Recording PC Gameplay for Beginners Fraps vs Dxtory vs Shadowplay

Recording PC Gameplay for Beginners Fraps vs Dxtory vs Shadowplay

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This video is to help people decide what the best recording program for PC gameplay is based on their needs. Feedback always welcome!

Learn all the best Dxtory setting From jackfrags here:

what's going on guys my name is Nikita rage and this is a beginner's guide to recording PC gameplay I've been uploading gameplay to YouTube for about two years and in that time I have tried every possible program I could get my hands on I've tried fraps bandicam dxtory shadow play I've tried external capture cards you name it there's a good chance that I've tried it of all the programs there are three that stand out fraps dxtory and shadow play these programs all have their shares of strengths and weaknesses and we're going to go through those and I'm going to help you decide which program is best for you first up we have fraps it's a really good program for the casual user it's got some really interesting features but it's definitely got some strong downfalls so let's take a look start fraps minimized fraps window always on top and run fraps when windows starts I imagine those are all pretty straightforward options monitor Aero desktop okay this is a really strange way that they worded that you can use fraps to record your desktop but only if you're in the Windows Aero theme okay so to elaborate on that if you go to your Windows themes and you choose Windows Aero if you open fraps after you do that you can then record your desktop as if it's a game so that's a pretty cool feature that the other two don't have FPS this is kind of a benchmarking tab I'm going to skip this because this isn't a benchmarking thing and there are much better programs for benchmarking anyway here in the movies tab the first option folder to save movies in okay this is definitely one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you about recording PC gameplay ideally you want to have at least two hard drives one hard drive that you have Windows installed into as well as all your games and a second hard drive that you'll be saving these videos you're going to be recording into you can record and play on the same hard drive it's definitely possible but there's a good chance you're going to experience lag spikes framedrops you're going to be putting that hard drive under a lot of unnecessary stress underneath that we have video capture hotkey that is the button that you use to start and stop the recording it's a little trickier than that with this program but I'll get into that in a second below that we have video capture settings you can have full size or half size recordings you're going to want to pretty much always go full size that means that you will be recording in the full resolution that you play at if you go half size you'll be recording in half the resolution that you play it's going to be a smaller file and it's going to be less intense on your system as you're recording but half size recording is only worth it if you absolutely must that is if your computer simply can't handle recording at full size and if that's the case it's still going to be tough because you're going to look at that half sized recording and you're not going to be happy with it to the left of that there are the frame rates you can record in there 60 50 and 30 you can also set your own custom frame rate to any number that you want and that leads me to one of the most important things you need to know about fraps but to show you my point I'm going to have to go in game just remember that I'm on 60 frames a second right here I have the battlefield 4 test range opened up and ready to go as you can see on the left I have the fraps frame counter and on the right I have the in-game frame counter I'm not recording right now and I'm getting him anywhere in between say like 75 and 90 frames a second without recording when I hit the record button it's going to lock it down to that 60 it's probably gonna take a second but yeah and it's just it's just going to sit there it's not going to go anywhere as you can see it kind of got visibly less smooth because it's running at 60 frames a second and as you can see on the top right frame counter it actually locked the in-game frames down to 60 frames a second it's important to note that for the casual PC game recorder a lockdown solid 60 frames a second is going to be great it's going to be great quality footage and that's a very playable frame rate but you always want to have the highest possible frame rate you can while playing higher frame rate equals higher reaction time the game looks smoother the game feels better so let's stop this recording and set a benchmark for future reference I'm going to go ahead and set this number to something ridiculous something I'll never get 200 go back in here just hanging out no recording getting 95 to 100 about let's start recording let's see how far fraps is going to drop us 74 75 in game frames 81 77 this is going to be important for later so let's move on for now so the next setting is the loop buffer length this setting is what's making fraps not just another mediocre recording program to fault the length is 30 seconds so if I were to go in game and activate the loop buffer then it would only record the last 30 seconds and throw everything the way this can be really tricky to explain so I'm actually just going to show it so I'm going to set the loop buffer length to five seconds to make this demonstration a little bit easier head on back to the test airfield as you can see I'm not recording in the top left corner of the screen you can see the fraps overlays yellow that means I am not recording if I push the record button once from here its red and of course everything I do from here on out will be recorded as long as it's red everything I do will be recorded if I push it one more time from here it goes back to being off from here from off and from only here if I push and hold the record button it's going to go a purpley kind of pink that means that the loop buffer is activated because we set it to five seconds that means that anything from this moment and five seconds before will be recorded so if something epic happens if I say RPG a jet out of the sky oh boom and hit I can just hit this button twice and it'll isolate that last five seconds and it'll save it I'll know I always have it so let's do one more good usage scenario for good measure push and hold we're back in the loop buffer let's say about to come up behind their whole team let's say these two dots their entire team and they don't see me and I know I know it's going to take longer than five seconds to kill all these guys I can just hit the button once from here and five seconds from when I hit the button five seconds from before I hit the button and on it's going to be recorded until I turn it off as you can see it's still being recorded kill that guy kill that guy oh I got them all I'll hit the button again and I have the whole clip no longer is there any need to record hours and hours of unnecessary footage you can literally cherry-pick what you want on the spot it's definitely worthwhile to learn how to use the loop buffer effectively if you like to cherry-pick epic clips and put them in montages or if you just want to stash them and show them to your friends or whatever so we got the split movie every four gigabytes option that's what it does sound capture settings make sure record Windows 7 sound is checked if you want sound in your recordings now the record external input for apps is definitely not the best program when it comes to recording your own microphone or recording if you're playing with like a squad or you're playing like a team based game where you know a lot of people are going to be talking and there's a possibility you're going to want to edit things out fraps is not the program for you perhaps is going to put all the audio including your own microphone everyone else's microphone from teamspeak and the in-game VoIP all on one audio channel so if you want to edit anything out you can't you just have to delete all the audio it's an all-or-nothing kind of thing when it comes to the audio with fraps only capture while pushing insert your default push-to-talk button here pretty straightforward hide mouse cursor in video if you want to do that go ahead now the lock framerate while recording option is definitely kind of a weird one because it's gonna lock your framerate like a fight you saw when I selected 60 I didn't have this checked but it still locked it down to 60 what this is for if you want to do something like 30 or lower then you're gonna have to check this because if I were to put this at 30 and I didn't have this checked my frames would go over 30 so if you want to limit it to a low low frame setting then you're gonna have to have that checked otherwise if it's higher it's still kind of lock it so it's kind of a weird one but I don't find myself using this one very often I doubt most people will either way force lossless RGB capture says may be slower for a very good reason this is gonna produce raw uncompressed files that are like four to ten times bigger than what they normally would be so this is definitely not a recommended setting the video image quality increase is just not worth the amount of time you're going to spend at rendering and the amount of time you're going to spend trying to upload it to youtube if you plan on doing that definitely a higher quality but 100 percent not worth it so that's kind of the wrap-up of fraps all in all I'd say fraps is good for the really casual recorder who doesn't really care about having a ton of settings and a lot of things they can tweak and kind of fine tune and it's definitely good for the person who wants to make a montage you can cherry-pick clips from first-person shooters like nobody's business it's what I used for so long until I found shadow play unfortunately not everyone can use shadow play and I'll get into that in a little bit but next we're going to talk about dxtory here we are with dxtory dxtory is literally the anti fraps where fraps fails dxtory picks up dxtory does not have a loop buffer option that means that you have to record everything if you want to be assured you're not going to miss anything this is very unfortunate because otherwise dxtory is a superior program in every single way so let's run through some of the settings this screen doesn't really matter just tells you about what's being potentially recorded right now here's all the overlay settings where you can customize where the frame counter is and what color it is here's your folder settings you can decide here which folders you want dxtory to record its videos into you can also test the speed of your hard drive which is very handy next we have the hot key selection notice it's definitely much more extensive than fraps next to that the all-important video tab and off the bat you can see how customizable dxtory is compared to pretty much any other recording program now it's only fair to say that everything that I've learned about DX toy I learned because of a video that a youtuber named Jack frags uploaded in that video he goes in-depth about every single important setting you need to know about in dxtory I'm going to put a link in the description of that video definitely check it out if you plan on getting in dxtory but i'm still going to run through the absolute most important aspects of this program so here in the video tab you can really see where dxtory shines I can customize almost everything I can customize what codec I'm using I can even customize that particular codec and how it's going to run but what really sets dxtory apart is that I can play and record in two different frame rates let me show you what I'm talking about we're back in the test airfield and I'm going to start recording with dxtory as you can see right now I'm getting over 100 frames actually like over 110 sometimes over 120 let's start recording in-game frames still over 90 that's a huge difference that's like a 20 to 30 percent difference from what I was getting with fraps you can see that it says 30 next to my actual frame so it shows what I'm playing in-game but it's only recording 30 of those frames at any given time this is a huge improvement over pretty much any recording program that I've ever used if dxtory I cannot stress enough if dxtory had some kind of loop buffer I would never use anything else it is literally one of the best recording programs on earth it just there's very few programs that can compare to the customization options you have there's really nothing so not only can you play and record in two different frame rates you can also record and play in two different resolutions so I can be playing in 1080p but only recording in say 1280 by 720 or whatever this is going to help you out a lot one of my when my machine wasn't as beastly as it is I would do this sometimes and it would definitely help to performance it because even dxtory it's definitely less of less of a performance hit than fraps but it's still going to be a performance hit and if you're not running a very monstrous machine and you're not running you know really fast hard drives it's going to be difficult to record at 1080p that's just how it works so you could play in your 1080p but record in a different resolution at only 30 frames a second while playing you're actually still playing at whatever frames you're getting but you're only recording 30 of those frames it's brilliant it's absolutely brilliant next to that we have the audio tab and this is once again hands down the best audio kind of function I've ever experienced in a recording program for me this is really useful from playing a long round of a game like Project Reality sometimes I'll be in teamspeak with people that I normally play with and that game has in-game VoIP through mumble and every now and then someone whether it's in the teamspeak or in the mumble will start either trolling or screaming profanities or something that I don't necessarily want in my video if I was using fraps or shadow play I'd be totally out of luck in all the stuff going on as far as audio it would just have to stay in or I'd have to completely cut the audio out but with dxtory I can manually delete people's voices it's actually a little tricky to set up completely but it's all explained in the video by Jack frags link in the description all-in-all dxtory is a really good program if you find yourself doing a lot of long extended gameplays if you have a lot of scenarios where you find yourself wanting to edit out people's voices or if you want to be able to reduce the impact the recording program has on your machine next up lurking over here in the corner of the entire time shadow play shadow play for the most part works just like fraps with a couple of twists first off the only way you can even use shadow play is if you have an Nvidia video card and secondly even if you have an Nvidia video card you have to have at least a g4 6 Series or higher to make this work as far as the options go when we go to mode we see shadow and manual shadow manual and twitch shadow is literally just like the loop buffer from fraps it works exactly the same manual is just recording manually where you're turning it on and off and twitch you can actually use this program to stream live to twitch unlike the other two programs that I talked about now there is a key difference between how the loop buffer and shadow play works out in fraps I could just have the loop buffer going and at any given time I could switch it on into just full recording mode with shadow play you don't have that option it's either shadow recording manual recording or both but next up we have shadow time which is exactly the loop buffer length it even shows you how big the file is going to be I have it set to one minute because once again for my personal need one minute is always always more than enough most the time a minute is too much time by like 5 times too much it's just ridiculous but 375 megabytes for one minute of 60 FPS 50 megabytes a second in game resolution which for me is is 1080p 375 megabytes it's unreal it's unbelievable how small it is it's definitely a very unique program in that sense it makes ultra high def footage with insanely low disk space usage next to that we got quality you can go ahead and go low medium and high or custom just like fraps not too many options here when you go to custom I just set it to in-game framerate 60 which of course is the highest and then the megabytes per second get I set it to the highest once again pretty simple enough and as far as audio just like fraps all you get is either just in-game or in-game and microphone no channel splitting no options like that you're totally on your own you just gotta kind of deal with whatever comes through your speakers it's all gonna be put on one channel I'm back at the test airfield for some reason my screen capture program didn't want to work at the same time as shadowplay no big deal I'm actually recording this with shadow play that's how I'm recording this and talking to you and as you can see look at my frames I get like maybe a five frame drop maximum that's what makes this program stand out the most is that it whatever they did to make the the encoder the way it is it's beautiful if you literally don't even feel like you're recording and yet I'm recording full HD footage right now the only to be nitpicky other than of course the fact that only nvidia geforce six series users or higher can use this product to be nitpicky i'm not a huge fan of how the actual shadow recording works once again shadow recording is just exactly like the loop buffer in fraps i so the way that it works here okay I can't really display it because I can't record the little icon because I'm using it right now but I can do my best to try to explain it so I'm recording right now everything you're seeing me doing and recording but at any given time I can just hit the shadow button and it will also on top of me recording this it'll it'll save a separate file of the last six 60 seconds from when I hit the button so that works out fine in most cases but what I find myself having to do as a result is just record everything like I was talking about before just always be recording an entire round an entire round that I know I'm going to be throwing away it's not going to be a big deal but just in case I you know something insanely epic happens and I you know I do not want to risk losing it I was like I hate doing that I've lost too many really good clips that way so I just always recording and then when something epic happens I hit the button and I get that you know I get that last minute of gameplay for the most part it works out fine but then I have you know this big file that I have to throw away or sometimes I have to sift through I do kind of wish I had the option to just always be shadowplay recording like fraps just always be kind of loop buffering and then at any given time turn that into a full recording that's my real only qualms of course other than the fact that it's extremely limiting and it needs a lot more settings although it is still only in beta so that's kind of the wrap up of the three now let's talk about video comparison so here I got a couple of side-by-side comparisons for you guys while those are playing I want to do a quick recap fraps is going to be great for the casual user who doesn't care to have a million different settings you can record your desktop with it and it has the extremely handy loop buffer option to make sure you never miss an epic moment dxtory is going to be great for people who want to be able to record and play in two different frame rates or screen resolutions also for people who potentially want to split their audio channels shadowplay is going to have the least performance impact on your PC but only certain users are going to be able to run it I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful feel free to leave your experiences with any of these programs in the comments section below thanks for watching guys and I'll be seeing you

29 Replies to “Recording PC Gameplay for Beginners Fraps vs Dxtory vs Shadowplay”

  1. Kubrick Wall

    I like using FRAPS because it removes the "Activate Windows" watermark on my video game recordings but it's too dark whenever I record. The video results are on my Youtube channel.

  2. ArcheAine

    Debut Video Capture Software works pretty well. I mean, its easy to use and the quality comes out really nice always. Plus its cheap lmao.

  3. Vampires Crypt

    I would say Mirllis Action has come a long way in a good way! Been using it for 2 years now and its solid! Shadowplay is also great but limits you to fullscreen and an Nvidia card.

  4. Careful Now

    The reason ShadowPlay is so much better is because it uses your GPU as a capture card. It's not truly a software capture program. Hence it's only avaliable with certain GPUs.

  5. PotatoMC

    I know this is like 3 years old but I have a problem with Shadowplay. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 840m, and when i open geforce experience there is no button to activate shadowplay

  6. Crossic

    This video is terrific I've been sitting all day mumbling over what programs to use to fill my desires, however I just wanna ask to sort of clearify; I want to be able to stream on twitch through OBS, while at the same time recording WITHOUT cam/mic/music etc. I just want the ingame sound/video! Any tips? NOTE I do not have a nVIDIA graphics card so shadowplay is not an alternative.
    Thanks! @NiciktoRage #HELP

  7. JessePlaysGames

    The main reason why shadowplay is better in terms of performance is because it used GPU instead of CPU, so the performance hit is like 10% or 2 fps difference.

  8. dspsx

    Well you know, I would use shadowplay, but I can't record dishonored with it.

    Let me explain:

    So when I first got shadowplay I tried to record dishonored so I pressed alt z to bring up the overlay and it tabs out to the desktop so I can't even record dishonored. I did something while I was trying to fix it.. (idk what) and now when I press alt z in dishonored nothing happens. It works fine with everything else. Just not the ONE game I actually want to make FUCKING VIDEOS ON. FUCKING HELL.

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