Quick charge issue repair in iPhone SE for George

Quick charge issue repair in iPhone SE for George

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This is showing us quickly repair an iPhone SE with a charge problem.

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hello I've got a really quick repair hopefully to do for George who's just bright exponent judge won't be appearing on camera but his phone is right here iPhone se that's only showing up to 1% charge let's put me in mind of the the iPhone 5 days damage that happens on the board next to the next to the battery connector a filter is knocked off the board and it stops it from stop the phone that is from being able to see the battery and if it can't see the battery it can't change it and so it can cause restart in it can cause inaccurate reporting of the battery percentage the actual amount of charge in the battery that's four five 5c 5s now the I see well I seen it quite a few times actually in the SE bit cus it's very very similar bad design so that's the screener let's have a look under the scope and see what we get alright there we are I think zoom in drill down a bit mom okay there we go you can't see that can you cuz the view I've got let me move that can we see it now there we are well there's your filter knocked off the off the shoulder pads and there you go it's not able to do his job anymore because he's not that um I think the battery has been replaced in this it's quite a classic thing for for it to happen you use at all maybe even a fingernail thumbnail something like that that goes a little bit too far down and it knocks the component off the salt pads so what we need to do is repair the problem and I'm going to try to do this without having to set the bar now because George is actually waiting outside they traveled a bit of a distance to get here right my need to set the shield up travelled a bit of a distance to get here needs it done as fast as possible that's what I'm doing he actually found us on online obviously he but used something I've only just had well I've only did put on the website which is a chat thing online chat thing I've seen it on different websites in the past and I thought about it then then got waylaid in my thoughts I forgot about it which is normal for me because I'm a very forgetful person but then got thinking about it again looked a few different ways I could add it to the website and did so he's contacted us as many people have already money idea on the website a couple of weeks but yeah here we are now after an online chat is brought in I'm going to get this done hopefully it will show the correct battery percentage and work properly straight up right now my soldier I it should be warm enough by now and what I'm going to do first is tidy up these pads just by giving them a bit of a reflow they look nice now then let's go with finding the filter which I've stuck somewhere and nearly lost but not quite there we are right so that's pretty much in place I'm going to have this bar to move around too much because it keeps going out a shot I'm gonna try to just get it tacked down using a little bit of heat there we hurt no it's not straight that doesn't really matter cause now I'm gonna go some hot air on it to finish this off then that should be that I hope so anyway where's the filter there's a filter I'm trying to put a shield over an area of the battery used to try to keep it safe from the heat okay so there is the filter all ready to go just make you some hot air what should happen is the soda should melt in the hot air the silver shipment of the sale say than disclosing flight one epc felt since the board has been occasions where the phone is actually we both still in further joining around there you go see the movement that should be it Ares : down quasi smells good as well that's a fill so let's give it a better than good yeah not move it what have we go now something's holding up yeah okay that was a little bit I'll quit then at just one strike down so that wasn't an issue that's all really from what I could see right so just connecting screen again but free and then just feeling uh let me my love you make us all yeah so I think they're connected I'm not feeling heat increase in rating live being generated from just connecting the battery so that's coal bobaloo circuit is now connected right there going to be any power in the bunch which will allow it to switch on there no there isn't but I've just seen battery she I think there you go can you see that they got right these connections power so let's do that what have we got there there you go so he's charging that's that and it's giving a good chat there's no cable yeah I've got to turn my cable around dodgy cable yeah don't you cable I need to replace that sued we still Chad you see that that's coal so it's just waiting for it to switch on however one that's gonna be I hope it isn't say one I want to keep this movie running if I can I'm gonna need something to talk about what about how about I show you the hmm let's show you the let's show you the software I use for talking to people chatting online through the website alright so let me let me move my SuperDuper camera any minutes I'm just gonna check everything's working up to now cuz what I'd like to do you saw that battery symbol that see it there as well I press the home button that came up press the power button that came up that means to me everything is working normally the thing is in switch none yet but up to now is working normally I've got decent numbers on my USB ammeter so it's not switched on but everything is working as it should up to now so let me show you the chat soft white with an SuperDuper hello that wasn't super duper camera angle let's just fall to pieces alright so there welcome to your home page Leon Stacy that is me ready to talk to people on the website this is the chance that's going on right now obviously none because no one's chat saying there's people online no one online at the moment but one that do oh yeah we've got someone there people go online and talk and that's pretty much it what's happened to this bracket it's slipped out yeah yeah that's better house me that there we go so just waiting for this to switch on drawing a bit more current on the USB ha me – no no big deal let's switch nothing about this movie not too long I don't know how long the phone has been like this far I mean essentially the phone has just been the battery sort of sage has been going flat ever since the filter was knocked off the board because it wasn't able to show an accurate battery percentage or chance the battery anyway and like I said things just been going fly ever since ones you're gonna switch on how long's this movie been running oh wow nearly 18 minutes and we're still waiting for it to sweat John right to say bottom for yourselves I will stop the recording now start recording once it's switching back on again just a save time and then we'll make sure everything's okay alright hold the press we have it switching down I'm just going to cover it just to make sure that yeah there we go so there we are well there you can see a bit better it's charging the power is four percent which is yeah that's right for a device yeah so everything working fine yes right phrase correct device to switch on at that percentage you can see I just need to focus now it isn't there come on you there you go for person looking good I just want to see this go to 5% 6% I know it's challenging and that is that the only thing that's different I have changed cable and that's increased the current going into the phone so as I said there's something going on with the cable that I used that's gone now I've got a new one working up slow so there we go off camera screen switched off we are that's 5% there we go charging just assured so that's it this one's going to go now it just needs charging and we are done so yeah any problems like this let us now have a look at the online chat that we have get in touch

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