RadioSEGA Reviews: Yakuza 0 (PC)

RadioSEGA Reviews: Yakuza 0 (PC)

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DrScottnik checks out the highly anticipated PC Port of Yakuza 0, how does it stack up?! Lets find out.


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  1. PessiOpt 9

    I don't like the empty lot plot, it's stupid. You can still build around the lot, and that's not how real estate works, larger land equals more money!

  2. Andrei Demeny

    Great short review, it helped me decide to finally pick this game up (despite being on the fence for months). I'm also glad you mentioned ultrawide support.

  3. Lunar Eclipse Entertainment

    I've been curious about the Yakuza games. I have to ask, though, is there graphic violence–as in, things like mutilation, actually showing accurate depictions of broken bones, etc.? I know the game is rated M, but I've heard other M-rated games like the Devil May Cry series aren't as graphic when it comes to violence. I ask because I have a weak stomach. I'll feel like throwing up immediately when I see anything graphic, and it sticks with me throughout the day, especially when I try to eat anything, so I'd highly appreciate it if you could tell me what to expect from the game.

  4. Sageoftruth

    I'm feeling skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I want to play this, but this review sounded a bit too much like an ad for me to take it at face value, mainly from the way nothing was "flawed" or even "ok". Everything was "spectacular".

    I know this game is not perfect. Even the best ones have something that may turn away certain types of players. Also, looking at some of the comments, it sounds like there actually were problems that weren't addressed in this review. Serious ones, like launch problems, and crashes. Still, it looks like those came from a patch that came out after this review, so you can be forgiven for not mentioning it.

    Still, be warned potential, buyers.

  5. Zsavage1

    what a crock of shit… your 1060 ran good… hahah nvidia is known for it's stutter and FPS drops in it's GTX10XX series.. so quit bullshitting everyone …

  6. Pan Limak

    Good thing you didn't mention that the game crashes on starup for many users, and sometimes does so later in the game during missions. Good thing steam reviews saved my ass.

  7. tornapart75

    Are the Yakuza games actually good? the graphics look like a slightly updated shenmue game and the combat looks absolutely it all about the story or is the game actually good as a whole? I'm not trolling, just every time i have seen a review or a mention of the game, and they have it playing in the background, it really doesnt look "all that"..

  8. Benjamin Beltran

    The game is running horribly for a lot of people withing a very wide range of hardware settings. Stutters and crashes all the time. For some it doesn't even launch. You didn't have any of these problems?…

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