professionally like it's just that my channel got subs and things happen but you don't have to do it seriously you just do it for fun and it's it's very simple so I'll give you some guidance on how to like you know set it up there are Mpho on me Mpho furious you wanted em so come back and see keep up the good work alright will do will do will do thank you protégée OT thank you thank you thank you thank you guys Tara Bob thank you thank you bro thank you thank you thank you thank you very sweet very sweet you guys I can already see that you guys are a very nice community very small nice community thank you so much thank you for supporting and pc peasants people please do check them out go give them your support that'll be nice as well I can be the sample set of most austere setup for streaming what is your setup Zenon I'm curious Advaita by the way if you are in if you are sponsored since you are sponsored do me a favor just connect your discord to your YouTube press type exclamation discard and come to the royalty room I'm sitting in this car right now you can just come there and then you know just join the stream say save your UPI ID and Tien name on account submit Chaudhary are you coming coming for a few games you come in bro nothing here any sniper rifles on you guys nick is still not with us okay guys follow follow follow so Zenon says I seven three seven seven zero ten 60gb five seven three seven seven zero stuff stuff I stream at any 60fps so that's that's the misconception a lot of people stream @ 1080p 60fps but if you see most people stats most people watch streams at 480p or 720p so if you're starting out as a streamer my suggestion would be to stream add at least a steady 720 60fps because that's what most people are willing to like watch on you can you can you can just see the stats okay look you can go to like any YouTube channel big streamer and just see the stats that they have and you see the particles look good and you see that they all have most of the viewers are watching in 720p it doesn't make sense to stream higher than that you know I this is my opinion for India anybody have 4x extended quick-draw er here anybody have 4x yeah that stuff works yes yeah I dropped a flash hider yeah sure if you want most phones are have a 1080p display so it's not about most phones having a 1080p display so that's right about the internet bitch it's about the Internet there you go there you go you get it and a lot of people our students are watching your streams will probably be on some sort of a data plan and it might not be a data plan that less than stream continuously a 1080p 60fps so so that's their other is joining next game yeah okay I'll kick out kick you can take his place it's a shocker welcome back bro I know I know I know hey by the way I'm I'm back to regular streaming so that I'm streaming Mondays to Fridays 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. so if you are if you are back to watching streams please to support me I've reduced the sponsor price to also 29 rupees so 30 rupees 29 is this marketing so if you want to support the stream please please become a member there are perks there's the different levels and different levels have different perks I still do have us wash in PC yeah I don't know why people watch streams and PC it's just like why would you come come there's a into the drop there is a drop it's this like it's not comfortable for you maybe I find it comfortable I only watch it on my PC what phone do you have well you at me funny even if I had a good phone ID still works mother he's no no you know you don't know what you're talking about you don't know what did he do if you had a phone if you had a good phone you just you just flat out agree you with me you just be like yeah why do people each other dude I have a curved LG 34-inch 141st anymore and under 2 k qh t good i need comfort its person let's just see what I'm saying dude phones the best hey Akash thank you so much thank you thank you for becoming a member thank you thank you for now over it kid you have no idea bro I've no idea what you're talking about it's okay you're young Youngblood thank you so much for men becoming a member man Thank You Akash thank you thank you all the new members today thank you so much for supporting the channel please please get on this card join the royalty disk our channel so that you guys can sit in on stream by not pineapple I have a real me to prove it the 1080p display shame on you guys shame on you watching streams or PC where in this case so I went at that house look yeah he turned the corner and now I can't see me did we kill the guy that I was shooting it snake didn't snake on me it's makeup yeah yeah look at that type faster on a PC okay again to the safe son get in the safe sir justjust just go here yellow marker go to yellow marker you see those rocks yeah yeah no not these rocks get into the safe zone this is you told me you do it yeah you yeah and you did it you came through thank you so much maybe because I'd type faster in PC I'm usually gaming so I show you and your fat stream just to relax okay all right guys just just go to the safe zone yeah no matter whether it's an i7 three seven seven zero and a gtx 1062 gb you read it wrong Melton 1060 and I said yeah still 1060 3gb ah why'd you go for the 3d bro I think light will run fine you know overkill I think no he's a streamer streaming maybe it's good enough oh no excuse better yeah I'd go for the 6 GB just so I get decent FPS you want to go pop G mobile or something no we're playing light today we are playing light Akash other 8th guys if you're playing from wanna play light I want you to join the discard join it exclamation discord and come sit with us no you have to you have to sponsor yeah if I sponsor if you sponsor yeah you can connect your YouTube account and you'll be able to join the voice channel see I'm trying to like let make it easier for myself and to pimp my channel alright I say stay on the hills so don't stare seean is okay you have a vehicle coming towards you on your right so get ready to spray them now stand behind a tree see them okay make me wait far away far away I can't join the voice channel you have to connect it to your YouTube channel though your Gmail so connected to other eight satish go to discard go to settings go to connections and add it all right Thank You Gordon to the discs are ready could connect to the voiced one second let me figure out why this is the case Oh game's name try again do you have the YouTube sponsor other words you have the YouTube sponsor thing in the role you need the YouTube sponsor role if you get the YouTube sponsor role you'll be other joiner connection what is it privacy let me see let me see let me see your lawn so if you do it like this you see you can see pc peasants so you need to do this in under connections if you do that it'll work you're connected to your address Satish ujin there's another gay straight ahead he's aiming at you suits to ya Sonic why you crouching on your right on your right on your right maybe I'll make it no you won't make it I mean Hindus on intimated he made it he made it furious furious he's dude by using a 4x on your UMP just you know user 2x I have one right now just loot these guys he had level 3 helmets and all that yeah it was a good spray but that's because he did he didn't know where you were he didn't see you okay ran out of time just run straight another circle oh don't get any snakes shiraito okay Jordan my role is just peasants let me figure this out mobile lobby that means you've not done it correctly I mean you're in yeah yeah you're in but I don't think okay what's your user name same as mine is gone same as your disco snap your soap three one eight kook are you coming she won it any research on this book yeah this radio I'm guessing Akash is not coming SpiderMonkey DLC Kayla yeah my my spider-man this got yanked by saatvik who is a bastard by the way he took it in New Zealand I can't even get it back food on the table shit I need to go give Bertie dinner between 5:30 and 6:00 so does my dog asked for dinner if you are in this car just mute me in-game okay happens to a newbie to the game I was even more terrible when I started pug GPC here buzzing uh area sub games but it's its sponsor games it's all all sub games our sponsor games now but I have reduced the price at 30 rupees if you want to play please please support the channel sponsor and then if you join our discord I'm sitting in the sponsors discord and then you can play with us I'm pubs you lobby again you need to connect you need to connect it I know you've not done the connection to your YouTube channel correctly hello so go to you – like incarnations connect to YouTube meaning hello I was having some mic problems last match wondering why you were so quiet are you gonna get snappy are you good at the game okay yes no see okay jump so we are going to the three warehouses outside right Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave David 150 [Applause] I'm done come on this is so little guns yeah dude this little guns kill this guy kill this guy on me on me on me all right all right snap he knows how to play cool that was warm-up case [Laughter] hey bro is medgen here thanks for checking me out ice cream puffs officially at 7 p.m. I don't play after like 526 – I can lead or like it's just let's play wrangle yeah thank you for playing wrangle like our country shit in China do what I have glasses that to high power ones then you need to stop playing video games well you need like I don't know eat carrots just just keep eating carrots would you like to play with me no man I don't I don't really game after 6 p.m. but if you are free from 3:30 to 5:30 Mondays to Fridays you're more than welcome to join me sponsors can basically just drop in and play at any time and yeah if there's a slot like and gladly like give your slot man yeah ok let's go we go your ass yeah okay a long game do you wanna reach there yeah so whatever drop at shelter drop a shelter and then we'll go yes me Sarris and on the rule applies everybody I should kick yake 3:13 jittery but you should like you're playing you haven't sponsored me on your plane you going to are you woman like my name my card what have your moms like no I'm not gonna give you 30 rupees I have any rupees I need only ten one what if she's like my mom hey what if she doesn't want to give you any bucks I don't know I don't let's take something that she has while you black me you're like one of those pudgy boiled kids who like who refuses to stop playing pop gol except I heared pop the office yeah 3:30 mandatory 5:30 that's those are Jenny my timings I hear someone is it you guys it's okay that there's enough for like all of us dude how are you not picking up all this go for it take the UMP up G mobile kiddies Arab knowing about you were kids who like refused to eat refused to stop playing then one kid feels really sick another kid died I mean I'm not joking about it or anything but I'm just saying like this kid for those kids were crazy man and I yeah the parent should have just beat the shit out of them dude you should have just been like no and beaten the crap out of them why don't just take the phone away that's what that's what they did they took the phone away and then they threw it tantrum and I'm just saying just dude my mom just beat the shit out of me too and she had like the rings and all right she was just like rocking a bit yeah like come on killing themselves killing the whole family's exactly like what the fuck was that hey sorry man like they're your kids okay like you own them their property it is still till they're 18 just beat the sheriff you've not been in your pairs or beat you not anymore they used to have smaller yeah Nancy you don't know to be such a nice kid because they beat the crap out of you this you probably deserved it also maybe if I didn't be the crapper listen man all I'm saying is some people some people just need to be at meeting and you know it's good it's good that it's good if you've been beaten like you understand the frustration that your parents are going through I stopped being a parent good stuff earning money like pink school fees which is really expensive it's tough to just beating the kid this is the best way to like you know keep them in line in some other issue yeah man I'm not saying you should draw blood you know like I'm just saying like like it should just be powerful you know next day so that like people and people in school are like okay fine this this kid this kid got it good you know it's that's not my daddy just pinch me easy I know that that's that's procedure that's that's that's kind of like there's no proof that that's anyone needs me it's completely safe no no you should you should like proudly hit your kids just beat the shit up doesn't even have a extra red dot I mean I saw extra for X okay all right guys are we are we playing for circle are we playing for kids what do you guys wanna do I mean you want to play for wins okay it's a pussy game guys the wish the race video did your parents hit you when you were when you were a kid the relation we're just talking about how our parents used to hit us furious that's right did you did your parents beat you yes are you a better person it builds character to it it builds character bro why are you subscribers and viewers decreasing I just can't understand why why are you why is it bothering you bro if I am not worried why are you worried enjoy did your parents hit you when you were a kid there's another buggy Oh I like your content a lot as I guess like my contents chill like stick around you just get in if you just get in I'll beat you like a mom that's it Zenon did your video parent through your pants and your silicon we'll take up these guys let's go put some drops again I gotta hate it my parents didn't need to I was a good kid you're not a good kid they in order good kid unless you've been beaten up a couple times by your parents you've not been disciplined man how can you call yourself you're in the resin then the other school yeah yes happily with you Your Honor if you refuse up and sponsor yes those clothes you see anybody there guys on Rosa Mountain the guys are no no sponsor only sub GG sponsors 30 rupees bro I see you see a video since you're the first one to do custom rooms and mobile when would you do it again um I do I do like sub games apology mobile I don't do custom rooms anymore because because people don't people start coming back for custom boom they all start doing it again come to school in the jungle on roofs okay you guys need to get to us I say man I killed one losing stuff okay here more I can give about nope ATM nothing there is not so many payments till you see 30 rupees we will face two random guys and roseoakhill you guys have an extra Forex or something yeah yeah and a dropping dropping a red dot also what sniper rifle you have is wait wait c'mere c'mere c'mere c'mere c'mere use this use the compensator and use the cheek pad can you speak Hindi very little not can I can understand Hindi okay nice the entry mark odd middle click alt middle click alt middle click this one the top the other guy are you pushing snap yes okay okay if you're pushing then we'll push together good go tree to tree snappier and i pushing furious and yeah just keep pressure on them one guys one more one more top me and Amanda beam on my bad days there's impressive resume resume please we need him if he's close to you just let him first okay dents are looting what is IC IC IC C is like the Board of Education so there is like a State Board his I see it's a lot if anybody wants 6×8 good shit man here's a good shit okay all right while you guys loot everybody I will take another bathroom break can we mix take this car all of your papers I can't use any other weapons inventory okay we're going to yellow mark up what happened few years do this come back if anyone sees em to folk please give okay everybody get in the Congo Party there my dad side crying after good ad 1910 trying in happiness society okay two guys get out take that cup commander this shoot show that they were showing the plane trajectory of the night officer like yeah Oh yellow maka – ah from ya spot drop a smoke drop smoke smoke smoke snappy I'm shooting from 110 what are you doing furious and [Applause] [Applause] I'm doubly not not not not not kill the guy not forsake you kill the guy at the tree knots that doesn't make mistake okay looks like the curse is coming so well that's all I can do to support for now hashtag med rien thank you Thank You Megan you should have just become a member dude she just I hit that member button thank you man where is crusty demon gusty demon are you coming with us come in all right think we're all in this correctly oh come come discord so our members by the way we have like a separate discord voice channel so if you become a member thank you by the way matron thank you so much for the super chat if you've become a member you can just join the question and when we do like sub-games sorry about that summit someday else all right cassie hasn't joined we go for chinky fuck me what I can't drag you you have to connect your connect your mic connect you discard to a YouTube channel so go to connections basically like for those of you don't know this feature so you basically go to your settings you go to connections and you basically like you know and use that to join the channel it's called royalty so yeah let's see let's see that we have we have virginity how cousin yeah Mon Stream mr. Roarke ozone I guess yeah can you drive me unable to add on this part now okay after this it's gonna be close okay it's clear man pushing he is clear just us at least we'll get good loot spread out spread out and like loot no issues okay just watch out for like the bots man that's the only thing one second yeah if you could do that that would be great but you'd have to unser volute n because he's not got the correct permissions wanna come at it coming next year gosh can you hear me yeah technically poaching keys clear so if you see anybody probably a bot Givi yes before thank you five rupees GST what the eff yeah I think like in that 30 rupees I get like I get like 15 or something would be something like be a paltry amount I'll take it you basically see oh I guess some part of it is in GST and some part of it obviously you've you will also keep so bro Batman your channel is not eating growth yeah man if you want to support my channel why don't you become a sponsor that will help me grow its just 29 rupees that's three vada buzz click the join button and most Ponce's I get the more likelihood of me growing 30 plus 5 it's 5 extra 1 pivara powers 13 rupees bro no bro we're everywhere are you eating about a pound I believe or void said Boyd said 3 one of us suppressor you anybody you want I mean it's trash yeah nice huh yeah it's a suppressor and all you'd have to like you'd have to be a member at finally you get wallopers at 10 rupees in in Pune apparently so I don't know this get some first is this anybody want the suppressor if they don't I'll drop it oh yeah yeah to ask for it furious it was not here I don't I don't there's a good friend for their mom void does find cheap food avoid is why it is a cheap guy she's very cheap super cheap white still hasn't a sponsor in my channel it's unlike alright man if that's good good like dude like high ten butter Pablo and more apart then he'll be like no you're not you're not worth sponsoring fine fine okay I meant to do that you also need to remind everyone to like the stream that's one of the parameters yes also hit the like button guys come on don't be lazy bro hit it hello gaming with SK SK brutality and ones are not able to sponsor it at least should do that part they should you know you know people get busy they get so lost in your streams that that's okay I guess you could say it's my fault in a way anybody need extended quick-draw and yeah I'll take it go on my m24 right yes yes please to give a decent tailor is 30 new peas is it I don't know bro I don't like what a pulse I actually think they're disgusting I used to have them every day for breakfast and now what about this gif gif wait was a few years or was it the other guy I still can't hear a furious man give me the other thing give it its needs dude I don't have what you want who is it's me do it like yeah what's your name again yeah weighted mean and because much better much better at supper though he shut your mouth about what about actually a good name when they can't even disorder dude what a powers great voice amazing I've literally survived on what a powerful name like few days when you don't feel like having anything what about the triple reporters where did you know what about forgiving such a comment call it a bobber and rich boy that's really nice that I wished I'm not I'm never heard about anybody need extra Forex yeah I need it yeah fine you're all you're all were twenty nine you please to me sir like go Rambo 162 peace do get it right not many people take these jokes very see at the end of the day like if you keep watching my channel you'll get my sense of humor in the first 20 minutes if you don't like it then you're just not yeah and first 20 minute it's like first five minutes actually not even 20 okay let's get into a car and let's go for some drops this success looks smaller than a few words I have an extra 4x as well but AM don't don't know Kim gggg what submit are you getting are you getting a stroke submit there's a compensator air on the church tickets left side a wooden stake is there's a WM do keep TW it's an m24 anybody you want extra you know car we need a car ASAP so in pub GPC Hobbs come out of the bottom Hobbs out out Hobbs in pub GPC they've added like tracers to arrows so now crossbow sniping is going to be very interesting I hate people who say whatever shape whatever you should throw you know what is great number what does it leaves a great bro I feel like the south nailed it this is born engine naturedly yeah then then that's three somebody like you know no I've lived in Delhi dude now it's like the and I'm just saying like Delhi the only thing which I liked was pav Bhajji another AR compensator here please please have your compensators on the roof on the roof please use them so that you don't put it oh hey you got a car SLR on me SLR on me you can put the compensator on the Isola and it will be useful so I you see this you did not like the old a serious golly man some of it was okay dependent I'm really dependent where you have it next time we'll go to Delhi to go to the station and just behind them New Delhi station there's an entire plane now you will have like three four I had Chunin there's one piece unmarked imprints dude there was one place in Delhi University which was really good it will be over in like two hours so you had like a two hour window to like get your tool in that place was was it actually good or is it the feeling that tempts people for that is it actually that good or just a psychology thing bro nice driving thank you so very much yep but I landed do you mind if I take this bike as well thank you number three hence immediately got out of the pot it anymore I don't see anybody saved across well bridge camp we can actually come the bridge we have scopes and m240 come back come back boy I don't think we'll have to I think most people will cross to the other side let's give it okay all right [Applause] clean those and summer what about any deal though if it was poverty I might reconsider yeah same even I love pav Bhajji made sense the problem is once you're on top move to the other side this is like a great place like spare people though the steak m249 shit that man has it is really good I'd still I'd still go go with my m4 as if a spy just blow up that car is the stream stuck cause it just me this is really free fish east or west Momo's are the best yeah almost beef Momo's from sticking our fantastic dude oh my god god damn and you guys are making me hungry I'm gonna order some food JB GP a BJP guys or he is option beef Momo's go on let's get it banned in Chennai listen man dude I'm from Mirage that's one thing like like Tamil people will they kill each other or like whatever politics movies song song choices music directors but they will unite against 19 lb of beef in Maharashtra just chilling here there's nothing happening just 17 days left the people people people at the truck they spotted us okay they're shooting at me people we're all middle-click Altman you click I did bro on the bridge near the band I'm out of here this thing was way easier than punching mobile they have one buggy which is coming through the tracks you guys have an extra I have a 4x I have an extra toward it ah very difficult bro right now yes seriously coming inside you fast yeah take it take it up dropped it already yep you guys shouldn't have gone inside this truck oh my god just landed on ice it was the end of our loan if they can get you on the photograph with one guys like I'm getting off – shit shit shit happy ago van the rock he'll I don't have yes books – books what the fuck ah this cannot be this guy is really low really low man the one on the buggy is really low now when I'm pledged dad they're pushing on me there's a star and one is naked this is a V or bug rig there's another bad shot me otherwise what to go seeing my hand hoo-hoo when I'm this wide stream deley at night what's his stream time but yeah whoever's in my losing sponsor share dismissals fuck damn it shit man all right guys I think I think that's about it I need to get to work now no man no effects today by the way I stream from 3:30 to 5:30 FYI so if you guys want to watch the stream please come at 3:30 Mondays to Fridays tomorrow Fridays at your podcast we just have a talk we talk about stuff gaming stuff so there will be gameplay of course so yeah thank you so much for watching thank you for all the sponsors and yeah we already played apex in the beginning I can't play apex sub games I need to play apex with my friends because you need a lot more like you know I think you need a lot more coordination so sorry die dot along by a long straight by the 2060 super you first sponsored me then you buy a 2060 super here why has been to your channel grown like WTF I haven't been streaming I took a break because I have responsibilities I have a job but I'm back I'm not to streaming regularly so if you guys want to support the stream do come by Mondays Fridays through 13 5:30 I just stream to us to take it cuz that's all I have that's all the time I have and yeah and do consider sponsoring it just costs 30 bucks 30 rupees nothing just just hit the join button and become a member and that'll definitely help my channel and if you don't have the money for whatever you know you don't want to spend the money just hit the like button that also helps thank you so much for playing so thank you so much for watching and yeah I'll see you guys in the next one peace happy game have a nice day


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