Quick things to do to fix a laptop that wont turn on - Compaq CQ57

Quick things to do to fix a laptop that wont turn on – Compaq CQ57

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In this video i go through 3 steps you can try to fix a laptop computer that wont turn on.

The power supply tester can be purchased on ebay or radio shack.

hello Anthony here with computer repair club comm today I'm going to make a video about how to attempt to get your laptop to turn back on after if it won't turn on if you get a black screen so uh yeah I was reading through the forum and one of the commenters posted a you know that his problem is having this laptop will turn on so a lot of times your laptop is it's going to be a lot harder to fix but there's some simple steps you can take to turn get a laptop turning back on if if it won't turn on so that's what this video is about so here we go so here are the tools I recommend having on hand a screwdriver kit with multiple pieces just so you get the right fit for your screw a magnetic screw tray so you can so you don't lose any of your screws and if you can find one of these guys you might be able to find them down at Home Depot or a couple like a Radio Shack would definitely have it I would assume so this is another tool you would want to get your hands on this is a power supply tester let me show you how this power supply tester works so we got the power supply let me put one end into here and if it works and if the light comes on it's kind of hard to do this in a bit in there the light comes on that means you have a good power supply um that's the first thing I would test when attempting to see what's going on with your laptop after you've determined that your power supply is good you come over here and the next thing you want to do let's flip your laptop over and you'll see you have an eject button for your battery you push that you take it out put that aside come back over here press the power button noting that that discharges any power that's left in your laptop ok and I just recommend leaving the battery out and taking your power supply plugging it in and turning it on and hopefully it'll do this hopefully it'll turn on I'm going to turn it back off and then you unplug your power again lizz it back over put your battery back into the laptop flip it over again and you can see if that a pix is your laptop and will press the power and hopefully it turns back on if it still doesn't work you have to take the next step which is a reseeding the memory ok the third thing we're going to attempt to do is remove the memory and plug it back in so to access the memory the first thing we do is unplug the power flip the computer over take get this little switch here push that in take out the battery as you can see screw right there next this little memory picture unscrew that lift it up and that's the memory chip right there so we just push this lever here and push this lever here it's going to be hard and plug it back in okay those two levers I showed you we pull both apart with both fingers and lift up here now the memory is out the next thing I do when I flip it back over open it up let me zoom out here and I take the power cable plug it in see if it turns on once you do that unplug the power because they won't turn on completely with the memory chip out and plug the memory back in let me show you how to plug the memory in okay slow I just take I match this with this you see that slot there I just slide it in and I push down it's back in place now I replace the cover back on the laptop like this we'll see let's see here that looks like oh you push this side goes in like that then you push down on the bow it a little screw it back into place put your battery pack back in flip it over open it up plug in the power plug the power in turn it back on and hopefully it does this right here and see how we're doing so now it's working hopefully so that's a those are some steps you can do to try to fix your laptop high so hopefully that helps you fix your problem I'm just a rehash step one check your power supply step two unplug the battery power off and on and plug it back in and plug the power back in and step three reseat the memory hopefully one of those steps will fix you those are the three common things you can do easy to fix your laptop computer other than that it starts getting into deep into taking it deep taking it apart and getting deep into the system so if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe and always visit computer repair Club com feel free to ask any questions we can help yada right and I'll be answering a lot of those questions so yeah thanks for watching this video

30 Replies to “Quick things to do to fix a laptop that wont turn on – Compaq CQ57”

  1. Paul Braun

    Unfortunately for me, I've tried all of that on my laptop, which is the same model as in your video! I notice your website is now offline. I had no mains power/battery charger light, and no power button light either. I went to a Restart Party (electronics repairs) https://therestartproject.org/ where I did most of the work dismantling the laptop, although we left the motherboard in place and didn't touch the screen assembly. I removed the battery, the hard drive, the memory, the keyboard, the lower cover, and even the WiFi card! At the end, I had the power jack/battery charger light coming on, the power switch light had come on briefly, but then stayed off. After the party, charging the battery back at home, the laptop still wouldn't turn on and there was no power button light! When I plugged my phone into a laptop USB socket, it started charging. I can only think of two possible solutions. These are 1. Somehow bypass the power switch. This switch can cause the laptop to be turned permanently off. Unfortunately, when the cover containing the switch was removed and the charger was plugged in, the laptop didn't automatically turn on. 2. Replace the motherboard. Unfortunately, some motherboards for sale seem to be missing components and I saw one which was described as for this laptop, but was Intel based, although mine is AMD.

  2. Lotusrk123

    When draining voltage (remove battery and pulse power button) sometimes it takes holding the power button down for a full minute to drain capacitors.

  3. Manbha Nonglyr

    Please help me out my laptop when I charge the light is not coming out I don't no what to do now… please help me with that

  4. Rainbownorth75

    IT WORKED!! Thank you so much! I have priceless pictures on my computer that mean the world to me, I just lost someone very special and saved the pictures to my computer. When my computer wouldn’t start I was devastated as I thought I lost them all! Thank you so much!!

  5. azeez f

    Hai, sir if I turn on my laptop and it led light is on for a second and turn off immediately and display also black how to fix it , which is Acer brand…

  6. AYX AYo

    I have Compaq 615 and when I turn it on the caps lock light comes flashing with the black screen

    Earlier this week it was used fine

  7. Claire Vincent

    Compaq 2210b hp
    Power lihts then info light switches between them,at the bottom I am getting 6 red flashes on a loop

    I have tried everything you said,mine is a small compaq and its has two memory stick,took both out and put back in.

  8. Rush

    Helo please, my computer Compaq cq50 comes on with logo and after it just get stuck in blank screen the come before window logo. Also I sometimes get to access bios without it freez and when I it still freeze after trying to make change.

  9. JHCarlson

    My Compaq Presario CQ62 came with win 7 upgraded to win 10 and upgraded memory from 2 gig to 4 gig two memory cards inside, power cable is good it works the light on the side of the pc lights with cable pluged in but power button fails to power on, i tried to pull off battery back panels removed mem cards and reinserted still no power so i have pulled apart what I could of the laptop but could not get it to separate from case so i took out the hard drive but i want to know how to get this hard drive to work on another laptop i know i have to get some kind of usb connector but the type of drive is samsung Model HM250HI ATA type i think and i wanted to just use it as an external drive to use as back up, not sure what i will need as the connection on the drive is very different no pins just slide type connector

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