REBECCA ZAMOLO Hypnotized By GAME MASTER! (Top Secret Surveillance Footage Found Code 10)

REBECCA ZAMOLO Hypnotized By GAME MASTER! (Top Secret Surveillance Footage Found Code 10)

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Watch Rebecca Zamolo interviews Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)
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Rebecca Zamolo went missing after exploring our backyard and finding the secret hidden underground tunnel below our house where the Game Master had been spying on us. While Rebecca was searching for mystery clues using spy gadgets she was trapped and taken to a top secret location in an abandoned warehouse. Matt received a tracking device which revealed surveillance footage of Rebecca being hypnotized using Code 10. What do you think he wants to control her to do?

Keep up with the Game Master and help us find clues:

After Rebecca Zamolo went missing while she explored the Game Masters Spy Room under her cabin he trapped her and took her to an abandoned warehouse. Her husband Matt (not brother) received a mystery box from the GM with a tracking device and top secret surveillance footage. The video showed him hypnotizing Rebecca using code 10 and asking her trivia questions about her 24 hours in a pool challenge and transforming Ro Pansino into a giant princess doll cake. The mysterious video Rebecca had to watch included photos of different youtubers and said that Stephen Sharer was next for Code 10. There was a sign with Project Zorgo crossed out which we thought Chad Wild Clay was a part of. How many videos of Rebecca’s did the Game Master hack? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!

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hey Sam fans Rebecca is not here right now you guys saw in Rebecca's last video that we found the gamemaster secret hidden location underneath our cabin and we think he might have been living under there we decided to go underground and explore it for more clues and then we heard a noise and I went outside to see if it was the keymaster and when I did I heard Rebecca scream now she's gone I've got a bunch of clues using these books and a video that the gamemaster had sent me and I went and explored an abandoned warehouse unfortunately it looks like I was a little bit too late but when I did come home this was waiting here and now we're gonna see exactly what is on this flash I mean this is the same warehouse is this same as Ike footage it became master sent a message hey Sam fam its Rebecca and I don't know if you're ever gonna see this footage but if you do I want you to know that I went underground under my house and you found where the gamemaster was living and Matt went out because he heard a noise and I turned around in the gamemaster the next thing I knew was in this warehouse and I don't really know what to do there's a lot of stuff around here and I don't know if they're clues or something if you see this please let Matt know that I am okay at least for now I don't know what's gonna happen I'll see you guys if you can let Matt know that I am here in a warehouse so hopefully you can look for me look around this you guys do you guys remember the flag of the Castle Rock i won September 22nd you guys know that September 22nd is CVX and you guys know the game Buster has been planning something I have no idea what that means but if you know what 1×1 means let me know in the comment section I don't know it like is it one person at a time that he's taking down I have no idea you guys code 10 what is this the slip inside this book that's me Rebekah's molo hired target recruit what does that mean Matt keep at bay utilize and distract you guys let me know what you think are these all the youtubers that the keymaster is targeting Stephen share Lord a cabin you guys remember when Stephen cher broke into our cabin and we started with the game master drop that no look he's like running it looks like a guy something must have happened somebody must have pulled up all part of the game masters plan September 22nd one by one I really hope you guys get to see this footage Carter share question mark busy sure question mark Chad wild clay is next stop hacker I thought Chad wild clay was the hacker infiltrate Project you guys if you know what that means please comment in the comment section below the quaint the quaint is Chad's wife utilized for surveillance gather Intel so is is via spy V even spying on us on giving information to the game master let me know if you think V might be working with the game master look projects or go a lot of you guys told me that you thought projects or go and the game master are working together but this looks like like they don't like projects ergo there's like a line through it I don't know this is really confusing you guys let me know in the comment section below if you think projects or go and the game master are working together or if you think that they are the same person I don't really know [Applause] why did you bring me here what do you want from me it's not what I want it's what I am and what I am not does that even mean JimBob when we first met Rebecca you mean when we bought her cabin yes what did you find secret hidden underground tunnel glad you came down let the games begin so is this all part of the game all the mysteries that's what I do youtubers ten youtube channels this makes no sense if I tried to explain it to you you would even remember if you get the possible but if you looked I don't know are you gonna ruin a thumbnail of mine if I get it wrong a question number two when you begged for pants you know into a triumph it's a stall trick what was the color of the frosting there we go there we go okay girls yellow question number three when I said Stephen sure to break into your house what was the item left behind what did we say it just says share the love it was like a piece of paper before with the Hollywood sign in the background that that was the first picture that we had to send you so that yeah the Hollywood sign and the final question question number five one of the two numbers that you thought on the signal path with the smiley face on the way to Castle Rock the two numbers that oh my gosh I know that you put out five and I didn't find all five I only found two but the Sam fam found the rest of them like words it was like a was three and a six was that right so you might have switched some of the thumbnails on my youtube channel if you want to keep no doubt I don't Akihiko brother was worried the toaster listen to yourself not the triangular spreads 10 minutes of each quarter and others rest the state and are there September 2000 what is the tone what is the date September 22nd then I snap my fingers you will not remember anything that happened today but you will retain the information that was in this video you you

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