PZ9 FACE REVEAL? Justin Battles Project Zorgo Hackers for YouTube Source Code Wins $10,000 Challenge

PZ9 FACE REVEAL? Justin Battles Project Zorgo Hackers for YouTube Source Code Wins $10,000 Challenge

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After Chad Wild Clay made My BEST FRIEND is a HACKER?! PZ9 is JUSTIN! 24 Hour RC Airplane Battle for Source Code in Minecraft, Vy Qwaint created I SAVED VIDCON & STOPPED PROJECT ZORGO HACKER PZ9 FROM HACKING 10,000 YOUTUBERS – 24 Hour Challenge and Daniel uploaded MY YOUTUBE IS HACKED! Project Zorgo Hackers Control Spy Ninjas Channels for 24 Hours in Real Life to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, we follow PZ9 to a park where he is typing on his laptop. We see two hackers behind him and think Project Zorgo is after PZ9 for his betrayal during the VidCon mission. We believe that the mysterious hacker could be our best friend Justin and decide to help him out. PZ9 may have YouTube’s algorithm source code. It would be much safer in our hands than Project Zorgo’s, so we must deal with these pesky hackers and find out PZ9’s plans. Daniel has a plan to distract a hacker, Chad and Regina go out to fool another group, leaving me to investigate what PZ9 is doing on his laptop. Is he already trying to take over Youtube? Is he uploading it into the video game Minecraft or Roblox? Is he filming a vlog with gaming YouTubers Jelly or LazarBeam? What is his ultimate goal?! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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damn in just look oh my ninjas we need to get busy nine because he has the YouTube algorithm source code and we can't let projects all get their hands on that who knows what they would do so we gotta get to pz9 before projects are go dungeon busy guys right there he's got the loop down there's a hacker behind him we can't let that hair see him okay I'm gonna take down that hacker I'm gonna have him chase me up thank you I'm gonna distract them give this video a big thumbs up you want to see me well Daniel is distracting him we need to go get pz9 yeah cuz I'm 100 percent sure it's Justin that's why it's really important to protect him I'm not totally convinced Justin I don't believe he would betray us like that but just in case yeah we got to protect him there is Oh No oh we gotta help them I got stun stars in my backpack ladies let's get those done stars three two one room Oh busy let's get away go go go oh that's right hacker yeah over here come get me oh he's kind of fast actually he's not even that fast look at him he's kind of catching up okay well I gotta lose them eventually like you just weave in and out of the trees and maybe I'll lose them okay here we go oh yeah can't catch up Kenyon man here's the tree here's another one ministry you see em anywhere I think I'm gonna lost him yes there is he's so done I lost him whoa wait to new hoppers oh they must be looking for pc-98 guys where where is PC that you see him anywhere oh I have my son check in with me in my 500 kids Maddy's handy-dandy porn oculars oh okay just look for a pz9 I only see hackers no thieves e9 maybe you guys can look do you see him anywhere look look look in the tree that's good that's him read his laptop that's gotta be him up in the street with a laptop let's get a little bit closer okay I've got this great idea in my backpack I've got my PC night disguise if I pretend to be PC nine I can lure these hackers away from the real pz9 who might be Justin so I need to help my best buddy out GG quick-change nine yet oh yeah you do oh except for this hood here oh yeah you ready she's ready I'm gonna fool them they're gonna think I'm pz9 I'm gonna leave them on a park or chase Regina follow me okay B you stay behind with the real pz9 and just confirm it's Justin okay I'm not behind there man wrong tree look at me thinks I'm behind that tree whoa whoa wait a second what does he have didn't ninja gadget does even know how to use one of those things I mean I don't know what that is I know how to use it either but I don't think it would hurt if he were to find me but I'm a spine what's he doing yeah not behind that one either man yeah there's a lot of trees out here man I could be hiding behind anyone therapy hey hey get away from me man get away geez whoa hey oh dang No Oh what the heck what was that whoa I gotta get out of here oh I can't hear go home behind this tree again yeah geez did you guys see that at first I thought that was just like a normal ninja gadget or something just like a like a beating stick but no he tried to hit me with it but he hit the tree instead and there were like these sparks it was like a Taser man if he whacks me was one of those bad boys I'm done when pz9 brought me into the basement of the projects burger headquarters he hooked this thing up to my arm that like electrocuted me they sent shocks all through my body and that thing hurt that he's gonna hurt a lot oh man okay I think I might have lost him okay so I'm gonna go meet up with the spy ninjas see they need my help let's go number one hacker organization on YouTube our priority is t z9 that's exactly the point yeah get out of here we're the number one most subscribed who wasted your time projects are no projects Orville may have 1 million subscribers but feat has 5 million subscribers and she can have even more if you go down below this video right now and click that subscribe button if it's red make sure it turns grey and make sure that little bell symbol is ringing as well ok if Dawn is that top I'm gonna go right there guys qz9 has been on this laptop for a really long time there's got to be a reason do you guys think you're doing some with the source code he's having YouTube right now what do you think or he could be going on the Internet the hackers chasing me and chasing me oh my gosh he's gone yeah great job deciding what happened Daniel yeah well well now where's Chad oh it's Regina they're distracting another two hackers right now yeah so I've been watching TV 9 Oh what the heck is he doing I don't know he's been on the laptop for a really long time just check it out I'm gonna zoom in to see if I can see anything thanks a lot for helping me out there's not too many people in projects or go I can trust anymore but I've some really important date I gotta keep safe thanks do ya we upload the data somewhere yeah and that voice again it'll sound so familiar I know sounds like a little kid right can't put my finger on who would I know I've heard it before yeah the date he's talking about is the source code right yeah but YouTube algorithm source code and he's avoiding it yeah all right one good thing is I think pz9 is not very good at hack it yeah you can hack a little bit but yeah please pz9 for a reason he's not top 5 but yeah the source code is better if it's in our hands and pz9 that's true we got to get us somehow yeah yeah sorry back when there was two peasy nines in the headquarters I couldn't tell who was who I'm sorry about that it's okay just so make that mistake again remember the challenge with vz9 and Chad when he went undercover yeah it was the roblox guy yeah yeah so pz9 is uploading the source code to roblox what is so weird yeah but then that must be it yeah oh shoot he just he just packed his laptop up anything is leaving he's right over there yeah we just lost the hackers we distracted them they got really mad they're like projects levels got 1 million subscribers were the biggest and they're like you're wasting our time would you guys find out how easy 9 we found out that PC guys gonna upload the source code to world block yeah that guy he's been talking on the computer too busy Squire I thought his voice sounded familiar yeah yeah we need to go trail pc 9 make sure he's safe cuz you might be your best friend Justin I think we have double the chances of acquiring the source code now pz9 has it in real life and in roblox right that's right ok thanks Ian I'll get in real life Daniel and Regina okay you guys go into role box see you later mystery you don't want to fight for once how about no house ah you guys are so corny projects or go needs to hire some less corny people who are you anyways RTC wanted and aren't easy to 30 this is gonna be an interesting one alright hey you guys get off of him okay Regina ready to play some roblox with me before we were here to play roblox before rocky right yeah I never played either but Chad's played a couple times be played once there the roblox experts never play anybody games before uh yeah I played over cut overcooked I never even heard of that before how are we gonna even find pz9 in roblox what's his name again the best spider oh yeah it's right oh it's a hacker we're in it don't get so close he's got one of those sticks you know I thought that was just a normal stick at first it's not it's you touches you we got to get away from him that's gonna hurt so much I don't have any spider gadgets in there Gina haven't you seen V use this as a spy gadget oh the backpack itself yeah no what does she do she did this you need to distract the hackers wiki okay okay yeah good idea I'll get his attention somehow get ready hey hey you want to chase me again yeah you're like you like chasing people right come come follow me right this way whoa oh shoot whoa Oh No hey listen man well we could talk this out no don't don't Regina Regina yes nice job girl good job he's down for the count great fall Daniel well I mean uh thanks I totally meant to do that part of the distraction easy baby get back what's the best conductor of electricity you silly PZ members you ruined the only physical copy of the YouTube algorithm source code let's take his masters clothes

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